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16 Tips for Establishing the Right Mindset for Living a Life of Personal Excellence

Creating great work leads to great paychecks. John Wood gives you 16 tips to create a mindset that fosters excellence.

23 Different Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Email Marketing Campaign

John Wood reveals how incorporating video into your email marketing campaigns can potentially boost your profits by another 50 percent.

16 Ways to Put More Enthusiasm in Your Work and Life

The benefits of living a more enthusiastic life can't be overstated … John Wood has 16 ways to help breath a fire into your copywriting career, and your life.

16 Tips on How to Write Email Subject Lines that Compel Readers to Open and Read Your Email

John Wood helps you create the pre-headline that will get prospects to the headline, the email subject line.

What Brian Tracy, Timothy Ferris, and Many More Use to Get More Done in Less Time...

If you feel you're not being as productive in your career or personal life, follow John Wood’s five-step plan that could have you on the path to wealth and prosperity.

How to Market Your Freelance Writing Website so That Potential Clients Find You and Fall Over Backward to Hire You

John Wood shows you how to turn your freelance web-writing website into an effective marketing machine.

Grow Your Freelance Reputation and Business by Taking Advantage of LinkedIn's Power

John Wood exposes how to harness the power of LinkedIn and how it can transform your business.

How to Build an Effective Freelance Writing Website That Gets Potential Clients Falling Over Backwards to Hire You

The most important tool in your marketing arsenal is your own professional website. Today, John Wood gives you a clear blueprint for developing the content for your own site.

Skyrocket Response by Eliminating Your Prospect's Risk

John Wood explains the classic technique of "risk reversal", taking on the risk of your reader to increase sales.

How to Write Stronger, More Effective Bullets That Your Clients and Readers Will Love

Have you ever written an ineffective, lacklustre bullet? Whether you use them in an email, website, or online sales page, the quality of your bullets can play a major role in whether or not a reader makes it to the end of your copy.

The Best Fonts to Use in Print, Online, and Email

John Wood shares which fonts get the best results in your copy.

Is Your Client Charging the Right Price for Their Product or Service?

John Wood discusses how to best come up with a specific price for a product you or your client might be marketing.

Nine Ways to Increase Your Personal Excellence Starting Today

John Wood gives nine ways that you can increase your personal excellence – and success – today.

17 Ways to Be Luckier in Business and in Life...

John Wood explains that there are things you can do and ways to approach life that can have a direct impact on how much "luck" you have in life.

Be Happier and Accomplish More by Living Your Life With a Sense of Purpose...

John Wood shares how living your life with a sense of purpose can help you be happier and accomplish more and gives tips on how to start doing so.

14 Tips on How to Achieve More by Living Outside of Your Comfort Zone...

John Wood shares how living outside your comfort zone can be beneficial to your freelance career and gives tips on how to achieve more when you do.

The Six "Success Forces" that Helped Turn Joe Sugarman into a Marketing Legend

John Wood shares six tips that helped make one man a marketing legend and how you can learn from him to achieve your freelance goals.

Achieve More, Reduce Stress, and Live Happier When You Eliminate Negative Emotions From Your Life Forever

John Wood shares how simply eliminating negative emotions from your life can make all the difference in your life – and your copywriting career.

15 Tips for Getting Client Referrals to Grow Your Freelance Business

John Wood shares how you can grow your freelance business with client referrals by using these 15 tips.

17 Ways to Get Inside Your Client’s Mind So You’ll Always Hit Your Target Audience

Learn how to hit your target audience every time with these 17 tips from John Wood on getting inside your client’s mind.

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