Steal this Simple Dan Kennedy Technique
and Your Clients Will Think You’re a
Marketing Genius

We’ve all had them.

Those “eureka moments” when you’re sitting at a conference or watching a training video and you hear something that makes you say to yourself …

“This makes a lot of sense. This is something I can use to make myself a smarter marketer.”

I had a eureka moment myself recently …

It was the morning of Friday November 6th during million-dollar-copywriter Dan Kennedy’s presentation at AWAI’s 2009 Bootcamp.

I knew instantly what I was hearing was marketing gold. Not only that, it’s a technique you can use to market virtually any product or any service. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to do.

Today I’d like to share it with you so you too can benefit from this simple technique too. The core idea behind it is this: reinforce in your prospect’s mind that what you’re offering is a good fit for them. The goal? Make it impossible for them to think, “Ok, I get it. This thing is terrific … but is it for me?”

You eliminate this doubt by asking them a question along the lines of “Who really loves PRODUCT NAME?”

As an example of this technique, Dan used something he wrote to promote the Miracle Ear hearing aid. He showed us a small booklet that had the question “Who relies on Miracle Ear?” on the cover. When you flip through it you see a different group of people (active seniors, bus drivers, people who use the phone a lot, and so on) described on each page.

Next, Dan showed us a similar booklet for a pest control company. It was put together by someone who copied his formula. The question on the cover was “Who relies on RJG Environmental?” On the pages that follow it talks about the different groups of people who could benefit from RJG pet control services such as parents who were worried about bugs in their kid’s rooms, homeowners who hate the idea of bugs and small animals soiling their home, landlords, grandparents, pet lovers, people who take their health seriously, etc.

The prospect leafs through the booklet looking to see if they’re mentioned. When they see themselves — it confirms that they should indeed purchase the product or service.
It’s very easy to write this kind of copy. You simply ask your client for a breakdown of their typical customer groups and then you add a marketing twist to it.

Loving Dan’s concept, I decided to give it a try. My topic? The Wealthy Web Writer’s 2010 Web Copywriting Intensive coming up in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010. Here goes …

Who needs to attend AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive?

  1. Someone stuck in a 9-to-5 job they hate – The days seem to last forever when you’re stuck in a job you don’t like. Counting down the hours and minutes till you can go home at night is no way to live. Writing web copy on a freelance basis offers a way out. As a web writer you set your own hours and make as much money as you want – not how much some boss tells you you’re worth.
  2. Online marketers who are looking to increase the ROI from their efforts – Successful online marketers are continually on the lookout for new, more profitable ways to market their products and services and increase their ROI (return on investment). At the Web Copywriting Intensive, you’ll learn from six web experts; each one sharing their secrets on everything from how to write email and autoresponder copy to how to put together an effective pay-per-click campaign to how to write web content that ranks high with the major search engines. By the time you leave AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive, you’ll have an entire arsenal of money-making strategies and techniques you can immediately apply to your online business.
  3. Copywriters who aren’t satisfied with being just a hired hand – As a copywriter, it’s important that your client doesn’t see you as being “just another order taker”. It’s up to you to establish yourself as one of their indispensible business partners. And here’s the thing. Many businesses don’t have an email/autoresponder copy strategy; running a pay-per-click campaign intimidates them; they’re unfamiliar with what SEO techniques can do for their business and on and on. After attending AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive, you’ll be able to map out step-by-step online strategy for your client’s business. They’ll no longer see you as someone who writes copy for them, but a very important strategic partner. And they’ll reward your with a flood of high-paying assignments.
  4. Small business owners looking to increase their web presence and generate a more steady income stream – As small business owner who’s been successful marketing your business offline, it’s only natural to want to conquer the largest marketplace of them all, the Internet. But marketing a business offline is very different from marketing a business online. You need to understand how an offline prospect differs from an online prospect and how to adapt your marketing message as a result of those differences. Plus, if you don’t have a comprehensive strategy that includes building an email list, email marketing, autoresponder copy, landing pages etc. you really are leaving money on the table. Attend AWAI’s 2010 Web Copywriting Intensive and you’ll leave with know-how you need to turn the online side of your business into a well-oiled, profit-making machine.
  5. People nearing or at retirement age who are looking for a fun and easy way to boost their income – Everyone wants to live their retirement years in style. To go on the best cruises, visit the places in the world you’ve always dreamed of visiting and in general do the things you love to do without being handcuffed by financial restrictions. Learning how to write web copy is an ideal way of ensuring you’ll have a happy and fun retirement. It’s something you can do on a full-time or part-time basis. Plus the pay is a great. It’s not unusual for an experienced web copywriter to make $1,500 for writing one landing page which usually takes no more than a couple of days to complete. Another compelling reason though is the example you’ll set. You’ll show your grandchildren that if you put your mind to something and your “nose to the grindstone,” good things will happen.
  6. Someone who is employed in a marketing capacity and wants to become their company’s superstar and guarantee job security –If you want your employer to give you more responsibility (and more money), it’s important for you to demonstrate that you’re committed to helping them be more successful. And what better way than by helping them mold a more profitable online presence? Attend next year’s Web Copywriting Intensive and you’ll be able to transform any business from one that constantly seems to be in “layoff mode” into one that’s always hiring. And your employer will love you for it.

Do you see how you could use this marketing technique to help promote your business … or your client’s or employer’s?

It’s an easy way to bring in some extra income. And, although the two examples Dan gave us were in booklet form, it can also be effective in other formats such as a page on your client’s website or a section in a sales promo.

Try it out today!

[Ed note: If you identify with one of the six types of people who should attend the Web Copywriting Intensive, take a minute to learn all about the event by reading a letter from Rebecca Matter, the Managing Editor of AWAI’s popular Wealthy Web Writer. Rebecca is so confident that you’ll be able to take what you learn and start writing at a professional level after this year’s event, she’s offering everyone who attends a paid assignment.

Read Rebecca’s letter here.]

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Published: November 30, 2009

1 Response to “Steal this Simple Dan Kennedy Technique and Your Clients Will Think You’re a Marketing Genius”

  1. Great article, John! (and a great sales letter for the Web Copy Intensive to boot.)

    You're right, this can easily be applied to a lot of clients' situations.

    Keep up the good writing.

    Steve Roller

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