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A Silver Lining in the Great Recession

Jason Holland shares the benefits of AWAI’s Resume Writer Program and how it can help copywriters and their clients during this time of recession.

How to Become the “Local Expert” Earning $100 Per Hour

Lynn Wiley explains how she bridged the gap until fully living the writer’s life by starting a resume writing business.

The First of My Top 3 Spare Time Biz Opps for 2010

Find out why resume writing is a great opportunity for the current economic climate and how to get your resume business going right now.

There May Never Be a Better Time to Start Your Own Resume-Writing “Calling”

You can become a successful resume writer simply by following the right proven program.

Strategies for Kick-Starting Your New Resume Business

Julien Sharp, one of the creators of AWAI’s Resume Program shares her strategies for starting your new resume business.

Strategies for Handling a Client’s Employment Gaps, Part 2

Resume Writer, Julien Sharp explains her strategies for handling a client’s employment gaps.

Strategies for Handling a Client’s Employment Gaps

AWAI Board of Advisor and Resume Writers, Julien Sharp’s strategies for handling a client’s employment gaps.

Resumes for the Executive Set: How to Price Your Services for the High-End Market

Resume Writer, Julien Sharp discusses how to price your services for the high-end market.

Resumes for Career Changers: How to Turn a Big Transition Into Cash

Julien Sharp explains how one of the most lucrative, interesting – and challenging – resume opportunities lies in writing for clients who want to switch careers.

Resumes for Young People: How Much Should You Charge for Your Services?

Julien Sharp explains how much you should charge young clients for your services.

How to Turn Every Situation Into a Marketing Opportunity … and Spend Fewer Ad Dollars to Land More Clients

Julien Sharp explains how you can turn every situation into a marketing opportunity and spend fewer ad dollars to land more clients.

Concrete and Quantifiable: Show an Employer How Your Client Can Help Make – Or Save – Him Money

Julien Sharp explains how to show an employer how your client will improve their business.

How to Write an “Objective” that Gets a Client Interviews

Julien Sharp explains how to write an “objective” that will get your client an interview.

Not Your Father’s Resume … Helping Your Clients With a 21st Century Job Search

Julien Sharp explains how creating resumes that get results is completely different in this computer age, and the major reasons why.

Resume Rules Have Changed

Ten tips to make your resume stronger.

What to Do When Your Client Asks for a Resume

Freelancers aren't often asked for a resume – here's what to do when you are.

We Ask AWAI Member Michele Angello for Her Secrets of Success in the Resume Writing Business

In an interview, AWAI member, Michele Angello, shares her secrets of resume writing success.

The Rules Have Changed on How to Write and Send Effective Resumes. Could There Be a Business Opportunity in This for You?

How the Internet has changed the way we use resumes and how you can profit from it.