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How to Prepare for the Emotional Side of Freelancing

You’ve probably heard the usual pros and cons of freelancing. Jane Sanford explores the emotional aspects of freelancing and how to be prepared.

This "Super Niche" Can Make You Super Wealthy

Information Marketing isn't just another copywriting niche. It’s s “super niche” that enables you to write about pretty much anything you want! Learn more.

Turn “Making the Leap” Into a Risk-Free Adventure

Making the leap from full-time job to freelancer doesn’t always have to be risky. Learn how you can bring in steady income streams while in the transition process.

Freelance Writers Are Escaping the Cubicle and Working Across the Country and Around the World Thanks to Their Portable Careers

Learn about the exciting possiblities available to you as a freelance writer.

Look Where You Want to Go: How I Learned to Ride a Motorcycle and Got a New Career

Learning to ride a motorcycle got Catherine Leonard ready to be her own boss, and has given her the confidence to start living The Writer’s Life.

How to Run a Successful Part-Time Copywriting Business when You Have a Day Job

Ed Gandia shares all the details on how he managed to work his full-time, six-figure job and launch a successful six-figure copywriting career at the same time.

Feel the Fear, Do It Anyway

Find out how Roy Furr overcame his fears and became a full time freelancer.

The Two “Real Reasons” So Many AWAIers Succeed Because of Bootcamp

Katie Yeakle shows the reasons why so many AWAI-members succeed because of Bootcamp. Learn how Bootcamp can launch your copywriting career, too.

Why the Timing Is Perfect for a Spare-Time Business

Rebecca Matter explains why there could never be a better time to go after your dreams of financial security and freedom. As counterintuitive as it may seem, an economic downturn is actually the perfect time to launch or grow a spare-time business.

Do What You Love and Get Paid Very Well for It

You can do what you love and get paid very well for it. You just have to figure out what that is, if you haven’t already …

Sometimes It Pays (Big Time) to Be a Copy Cat …

Jason Gaspero explains why it’s sometimes better and more profitable to “copy” others …

Create Unstoppable Momentum Toward Your Dream Career

Jason Gaspero explains how with careful planning and consistent follow-through you could be starting a new “dream career.”

4 Tips on Making the Transition to Freelance Copywriter

Peter Fogel was able to reinvent himself and become a successful freelance copywriter. Follow Peter’s success tips to jumpstart your copywriting career.

The #1 Secret to Living a Good, Happy and Wealth-Filled Life in These Difficult Times

Learn what you can do to take control of your own future, and take back your good life, no matter what happens with the economy.

Copywriting Success: You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Pam Foster was able to quit her job to become a freelance web copywriter, thanks to a very important tool that you too can implement today.

What’s Your White-Hot Reason for Wanting to Achieve Copywriting Success?

Steve Coombes’ success is no accident. He used his “reason why” to rocket him into a successful copywriting career that has completely transformed his life. Learn how you can too.

Success Story: How Ed Gandia Made the Transition from Over-Worked Salesman to Six-Figure Copywriter …

Freelance copywriter Ed Gandia offers some tips on getting a copywriting career started.

AWAI Interviews Wall-of-Famer Vicky Heron

In an interview Vicky Heron shares the tips and strategies that helped her become a success.

Leap Over Your Plateaus With 4 New Ways of Thinking

Learn four strategies to move forward when your career seems to be spinning its wheels.

“Second-Place Thinking” Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

AWAI member John Wood describes how he overcame self-doubt and how you can to.

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