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How to Write Catalog Copy That Sells

Bob Bly explains the key differences of writing catalog copy vs. long-form copy.

How to Write Catalog Copy So a Client Wants to “Buy” You

Will Newman demonstrates how to turn run-of-the-mill feature/simple-benefit catalog copy into “must-have” copy.

How to Target 10 Perfect Catalog Clients in Just 3 Days

Learn step-by-step how to target 10, 20, or more high-profit catalog clients in just three days. These are clients you’ll love working for … and who will pay you well.

Top 30 Mailers in the Catalog Industry

Discover the names and websites of 30 top mailers in the catalog industry.

4 Secrets for Developing a Powerful Catalog “Voice”

Will Newman explains what separates catalog copywriting masters from run-of-the-mill feature writers.

Industry Spotlight: Catalogs

Find out about trends and statistics in the catalog industry.

Writing with the Web in Mind

Hallie Mummert gives tips for creating better online catalog copy.

An Interview with Expert Catalog Copywriter Jay White

Catalog copywriting expert, Jay White, reveals what sets catalog copy apart from regular copy.

Three Secrets to Better Online Catalog Copy

Learn three ways to make sure your online catalog copy is successful.

Industry Spotlight: Catalog

Learn about trends and statistics in the catalog market.

Where does 1 + 1 = 10?

AWAI Vice President Rebecca McEldowney explains yet another benefit of copywriting for the catalog market.

Quick Tip: 4 "Musts" of Effective Web Catalog Copy

Will Newman shares for secrets to writing better copy for web catalogs.

Diving Into Catalogs with Herschell Gordon Lewis

In an interview, master copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis gives you the ins and outs to catalog copywriting success.

Put Your Reply Device to the Test

Questions you can ask yourself to make sure your reply device is getting the best response possible.

Industry Spotlight: The Catalog Market

Learn about trends and statistics in the catalog market.

4 Secrets for Writing Compelling Catalog Copy

Will Newman fills you in on 4 secrets of writing compelling copy for one of the most lucrative niches in direct marketing.

Quick Tip: Online Catalogs – a Rich Market for Copywriters

Will Newman tells you about a terrific resource for anyone interested in writing for the rapidly growing online catalog market.

3 Secrets of Catalog Copywriting Success From Herschell Gordon Lewis

Herschell Gordon Lewis reveals three things you must know to write successful catalog copy.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Catalog Copywriting

Scott Rempe answers member emails and talks about catalog copywriting.

5 Quick Tips for Writing Powerful Catalog Cop

Tips and techniques to improve your catalog copy.

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