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You Versus the Marketer: Who’s in Charge?

Mindy McHorse gives you the confidence to stand by your copywriting decisions.

Write Better with 4 Tips from Bestselling Author Alex Green

Mindy McHorse gives you some solid advice from bestselling author Alex Green to help you further your copywriting career.

Why Copywriting Is Not a Career

Will Newman opens up and talks about how copywriting can move from a career into a way of life.

This Could Banish Worry From Your Life – For Good!

Guillermo Rubio shares some tips to help you stop worrying.

How to Break Free and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Guillermo Rubio has five tips for breaking free of "eh" and into "YES!"

How to Turn Potential Clients into Paying Clients

Christina Gillick has an easy, 3-part technique for building a lasting, paying relationship with clients.

5 “Shortcuts” to Success

Some shortcuts can turn into long, winding paths away from your goal. Christina Gillick provides some guidance on choosing shortcuts that work.

Cleansing and Fasting: Not Just for Health Nuts

Steve Roller has a diet for your brain that will get you running at peak performance.

Best Practices to Make Your Mastermind Group Work: What You and Michael Jordan Have in Common

Tanya MarCia gives you some great ideas to make your mastermind group a "dream team".

Four Reasons Why You NEED a Mastermind Group

Rae Robinson has four reasons why a mastermind group will help accelerate your successful copywriting career.

11 Ways to Achieve More and Feel Better about Yourself

Believing in yourself is the first step to a successful writer's life. John Wood equips you with 11 ways to be more positive and productive.

12 Ways to Confront the Fears that Are Blocking Your Success

John Wood put together 12 "fear-facing" tips you can use to take control and start doing the things you know will help you get more out of life.

4 Reasons for the Explosion in Cause Marketing (and Why This Industry Is Here to Stay)

Even if you don't know the details or what it means, you probably have seen a sharp rise in cause marketing. Mindy McHorse lets you in on why it's more than just a fad.

Why Clients Want to Hire Cause Marketing Writers

Profit or non-profit, companies across the board are looking for cause marketers. So what is cause marketing and how do you get started? Mindy McHorse explains.

How to Leverage Work You Do Outside Your Niche to Build Credibility

Sometimes as a copywriter you may have to deviate from your goal to keep afloat. Michele Peterson recommends some ways to help push these deviations closer to your original plan.

Why Busy-ness Is Not Good for Business

How you spend your time can be as important as how you spend your money. Michele Peterson has some tips for focusing your energies on the most profitable actions.

The Connection Factor

Keeping connected is a great way to keep your writing relevant. Bob Sands explains the importance of staying grounded.

The Most Important Investment of All

Bob Sands uses some tried and true techniques to get the most out of any seminar or lecture he attends. Here he shares some of those tips and tricks.

What I’d Like to Pound into Your Head

Investments in yourself are some of the most valuable. Mindy McHorse describes her rationale on making the investment in Bootcamp.

Live in the Moment to Be Successful As a Writer

Mindy McHorse has some advice for keeping that initial momentum rolling as you start living the writer's life.

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