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Here’s How to Persuade Clients to Hire You

Marketing directors have a mental checklist of what they’re looking for in a writer. Here’s an effective way to show them you’re what they’re looking for.

3 Steps for Copywriters to Overcome Fear

You can overcome fear in three steps. Here, Joshua Boswell shows you how to move forward, so you can build a business that fulfills your dreams.

Five Quick Ways to Attract Your Ideal Clients Using LinkedIn

One copywriter thought success came from working harder. He was wrong. Now he focuses on high-leverage activities that take less time to yield big results.

15-Minute Exercise Helps Seven-Figure Copywriter Write 4 Promos a Month

Joshua Boswell tells the secret of a successful copywriter who can barely speak English, yet blows away the competition thanks to a 15-minute exercise!

The Day I Lost $5,000 is the Day My Success Finally Began…

Does rejection drive you into depression and non-action? Or can you turn it into opportunity like Joshua Boswell did?

Wanna Succeed As a Writer? Start Here…

Get started on your writer’s life journey now. Here’s the first step for building a super-solid foundation for your copywriting business.

Lazy Man Wealth Secrets Part 1

Joshua Boswell gives you the steps necessary to start building your wealth with less effort.

5 Little Guys that Got Rich in Bad Times

Joshua Boswell recounts five stories of people who went from nothing to everything by following where the wealth was going.

The #1 Reason for My Poverty

Joshua Boswell shares the #1 reason he was steeped in poverty and exactly how he broke out of poverty’s death grip.

The Dangers of Golden Ticket Thinking

Joshua Boswell breathes some reality into our copywriting dreams by reminding us that mastery and success don't come overnight, but are very possible with some patience and perseverance.

Where to Find Your Most Profitable Customers

Joshua Boswell lays out the difference between Google and Facebook, and how this difference reflects the way to sell to users of each.