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Brian E. Whitaker The B2B Reality Blog explores what it’s like to create the writer’s life by building, from scratch, a business-to-business copywriting business. Following Brian from Day 1, you’ll learn from his efforts, his mistakes, his accomplishments, and his failures. You’ll get a range of tips – from practical marketing advice to overcoming the mental barriers that suppress your success.

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The Break that Broke Me

Brian Whitaker answers an AWAI member question about knowing when it’s time to leave your job to pursue the writer’s life.

A Bump, or a Wall?

Brian Whitaker answers an AWAI member question about an obstacle in building a career as a freelance writer.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Brian Whitaker reviews his writer’s life so far, and asks for reader input: what information or resources will help them in pursuit of the writer’s life.

Missed Opportunities

Brian Whitaker reflects on risks vs. opportunities, and the importance of seizing chances to create your writer’s life.

How is Becoming a Copywriter Like Renovating?

Brian Whitaker discovers six keys to renovating your life to become a successful copywriter.

Are You a Fox or a Hedgehog?

Brian Whitaker analyzes two types of personality and how you can make better writer’s life decisions once you know which you are.

From Client to Raving Lunatic

Brian Whitaker talks client relationships and what to do when facing unreasonable client demands.

Finding What Works for You

Brian Whitaker talks about breaking logjams to get back on the productive track.


Brian Whitaker reflects on past ups and downs, and what he has to be thankful for now as a copywriter.

When Should You Cut Your Price?

Brian Whitaker discusses an opportunity that came with a price … a lower price … and what to do if you’re ever in that situation.

Make a Choice: Victim or Victor

Brian talks honestly about choosing to move forward or backward amid life’s difficulties.

Finding Fabulous Focus … and Freedom

Brian Whitaker uncovers something critical to success and freedom to do what we want.

Do Your Homework

Brian Whitaker outlines his 7-step homework preparation for a first meeting with a new client.

Hard or Easy?

Brian Whitaker experiments with self-talk and discusses discovering your fundamental truths.

Shedding Non-Essentials When Things Go Wrong

Brian Whitaker reflects on letting go when a client situation hits an obstacle, and discovering what’s worthwhile.

Stripping Down

Brian Whitaker learns the benefits of removing distractions, getting back to basics, and narrowing his focus to succeed faster.

Maximum Effort Transforms

Brian Whitaker experiences too many converging deadlines and discovers the output possibilities when you achieve flow.

What’s Your Essential Quality?

Brian Whitaker outlines the benefits of marketing a business on a personal, essential quality.

Trade In the Stupid Lemon Already! Part 2

Brian Whitaker talks short-term need versus long-term vision conflicts and getting outside perspective for solutions.

Trade In the Stupid Lemon Already! Part 1

Brian Whitaker forces himself to look at how bad choices impact his business success and why outside perspective can make a difference.

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