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Four Goof-proof Ways to Write Irresistible Headlines for Every Sales Copy Project You Take On

The average headline will keep only about 25% of people reading further. And that’s on a page where the only options are to keep reading or to leave. So how do you bump that percentage higher? Read this article to learn tips on how to write an irresistible headline.

How to Start a Copywriting Business that Attracts High-Paying Clients in 10 Easy Steps

Looking to start a copywriting business but not sure how or where to start? Follow these 10 steps and build your own successful copywriting business with confidence.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: How to Be Ready to Start Your Writing Business

If you want to be a freelance writer, but you never seem to feel ready to start... today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart session is for you!

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Dealing with Rejection

If the mere idea of rejection is enough to stop you from reaching out to potential writing clients... then this video is a must-watch. In a few short minutes, you’ll learn about dealing with rejection in a productive way, rather than avoiding it altogether.

Business is Personal - Finding Power in Vulnerability

In this Monday Morning Jumpstart session, success coach Ted Capshaw encourages us to lean into our vulnerability for a stronger connection with people... and ultimately, a more robust and successful writing business.

What Freelance Writers Need to Know About Emails in 2022

Companies continue to invest in email marketing … for every $1 spent, emails return around $42 in sales. This means that companies use lots of emails and desperately need writers! This guide will help you understand everything you need to know to take full advantage of the opportunity.

The Super-Easy Way for Writers to Earn $1,500 to $5,000 per Month per Client

Social media writing is the core of a $72 billion industry, where demand for writers is huge and the fees you earn are off the charts… as much as $1,500 to $5,000 per month, per client. You can handle several retainer clients each month, since the projects are short and simple.

What Freelance Writers Need to Know About Social Media in 2022

With 4.5 billion social media users (and still growing) companies NEED writers more than ever. This guide will help you understand everything you need to know to take full advantage of the opportunity.

How to Face Your Fears as a Writer

From fear of failure to fear of success... most writers have fears that hold them back. Today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart session is all about tackling your fears as a writer so that you can address them and move forward.

The Leap and What Every Writer Needs to Know About It

First came the internet. Then came social media. Today, it’s “The Leap.” And with it comes a demand for writers bigger than we’ve ever seen. Learn what it means for you, your income, and your future as a writer.

Get Instant Access to Every Copywriting Resource Imaginable

AWAI’s Infinity membership gives you instant access to the most comprehensive library of professional resources offered to copywriters anywhere on the planet at an extremely affordable price. The library is so big, it contains more than 120 resources designed to advance your writing career.

Finding Ultimate Happiness – As A Writer

Ted Capshaw explains that true happiness comes down to knowing yourself... and understanding where you’re placing your focus each day.

20 Email Copywriting Tips to Increase Engagement and Boost Response Rates

Effective email copywriting is a necessary part of any business’s success strategy. Here are 20 tips to improve your skills and boost your copywriting career.

This Practically Ensures You’ll Have an Excellent Paying Writing Career

Get an early start on launching your copywriting career and ensure the opportunity to land high-paying clients much faster when you follow The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter.

The Importance of Finding Your Why as a Writer

Find Your “Why”... And Stay on Track to Reach Your Writing Goals

The Imbalance Creating a BIG Opportunity for Writers (Plenty of Work and $1,000 per PAGE Fees)

White papers are ideal for describing B2B offerings that are new, complex, or expensive. The demand for white papers is high, yet marketers can’t find writers trained in how to create them. Take a look at this lucrative specialty and the opportunity for copywriters to command high fees…

Say “Yes” to This RED Hot Freelance Writing Opportunity (Payouts as High as $10,000)

You can earn more as a writer when you understand the most popular formats of content and can say “Yes” to whatever marketers need written. When you’re familiar with today’s in-demand content formats, you can do more projects and command higher fees.

How to Stay True to Yourself as a Writer

How do You Make Sure You’re Hitting the Goals that Are Right for YOU?

Write a Powerful, 83-Word Email About a Countertop Hydroponic Herb Garden… And You Could Get a $200 Prize!

Practice is the best way to keep improving at any endeavor. For a copywriter, that means time spent writing! Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a master.

Six Fundamental Rules for Writing Web Copy

Follow these six fundamental rules for writing web copy and you could easily become an in-demand writer, commanding as much as $1,500 for writing simple product description pages.

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