February 2024

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Advice to My Younger Self: Unlock Your Money Mindset

If Rebekah Mays could have a chat with her 26-year-old self as she was just starting out her copywriting journey. Here's what she'd tell her … and what she'd tell anyone else who might be limiting their own financial potential.

We’ll Pay You to Try This

Being a writer gives you MANY ways to make money. And, although the obvious benefit of that is... more money… Diversifying, so you have numerous sources of income, creates financial stability… and the ability to weather any storm. So today, as a little “push” in the right direction... we’ve devised a way to essentially pay you to create a NEW revenue stream for yourself. One that’s fun... creates passive income for you... and even gives you a place to write about something you’re already passionate about… Without a single client!

Get Paid to Write About What You Want

If you’re looking for a way to truly live the writer’s life… Where you can work from anywhere… Write about anything… And earn money on your own terms… Then you should write a Money-Making Website, stat.


Special training for NEW writers! We have created an online training program where you will once and for all master the simplest, most versatile, most in-demand writing skill... and have a shot at being published with a byline as well as a chance to earn a $400 cash payout!

“Newbie” to Copywriting? SEE THIS NOW!

We’ve created a brand-new special training program exclusively for NEW writers just like you... And with one solitary goal: To once and for all launch the paid writing career you’ve always dreamed about — in just four days!

Your Passive Income Writing Plan

We want to make 2024 your best year yet as a writer, %%FIRSTNAME%%… By helping you build a passive income stream with your writing. You’ll learn how to build an “extra” income of $400, $1,000, $3,500 or more — all in just a few hours per week.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: The Change Curve

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Ted and Jade walk through it, so you can use the knowledge of what’s happening to blast through any doubts (the ones that stop others in their tracks) and achieve your goals.

TODAY: Get Paid to “Write for Good”

If you want to launch a rewarding, fulfilling writing career and make a positive impact on the world…vThen be sure to check out our Writing for Good training recordings TODAY before they go back into the AWAI vault at midnight.

Did You See This? It's Only 1 Dollar!

Today you can get one month of complete access to our popular B2B Writers International membership website… for only one dollar.

Living the Writer's Life: Wanda Sewell

Wanda Sewell had been writing for as long as she could remember, but it never really took hold as a career until health needs sent her on a journey to find a flexible job that offered more income. Once she connected with Barefoot Writer, the world of copy opened up to her and she began to find her way with writing that’s meaningful to her. She’s since become an active voice in the Barefoot Writer Facebook group and is quick to share advice and give support to new writers.

5 Ways to Get Paid as a Writer Who Keeps Customers Happy

Join AWAI Learning Chief Pam Foster and AWAI Senior Copy Chief Sandy Franks as they dig into a writing expertise few writers focus on but companies desperately need — always. They give you all the details on what it is, why it’s so important, and the most-asked-for projects (and what you can expect to get paid for them). Make sure you join us LIVE on Friday, February 23, at noon ET.

Last Call to Join Barefoot Writer Magazine for $11

Barefoot Writer magazine walks you through top answers to the biggest questions in starting a paid writer’s life — and shows you pathways to a lucrative writing career. Today is the last chance to join for just $11.

Writers Wanted for Stories

Get your writing career started TODAY by grabbing a subscription to Barefoot Writer for only $11… And when you become a member before midnight tonight, you’ll also get the special insider guide, The Secret to Telling a $2,000 Story, absolutely free.

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Until midnight, you can get access to our popular case study training program — for just $69.40. You’ll learn how to tell simple, two-page stories companies NEED… You’ll learn the easy-to-follow strategies, frameworks, and formulas for writing a case study in record time (and getting paid $1,200 to $2,000)… And you’ll learn how to find clients who are happy to pay you to write these stories. Make sure you grab it before midnight tonight.

Your Upcoming Apprenticeship with Steve

Today’s the last day to join Steve Slaunwhite’s upcoming B2B Writing Apprentice program. You’ll get hands-on instruction, mentoring, and private one-to-one feedback directly from Steve… So that by the end of your 10 weeks together, you’ll have gained the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to earn as much as six figures a year as an in-demand B2B writer. Make sure you sign up before midnight tonight!

Closing: It's Now or Never

Today is your last chance to join the three-hour training experience that’s transforming writers’ lives… Make sure you grab it now!

Could This Top Writer Refer “Overflow” Clients to You?

Here’s one easy way to land your next writing client… Have a top copywriter trust you enough to send clients they turn down… to you! That’s exactly what top B2B writer Steve Slaunwhite wants to do (ideally with you).

PLAYBACK: How to Make $140K as a Writer

HOT: Exclusive “One-on-One” Interview with the Master Writer Steve Slaunwhite. Learn why B2B writing offers one of the surest and fastest paths to making six-figures a year with just a handful of clients.

Start Your Writing Career in 3 Hours

If you’re not a well-paid copywriter yet… If you’re undecided on the perfect writing niche… If you’re worried about making good money… Then you need to check this out!

I’m Ready to be Your Writing Mentor

If you’re ready to make a great living writing for the B2B industry… I’m ready to be your writing mentor for the next 10 weeks. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re an aspiring writer who wants to break into a lucrative market… If you’re a working writer looking to accelerate your writing career by learning a new set of skills… I don’t even mind if you’ve never heard of B2B before today! I’ll take you on as my apprentice and give you all the knowledge, skills, and tools you’ll need to go from where you are now as a copywriter… to an in-demand B2B writer, capable of making six figures each and every year.

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