June 2024

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Last Call to Get Paid to Write Emails

Today is your last chance to start getting paid as an email writer for just $59.40. Emails are one of the fastest ways to get up and running as a paid writer.

Could This Be the Easiest Way for You to Break in as a Writer?

Every single month, thousands of companies (like AWAI!) are happily paying writers $3,000… $4,000… even $5,000 and more…For something you probably already know how to write very well!

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Redefining Self-Care

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, AWAI Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Dr. Annette Annechild, show you it can also resolve writing blocks, increase productivity, and get you moving again when you stall or get stuck.

TODAY ONLY: A Copywriting “Coach” at Your Beck and Call?

Today is your chance to have what amounts to a copywriting business “coach” at your beck and call… for life. No matter where your copywriting career takes you, you’ll never have to wonder what your next action step should be to move your writing career forward… All you have to do is ask!

Discover Freedom-Filled Living Through Well-Paid Writing

Discover the freedom that being a Barefoot Writer gives you today!

Join for Just a Dollar Today

Join The Professional Writers’ Alliance TODAY for just a dollar. When you do, you’ll get your very own membership card, verifying YOUR status as a professional writer.

5 Ways to Make More Money Writing with AI — Free Webinar and Q&A

You already know AI is here and helping to create sweeping changes across all kinds of industries. But are you aware of how many ways AI can help you make more money as a writer? Join Pam Foster and Guillermo Rubio for this FREE webinar and Q&A about making money as a copywriter — with the help of AI!

Last Chance: $97 Today, $497 Tomorrow

If you want to make great money as a writer without needing to work with clients… Be sure to grab our comprehensive program How to Create a Course to Grow Your Business and Your Income right now.

Tomorrow Will be TOO LATE

Barefoot Writer magazine is the key that unlocks all the doors to paid writing. Grab a subscription to Barefoot Writer magazine today for just $11.

ENDING TODAY: Your $500 in AWAI Credits

There’s not a lot of time, so we want to make sure you saw the $500 in AWAI credits you have access to through our Build Your Own Money-Making Website Incentive Plan.

Playback: How to Make Passive Income with AI… Without a Single Client

Watch as digital copywriting pioneer Nick Usborne reveals the way he’s making money with AI… without a single client!

FREE TODAY: $297 Gift to Launch Your Writing Career

Claim your freedom and kick off your writing career right now by grabbing a subscription to Barefoot Writer.

LAST CALL to Join Our Writing Group

Save $200 on our exclusive writers club membership—and receive $363 in bonus writing career launching resources—if you join today.

Your Passive Income Writing Plan

We want to make 2024 your best year yet as a writer... By helping you build a passive income stream with your writing. You’ll learn how to build an “extra” income of $400, $1,000, $3,500 or more — all in just a few hours per week.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Fear Before Beginning

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, AWAI Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Dr. Annette Annechild show you where the fear comes from … and then helps you combat it.

TODAY: Make Money Writing With What You Already Know

What you already know is amazingly valuable to loads of other people… Potentially six- or even seven-figures valuable!

TODAY! All THIS for Just a Dollar

Today you can join The Professional Writers’ Alliance for just $1. Learn more here!

June Issue: More money writing with AI?

Just released, the June issue of Barefoot Writer!

Now Accepting New Writers

Are you ready for the writer’s lifestyle? Here’s your first step!

Last Chance: Launch Your Writer’s Life in a Day

We’re getting ready to close down all access to our Launch Your Writer’s Life in a Day virtual training. This training is for the express purpose of getting you up and running as a paid writer as soon as possible. And it’s your chance to have our entire team of experts and Rebecca help you launch your writing career — in as little as a day! We sincerely hope you’ll join us.

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