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6 Things I Love about Writing White Papers

Gordon Graham reveals SIX things he loves about writing these projects , and shows you how White Papers set you up for what he claims is "some of the easiest money I've ever made."

6 Things I Love about Writing White Papers

Gordon Graham is known as “That White Paper Guy” and he’s been working on white papers for over 20 years! Here are the top six things he loves about writing white papers.

To Succeed as a Writer, Learn How to Shift Gears

You can earn more as a writer when you understand the most popular formats of content. When you’re familiar with today’s in-demand projects, you can shift gears faster and easily get more done (and make more money).

To Make Your Writing Life an Adventure, Just Say “Yes!”

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7 Tips on How — Not Where — to Find Writing Clients

No one has ever asked expert Gordon Graham this question, yet he calls the answer a key to success. Here are seven tips that work for any writing project.

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Content marketing offers a variety of well-paid projects, and companies need more content than ever. But will the trend continue? Here is the answer...

How Big Is the Opportunity for White Papers?

White Papers are ideal for describing B2B offerings that are new, complex, or expensive. Here are seven reasons why writing them is a huge opportunity.

To Impress Any Copywriting Client, Ask These 5 Surefire Questions

Use this simple tactic to stand out from the crowd as a professional. It will get your client talking about their marketing needs… and how you can help.

A Sample Review of 3 Typical Copy Clients

An annual review of your clients can show you how close they are to your “ideal.” Then, you can find ways to upgrade an almost-ideal client to ideal.