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The Number One Thing Clients Notice About You Right Away

Discover how to make your enthusiasm evident and attract people in droves who can hire you. This will give you a distinct advantage over other copywriters.

How to Get More High-Quality Referrals, More Often

It’s important to demonstrate your writing ability (even if it’s just spec work) to the contacts you meet. Here are three effective ways you can do that.

3 Easy Methods for Training Your Brain to Create Better, More Original Ideas

Once you start voraciously reading for ideas, you’ll need help sorting it all out. Here are three easy methods to get your “first employee” to work for free.

How A-List Copywriters Form Big, Control-Beating Ideas

The best writers in the industry have this deep-rooted hunger in common. It can help you create a “potential copy ideas” library to advance your career fast.

How to Never Be the Smartest Person in the Room

At a live event, it’s easy to stay inside your comfort zone. But, if you branch out, you’ll end up making huge leaps in your knowledge base and your career.

Never Forget WHY You’re Doing This

Julie explains how reminding yourself why you became a freelance copywriter is a very powerful motivator.

Stop These 4 Productivity Killers Today

Although working from home is a luxury, it can be easy to become distracted. Julie provides some tips for staying on task.

How A-list Copywriters Stay so Productive

Staying organized is key when it comes to running a freelance business. Julie shares her strategies for being productive.

3 Things Every Copywriter Should Do Daily

Julie’s days consist of three parts: writing, marketing and learning. She recommends you include all three of these actions into your daily schedule.

Secrets Every Smart Freelancer Should Know

Julie Hassett enjoys living the writer’s life. In this article, she talks about how she made the leap from the corporate world to the copywriting world.

1% Will Make a Difference in Your Freelance Career

Commit to getting 1% better at writing every day. Whether it’s learning something new or writing a blog post, everything you do will make you a better copywriter.

Work Part-Time to Satisfy Social Needs

If you need social interaction in your day, working part-time is a great way to satisfy your need for interaction with others and also get that alone time at home.

Build Your Portfolio & Prove Your Worth

Balance work-life and freelancing by writing newsletters, blogs, & other marketing materials. You’ll get good practice, and also have something to put on your resume!

Use Your Work to Pick a Copywriting Focus

If you already have a job in a specific industry, you probably already have some great experience! Use that to become an expert freelance writer in that area.

Balance Your Job with Your Freelance Career

If you’re in the process of building your freelance career and not quite ready to quit your steady paying job, here are some tips to negotiate with your employer.