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How A-List Copywriters Form Big, Control-Beating Ideas

The best writers in the industry have this deep-rooted hunger in common. It can help you create a “potential copy ideas” library to advance your career fast.

Never Forget WHY You’re Doing This

Julie explains how reminding yourself why you became a freelance copywriter is a very powerful motivator.

Stop These 4 Productivity Killers Today

Although working from home is a luxury, it can be easy to become distracted. Julie provides some tips for staying on task.

How A-list Copywriters Stay so Productive

Staying organized is key when it comes to running a freelance business. Julie shares her strategies for being productive.

3 Things Every Copywriter Should Do Daily

Julie’s days consist of three parts: writing, marketing and learning. She recommends you include all three of these actions into your daily schedule.

1% Will Make a Difference in Your Freelance Career

Commit to getting 1% better at writing every day. Whether it’s learning something new or writing a blog post, everything you do will make you a better copywriter.