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What Could Your Day Look Like as a B2B Copywriter?

You can earn professional fees writing short, simple, fun projects in the B2B industry. Here’s a look at a “typical” day for a B2B writer. You will always be busy with a variety of interesting projects.

2 Words That Can Bring in New Leads and Writing Clients

Adding two words to his LinkedIn profile led to work in a new, well-paid writing specialty. Hear more about how adding this skill made a Circle of Success member even more successful. Companies need writers more than ever, so you can charge high fees.

Build Your Writing Business According to the Laws of Nature

Your business is going to go through “seasons”… changes that correspond to natural laws. How you prepare for those changes can help your business grow and grow. Don’t fear change — instead embrace it.

Opening Up Your Options Is as Easy as Writing a Letter

Many workers are reevaluating their careers as the pandemic continues to impact businesses. Faced with undesirable work situations, here’s how so many of today’s successful copywriters have chosen the options the writer’s life offers.

A Great Sales Letter Is Mostly a Matter of Getting the Formula Right

When you know the secret structure of a direct-response sales letter, you set yourself up for up-front fees and royalties. There are countless opportunities for writers who can craft sales letters that follow the proven formula.

Cash Bigger Paychecks in B2B Writing by Getting Closer to the Sale

Companies need to hire writers to create the documents used by the sales team. You’re not doing the selling, but you’re enabling them to do so by giving them the tools they need to engage with prospects. And for that, you can earn high fees.

Here’s How I Seized the Day to Move My Writing Career Forward… And How You Can Too

When you're starting out, it can be scary to tell a prospect... yes, I can help you. But if you don’t take the first step, you'll be stuck in the same spot. Here’s how to move forward toward your goals.

A Mentor’s Advice for 3 Questions New Copywriters Struggle With

You can push past your current capabilities when you have a mentor to guide you. Here are the top three questions aspiring writers have about getting started in the copywriting field — and the answers.

Turning Motion into ACTION Fuels Your Writing Business Success

You’re working on building your business every day… but are you just in motion, or are you taking ACTION? If you’re not taking these steps, you may not be making the progress you could be.

Make Money Writing in B2B Using “What You Know”

You can earn good fees as a writer, and it’s easier to get started when you use your work experience as your “foot in the door.” Here’s how to leverage your industry knowledge like these writers did...

Get More Copywriting Done More Quickly by Stopping This Bad Habit

There’s a lie we all tell ourselves that is severely hampering our ability to get our work done. In an eight-hour day, it can suck up as much as 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you want to get more copywriting done more quickly, you need to stop this bad habit right now.

Make Time Smart Decisions to Achieve B2B Writing Success

Admit it: you identify with the 80% of adults with too much to do and not enough time to do it. You don’t have to live this way ─ make time smart decisions to achieve B2B writing success.

5 Projects to Start Your B2B Copywriting Business ─ Fast

Launch your writing career fast with these in-demand B2B copy projects. Companies need a variety these content pieces to move buyers through the sales cycle toward a purchase.

Use a 2-Week Process to Achieve Freelance Copywriting Success

You’ve set your business goals. You’ve planned your first quarter activities. But you’re already off track… Use this two-week process to get and keep yourself on track to freelance copywriting success.

How to Get That Coveted Conversational Tone in Your Writing

You’ve heard of the ugly first draft… which you never want to turn in to a client. Especially if the sentences are formal, stilted, and (yawn)… Boorrrinng. Here’s how to make sure you get the coveted conversational tone.

Take the (Boringly?) Easier Path to Six-Figures as a Writer

You can enjoy what you do and earn good fees as a writer. If you thought this industry was too boring or technical, now’s the time to give it another look.

6 Dos and Don’ts to Project Confidence to Your Clients

In a freelance business, you’ll work with clients you’ve never met in person. Here’s how to project confidence to your clients over the phone or email.