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Living The Writer's Life: Danielle Vick

Danielle Vick took account of her priorities a few years ago and realized Barefoot Writing was the key to keeping them in line. It’s how she permanently left a job she hated, pursued a hobby she always loved, gained the time and money to travel freely, and kept her first priority — her family — number one in life.

Last Chance to Save Up to 90% on AWAI’s Top Programs

Kick-start your copywriting career this summer – or take it to the next level.

8 Quick-Start Writing Projects to Learn and Earn Fast!

Start earning money now with one of these eight quick-start writing projects. A small investment in yourself will get you started quickly on a new career — writing from home.

A Full Year’s Subscription to a Career-Launching Magazine for Writers... for Just $11

This magazine could be the launching point of your new copywriting business.

How Zoom Helps You Build Your B2B Freelance Copywriting Business

A virtual presence is critical to stay connected to clients. Learn how to use Zoom and other video meeting apps to effectively build client relationships by following these best practices of virtual meetings.

Today We’re Celebrating YOU!

If you haven’t seen it yet, now is a great time to check out all the programs and resources we’re offering for up to 90% off.

The Secret to Writing Emails People Will Open and Read

Overall, the average email open rate across all industries is just 32%. Make sure you fall into the one in three that are getting opened and read.

Thriving as a B2B Copywriter — Even Now!

As B2B companies try to stabilize from the impact of the pandemic, they need marketing communications for prospects and customers. Here are 7 in-demand projects.

Here’s How You Can Still “Save” Your Summer

Check out the list of programs on sale now and grab the ones that will help you take your next steps forward.

How I Claimed My Slice of a $2.3 Trillion Industry — And You Could Too

Thousands of different industries need sales letters written, especially the financial, fundraising, and alternative health markets. Learn more about the opportunities here.

Use This Popular Platform to Earn Money Writing — Without Clients

Use this popular platform to earn extra money from your own Money-Making Website, where you write about a subject you are passionate about. Follow five simple steps.

Pick a Niche Industry in 60 Seconds and Attract More Writing Clients

Having a niche makes getting clients easier, helps you focus your marketing, and earn more money. Try this simple two-step recipe to get your career moving.

It’s the Summer Sale! Up to 90% Off AWAI’s Most Popular Programs

Get the copywriting skills and business-building strategies to kick-start your freelance career.

Five Writing Projects that Pay $1,000 and Can Be Completed in a Weekend

Turn your weekend or spare time into paid writing income. Rebecca Matter shares 5 in-demand projects you can learn quickly, and complete fast for big pay.

Ends Today: New Writing Profit Opportunity

Today’s the last day to claim one of the remaining spots in the guided mentorship where you’ll master one of the BEST profit opportunities for writers (possibly ever!).

How to Get Paid for Your Writing in Your B2B Freelance Business

The beauty of your B2B freelance business is you can usually work from anywhere... but it's not always as easy to get paid from anywhere for your work. Here's how to get paid, no matter where you or your clients are.

Secure One of the Remaining Spots in AWAI’s Site Content Audit

Thursday is your last chance to secure one of the remaining spots in AWAI’s upcoming mentorship on doing Site Content Audits for clients.

The Inspiration – and Practical Advice – You Need to Launch Your Writing Career Could Be in These Pages

A full year of access to the industry-favorite Barefoot Writer magazine for just $11.

How to Earn Your First $2,000 (And Easily Land More Writing Assignments)

A website content audit is a great way to earn your first $2,000 and set the stage to get more paid assignments from that same client.

Earn $450 up to $3,500 Writing These In-Demand Projects

Learn how to be a web copywriter and you could easily earn anywhere from $450 up to $3,500 for highly valued and constantly in-demand projects.

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