Make Sure Your Copy Isn’t Putting You at Risk

Like it or not, aware of it or not, there are legal restrictions on what you can put in your copy. Unfortunately, most junior copywriters — and even some senior ones— make mistakes that could put them — or their clients — at risk.

There is nothing more embarrassing than turning in copy that doesn’t cut legal muster. That’s why AWAI is bringing you a program to make sure this is one mistake you avoid.

The Legalities of Copywriting Made Simple, written by Matthew Turner, General Counsel for Agora, Inc., is a down-to-earth guide that contains dozens of easy-to-understand strategies, tips, and tools that help you write copy that sells without landing you — or your clients — in the middle of a legal mine field.

The guide contains simple case studies, checklists you can use to help you make sure your copy is above reproach, and plenty of copy exercises to help you fully grasp what you’ve learned. It even provides a simplified guide to legal considerations within the financial newsletter, dietary supplement, and income opportunity markets.

Not only will this must-have reference help you minimize or eliminate your risks, but it is so straightforward and detailed that you’ll be able to help many of your clients determine what is acceptable and what is risky in their marketing campaigns.

With over 15 years experience with copywriting and marketing, Matt’s insights on the legal issues that affect direct marketing can help you have peace of mind about every piece of copy you turn in, help become indispensible to your clients, and help you break into niche markets sooner.

The Legalities of Copywriting Made Simple reveals so many things that very few copywriters know.

  • You’ll understand what you can and, more importantly, what you can’t write in your copy, even when you’re working in specific niches.
  • You’ll learn the “four legal commandments of copywriting” and how to comply with them every time you sit down to write.
  • You’ll know the legal differences between writing marketing copy and editorial copy like newsletter articles … and you’ll understand the laws affecting each.
  • You’ll discover the laws governing marketing copy in specific niches—Financial, Dietary Supplements, Income Opportunity, and E-book Publishing—and what you need to do to comply with them.
  • You’ll know the major court cases that have changed the landscape of the direct-marketing industry to make it what it is today.
  • You’ll find a generous number of tips and secrets from top copywriters and marketers on how to write strong copy in specific niches.
  • You’ll understand your legal considerations when working with clients, and how to avoid being personally liable in various suits and cases.
  • And much, much more …

The Legalities of Copywriting Made Simple is one resource that no copywriter should be without. Secure your copy today!

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