Video Scripts:
Short, Simple, Fun, AND Lucrative — Why Every Writer Should Try Video Script Writing NOW

How to Write Video Scripts Businesses are using video more than ever before — and they’re eager to hire writers who understand how to write the short, simple video scripts they need.

That’s why — even if you’re new — you can learn to command $200, $500, or even $1,500+ for each and every video script you write.

And you could soon be writing A LOT of scripts.

  • 86% of businesses are using video… putting out an average of 18 fresh videos per month.
  • 81% of marketers believe video has a direct, positive impact on sales (so they’re happy to pay for it).
  • And 66% of video marketers — two-thirds of them! — plan to maintain or increase their video spend.

Even better?

The scripts businesses want and need right now are SHORT.

Most will be for videos that are less than two minutes long, meaning that you could be bringing home a fantastic paycheck for a very small amount of work.

And that’s not all…

Getting your start as a video script writer is easy, thanks to the step-by-step guidance you’ll find inside How to Write Video Scripts: Earn $200 to $500 per scripted minute for short, fun, and simple script writing projects

Pam makes every part of video script writing simple and easy to understand. Plus, at each step, she’s picked fun videos to illustrate her lessons, so you can enjoy learning and mastering the basics.

In fact, in just 10 high-impact lessons, How to Write Video Scripts will help you master the core skills you need to write great video scripts for any client, in any market (or even for yourself).

You’ll even be invited to submit your final script for personalized, professional feedback to make sure you’ve mastered all the core principles and can start your script writing journey with a polished sample in your portfolio.

So, whether you’d like to launch your writing career by writing short video scripts…

Grow your writing income by adding lucrative video script projects to your skills…

Or use videos in your own self-marketing…

How to Write Video Scripts is for you!

How to Write Video Scripts: Earn $200 to $500 per scripted minute for short, fun, and simple script writing projects: $497.00

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