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Eliminate the Fear and Anxiety of Quoting Your Online Writing Rates … Forever

Dear Reader,

“How much should I charge for my web writing services?”

If you’re like most online writers, this is one of the biggest questions you face.

Quote too high and you might not get the job … quote too low and your client will undervalue you, and worse – you’ll set a precedence for doing future jobs at rock bottom rates.

It’s no wonder writers fear pricing above all else when it comes to online writing.

With the explosion of internet and social media marketing (according to e-marketer, this will be a record breaking year for spending in online marketing), it’s more important than ever to charge competitive rates that will land you the job while helping meet your long-term income goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or breaking into a new niche, knowing how to price your online writing services is the key to a successful career in web writing.

Here’s the good news: AWAI’s new e-book, How to Price and Land the Top 7 Web Copy Projects, takes the fear and anxiety out of pricing your online writing jobs.

In this 60 page guide, you’ll learn how to price jobs competitively and confidently (without fear of overcharging … or selling yourself short).

Rebecca Matter, founder of Wealthy Web Writer, takes you through the top 7 hottest web copy projects:

  • Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Ads
  • Emails and Autoresponders
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Online Video
  • PLUS – A bonus section of Additional Opportunities

Rebecca shows you what opportunities lie in each of these 7 areas, how to land them, and how to price them. Plus, she details 9 other areas in the bonus section – Site Audits, Case Studies, Press Releases, and White Papers, and more.

In each of these areas, she gives you targeted insights and tips you can use immediately to increase your income.

Tips like:

  • How to break into the hottest web writing opportunities (including specific techniques you can use to get your foot in the door with prospects).
  • Key questions to ask potential clients (including strategic wording you can use to pitch your prospect and get the ball rolling).
  • And, how to make more money (including easy reference lists for jobs in each section, what they entail, and their competitive price range – from beginner to expert).

Any one of these tips will help you feel, and look, like a pro when quoting your online writing projects.

Grab your downloadable guide today and discover:

  • The 6 variables you MUST consider before determining your web copy rates (pricing is about more than just setting your rates).
  • Why you should never, EVER charge by the hour (and why you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if you do).
  • What you should write for maximum income.
  • How to quote according to your time investment and long-term income goals.
  • “Fail proof” strategies for increasing your value to your clients (these strategies are so powerful your clients will want to keep you writing their web copy for years to come).
  • The easiest ways to break into each specialty (even if you’ve never done work in that area before).
  • The 5 KEY questions to ask your prospect before you begin writing your proposal.
  • What to do once your prospect says, “Send me a proposal”.
  • The 5 part format for writing a winning proposal (this formula helps ensure that your prospect will say “yes” without batting an eye).
  • PLUS, Nick Usborne’s secret to getting clients who want you to write their landing pages (it might not be what you think!).
  • And, much more.

You’ll find answers to common questions regarding online writing. Such as …

How much should I charge to write a subscription page? Or a 5 to 7 page basic website? – Page 11 of the guide will show you.

What should I charge per page for writing original SEO copy? What about optimizing existing copy? – Find the answers on page 16.

Not sure where to start on that Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign your prospect wants you to give him a quote for? Pages 17 – 19 of the guide details the 7 steps to the most common PPC campaign. Look to page 21 for guidance on what to charge.

Turn to page 24 of the guide to discover the differences between …

  • Autoresponders
  • E-Letters
  • E-zines
  • Gauntlet Emails
  • Refresher Emails
  • And, Sales Emails

Plus, tips on the easiest ways you can break in to writing in this specialty area. And, page 25 will show you what to charge.

If you’ve always dreamed of blogging for a living but aren’t sure what types of blogging jobs are available or how to break in, you’ll want to take a peek at pages 26 – 28.

Social Media Copy Writing

Social media copy writing is another hot opportunity for the online writing world.

Companies are catching on big time to the fact that their customers and prospects expect, and even demand, that the companies they do business with are active on social media.

Pages 29 – 35 are devoted entirely to social media copy writing. In this section we’ll show you:

  • The easiest ways to break in to social media
  • Common social media projects
  • What to say to clients to get them to say “yes” to hiring you for their social media campaigns
  • Plus, 4 pages of “What to Charge”.

How much should you charge for providing social media training and consulting? Social media workshops? As a social media guest speaker?

These questions and more are answered in this section of the pricing guide.

Online Video Projects

Online video now reaches more than half the US population. And the market penetration continues to grow.

This section reveals …

  • The 3 Key video projects
  • The 3 types of video
  • How to break in to online video
  • And, what to say to prospects to get them hire YOU for their video projects

You’ll also discover what it takes to do a full video package and what you should charge for it.

Bonus Section

The Bonus Section details additional online writing opportunities and what to charge for them.

If you need to determine pricing for writing a white paper, this is where to look.

Not sure what to charge for a press release? You’ll find the answer here.

In fact, there are 9 additional opportunities listed in this section. You’ll find pricing guidelines and information for …

  • Site Audits
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies / Success Stories
  • White Papers
  • Editorial Strategy
  • Copy Critique
  • Special Reports
  • Onsite Training
  • Service Referrals

How to Price and Land the Top 7 Web Copy Projects gives you everything you need to quote your online writing services with confidence, including …

Questions to Ask Your Prospect Before You Write Your Proposal.

There are 5 questions you should ALWAYS ask a prospect before sitting down to write a proposal.

By asking the right questions in the right sequence, you not only make writing your proposal easier, you also increase the chances of getting an enthusiastic “Yes” from your prospect.

Find out what these KEY questions are by turning to page 40 of the pricing guide.

Then, we’ll show you …

How to Submit a Winning Proposal

Here’s an excerpt from the guide:

You’ve just finished talking with a prospective client. After a lengthy conversation, you heard those four magic words: ”Send me a proposal.”

Now what? …

Sid Smith gives you his 5 part format for submitting a winning proposal.

Simply follow the 5 part format – it begins on page 46 – and you’ll be able to submit a proposal that is a sure-fire winner. (HINT: The format is based on the questions in the previous section)

Don’t go another second enduring the fear and anxiety that comes with pricing your online writing.

The best way to eliminate that fear and anxiety is through preparation.

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Knowing how to price your online writing services – and how to submit a winning proposal – will instill you with confidence and banish the fear and anxiety over pricing your online writing … forever.

Don’t wait! Grab your copy of this comprehensive pricing guide today! You’ve got nothing to lose and confidence to gain.

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