Elizabeth Blessing
Eureka, California

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Affordable Housing

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At Affordable Housing Tips, we believe a roof over your head doesn't have to break the bank. We show our readers how to save money on housing costs with innovative solutions and budget-friendly tips. We cover a wide range of alternative housing options. Like how to turn a shipping container into a tiny home. Or how to convert a school bus into a home on wheels. We cover the housing options of the future like 3D printed homes that can be built in only 48 hours for under $10,000. We tell you about cities that will PAY you thousands of dollars to move there. And how to score a luxury rental in a big city for less than $1,000 per month. If you're interested in finding an affordable living situation and/or reducing your housing costs, you need to check out!

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How to Write Your Own Money-Making Website took me step-by-step through the process of finding a topic for my website, creating content, and optimizing the site for traffic. Nick is a wonderful instructor who has a genuine enthusiasm for teaching and for helping people create a profitable income stream. Yes, building a website is challenging, but the program is very thorough and Nick (along with the supportive Facebook group) offer assistance throughout the journey.

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