Deana Decker
Kingston, NY

Site Topic

Resources and support for the blind and visually impaired.

Copy Sample

Finding My Vision.com strives to collect and disseminate the information and resources you need in one place. No more searching the Web. Content will be continuously added and updated. Life is hard … No matter who you are. We all struggle with our identities, relationships, decisions, careers, and everything we do. As a person who is blind or visually impaired, life has many more challenges. We all seek independence, but most of the time we have to rely on others in some way. Not being able to do something on your own, especially as an adult, can lead to anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. I have created this site to try to help you regain confidence and more independence by providing: Online resources Accessibility Support Life hacks Mindful activities Education and Career opportunities and more … I will span the Web in search of information and provide you with the links to help make your life a little better.

Program Thoughts

It has been a dream of mine to publish this website. I am legally blind which can make it difficult to find a career that I can enjoy. I have taken several classes at AWAI and they have all given me the building blocks I have needed to make my website even better. I love to write and this class provides all the necessary elements to create a money-making website.

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