Doreen Fogle
Nevada City, CA

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Growing cutting flowers in a home garden

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Would you like to grow great cutting flowers in your home garden? I'll show you how to select, grow, and harvest a bounty of beautiful cutting flowers in your home garden. Plus I include how to grow, dry, and craft everlasting flowers to enjoy your bounty through the winter and longer.

Program Thoughts

I have been very inspired by this program. I love how I can take all my background knowledge, experience, and passion and put it together to provide a guide for others. And with the format of a website I can always improve it, add to it, and explore related topics. That makes it feel like it's limitless. I'm excited to get it ready to monetize and I look forward to the possibilities it can bring for both income and new writing opportunities. It's really a great way to enjoy writing about something I love doing, and earning an income at it! The information and details Nick teaches are invaluable, I can't imagine doing this without his guidance. Actually, I never would have thought of it. I am glad I signed up for it.

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