Liz Swynarczuk
Riverside, Wyoming

Site Topic

Tips & Recipes for Making Ice Cream at Home

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“Making ice cream at home is really very easy. If you’ve never tried it before, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn a handful of ingredients into a delicious treat.”

This site is designed to explore the craft of making ice cream. With blog-style recipes, I guide readers through varieties of ice creams and flavors with step-by-step instructions.

Program Thoughts

Before I started this program, making a website at all seemed totally out of my league … I’d never done it and I’m not fluent in geek-speak.

Granted, Nick doesn’t teach you every detail about how to actually make a website, but he gives you enough information to point you in the right direction and through his detailed, down-to-earth lectures, he has a magical way of making you believe you can do it without even questioning your abilities.

The search engines had all found me by Day 2 after my launch and I had one organic search through Bing on Day 3! Maybe that’s typical, but I was amazed.

Thank You, Nick! And Thank You, AWAI. I’m grateful to you both for creating such a terrific program!

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