Ginger Sanders
Bend, Oregon

Site Topic

Photographing Oregon

Copy Sample

Photograph Oregon is a resource website for people interested in finding both iconic and unusual places to go in the state of Oregon to take photos.

Whether it be travel photos, family vacations, professional photography, we provide the spots, maps, tips and all kinds of free information showcasing the state of Oregon’s photographic potential.

Program Thoughts

I took off running with this. I bought the program in late August and then took off on vacation so I didn’t start the actual building of the site until the middle of September.

I reached 30 pages in October and monetized at the end of that month. So far my traffic is climbing to approx. 300 per day and I made $10.14 from AdSense in November, which may not seem like a lot but for a site that is so young I see the potential and am happy with that and moving along.

Now I’m in the adding content, links, and promotion stage which doesn’t take as much time as the building learning curve, so at the beginning of January, I am going to start work on two more sites so I can get them off and rolling in the timeline.

It is very easy to see the potential once you are in the middle of it. It’s hard work and patience but worth the effort.

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