Shental Henrie
Vernon, BC Canada

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Romance Books, book series. Connecting the characters, stories, and books, so you don’t have to.

Copy Sample

Do you have trouble finding out if the book you just bought is the first or the fifth in the romance book series? Or you found that it was not the book series that you were thinking of (from a particular author)? Or you start reading and find that the book mentions all sorts of other characters that you are not familiar with? Well at www.stuckonromancebooks.com, you can find out how each of the romance books are connected by knowing additional info about the stories and books.

Program Thoughts

When I was doing my own research about the different book series, I found that I was collecting a lot of information. And I needed to do something with it. I stumbled upon AWAI when I was playing with the idea of writing a romance book. While I never got around to that, I had an epiphany when I started getting emails about the Money-Making Websites program. I could take all that info and create a site that I could have almost limitless pages due to the vastness of the Romance Industry. And I could earn money with affiliate marketing. A win-win!!

But my story doesn’t end there. Because I got hooked on the idea of having “a writer’s life,” I have taken more programs from AWAI, including Nick’s Marketing Confidence program, and I am now on my way to becoming the first Romance Copywriter. You see, when I was researching, I found that the majority of the authors had, frankly, inadequate websites.

In both programs, Nick is generous, down-to-earth, and very personable. He goes over and above with what he offers, and actually makes you believe that you just might have the confidence you need to achieve the writer’s life!!

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