Gail Spencer Meister
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Travel Information Website and Blog

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Travel Talk Café is a website and blog providing valuable information on travel destinations, as well as reviews on resorts and hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Café Talk-the blog provides regular posts about my own travels, including road trips, experiences, tours and more. Many pictures are shared on the site and all photos are my own. The goal of Travel Talk Café is to provide not just the general information about a destination, but the lesser known insights and details that you won’t easily find elsewhere. The hope is that you’ll be inspired to travel or at least gain something useful for your own visit!

Program Thoughts

In 2016 I looked at purchasing this program, but at the time it was not in my budget. I was determined to create a website so I forged ahead on my own, researching and reading everything I could that was free. I managed to build a site, but that’s where it ended. Working full time and having other responsibilities didn’t leave much time to figure things out so it was a slow process. Fast forward to January 2019. With a renewed sense of urgency and determination I figured out a way and bought Nick’s Money-Making Websites program. I’m not all the way there yet but I’m so glad I finally have the tools to guide me along. I think the Facebook support group will be worth buying the program for, to have a community to help you along when you have a question or need help or encouragement. If you’re debating if you need a program like this, ask yourself how serious you are about your endeavor, and if you’re serious I recommend you make the purchase and don’t look back! You won’t regret it.

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