Bob Bly, author of 100 books and widely known as “America’s top copywriter” shows you why … “There’s No Easier, Faster, or Surer Way to a Six-Figure Writing Income than This …”

When I heard Bob’s first e-Book success story, my jaw hit the floor. Even he was blown away by the numbers, and he’s a veteran in writing for profit.

To date, Bob has sold 1,281 copies of that e-Book. With gross revenues of $40,439 … and a profit margin of 100% … his initial investment of $175 brought a return of 23,008% — in just three years!

Since then, Bob has launched numerous e-Book publishing ventures with incredible results — $10,290 in revenues for one … $90,979 for another …

Once he explained how simple it was to get these projects rolling, I begged him to share his secrets. He graciously (thankfully!) agreed, and I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am to tell you about this special, limited-time program …

That’s why we’re introducing Bob Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success: A Comprehensive Program to Writing and Selling E-Books for Profit.

Writing, publishing, and selling your own e-Books is one of the simplest and surest ways of building a six-figure income. You can see your income rise to that level in as little as 12 months. Best of all, it’s a passive income. It keeps earning long after you’re done writing.

And Bob is the perfect teacher …

Bob never talks about things “in theory.” Instead, he gives specifics that make every step of your journey to e-Book writing profits easy, detailed, and clear. This includes explaining:

  • The single most important decision you’ll make before launching your e-Book business
  • 5 things you need to create to sell your e-Book (once you do these things, your workload shrinks while your cash reward grows)
  • How to set up your e-Book business so you make money while you sleep — literally
  • What e-Book tasks you should do yourself and what you should always outsource
  • Where to find website designers capable of putting together a rapid selling machine for pennies on the dollar
  • How to prevent e-Book piracy
  • When to offer bonus content inside your e-Book and why you’d want to bother
  • When to hire other writers to write your e-Book — even if you’re a writer yourself
  • The secret conversion-rate formula you MUST know to help your buyer take action

Bob Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success is packed with helpful resources and links to Bob’s choice recommendations for all those little things that might normally stop you in your tracks — things like where to go for website hosting, what kind of shopping cart to choose, and other specific, highly technical issues that become a breeze with his advice.

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