Zero Resistance Writing

Imagine having something to write … and there's no such thing in your mind or body as "writer's block."

Imagine that there's no such word, term, or image in your dictionary, mental encyclopedia, or mind for this condition – so it doesn't even exist in your reality.

And so, any time you need to write a letter to a friend – or a sales letter – or a book, a short story, a novel – ANYTHING – you simply sit at a table and begin writing. And what you need to say POURS onto paper like water cascading over Niagara Falls.

Now, let's go a step further and imagine that you can put yourself into a peak state before you write – on command. And because you're able to do this – virtually everything you write has a mysterious and mystical "buzzzzzz" coming from it.

Truth is, everything you write – whether a simple note to a friend or an advertisement for your business or a chapter going into a book – carries a vibration.

Yet no one ever teaches how to INFUSE your writing with a level of vibration that is so positive and potent that people can literally feel the energy pouring off the words you've written.

You could be a writer who puts words in print today – and a couple of hundred years from now, when you're no longer on this physical plane, those words will still carry a "buzzzzzz" that others feel.

Let me give you an example.

A few weeks ago, I was in a bookstore. I had a stack of books in my hands and was walking down the aisle toward the cashier. As I was walking past a bookcase of hardback novels, my eyes and head were pulled to the left – as if I was being magnetically pulled in that direction.

I took note that this was the third time in less than a week that I was being presented with an OFFER to look at and purchase that particular author's books.

This time, however, instead of saying "I'll look into this later," I stopped, put my books down, and picked up a copy of "Evil Under the Sun" by Agatha Christie.

I opened the book and turned to the first chapter. As I began reading, I was getting zapped. "Buzzzzzz" was hitting me so hard I was getting knocked backward.

"This is powerful," I said to myself.

But maybe the first book I'd picked out was an exception, so I picked up another, and another, and another.

Each and every Agatha Christie book that I picked up and began reading carried a HUGE positive charge.

I bought two of the novels I looked at, and took them (along with the other books I bought that day) to my condo on the beach. Buying a couple of novels was more difficult for me than you may realize, because "Matthew Furey does NOT read novels." I can count on one hand the number of novels I read per year – and that is being generous.

Once at the condo, I pulled out my laptop and Googled "Agatha Christie" to see what I could find out about her. I had no idea that she'd penned 66 novels during her lifetime, but I quickly discovered this as well as many other things about her – including the fact that over one billion copies of her books have been sold, second only to Wilhelm Shakespeare, who, in my opinion, never even existed. (I'm of the Mark Twain-ish belief that Shakespeare is a figment of peoples' imagination – but I digress.)

Here's my point: You cannot be the author of books selling over a billion copies UNLESS you are operating at a highly charged frequency. The chances that you are vibrating at a level way beyond the norm are 100%.

Agatha Christie is an example of what I call Zero Resistance(tm) Writing. She was the type of person who could sit with a pad of paper or a typewriter (she wrote before computers) and pound out words that captivate and intrigue.

She was the type of writer who writes without fear and without resistance.

Although I haven't sold a billion books YET – I've been told that my writing (especially my daily emails that so many people are literally "hooked on") also has this distinct and mesmerizing "buzzzzzz" that makes you want to keep reading.

Wouldn't you like to hear things like that said abut YOU?

Yesterday, while in Japan, I met with Ajari, a marathon monk who is 80 years old. He's called a "marathon" monk because he is only one of 46 men since the mid-1800s to do the "impossible" … run the equivalent of 1,000 marathons in seven years – and many of them were double marathons (84 kilometers per day). Each morning, he would get dressed and begin his trek through the cold, damp mountains in Mt. Hiei. Even if he was sick, injured, or feeling a bit "off," he would begin his journey.

With a smile on his face, he described why he carried with him each day a knife, a rope (for hanging), and a handkerchief. The reason may shock you. Here it is: If he were to give up or fail to reach his goal – he would need to take his own life.

Now THAT is commitment.

Unlike other monks who begin their training as children, this man started in his 50s. Upon successfully finishing the 1,000 marathons, he decided to do the unthinkable. Not satisfied with merely finishing – something that is almost impossible to do – he chose to do the 1,000 marathons again. This time, he completed the goal in six years instead of seven. In Japan, anyone who accomplishes this feat is considered a "Living Buddha."

A couple of years ago, I went through an illness that led to what many people would describe as a profound transformational experience. While I was doing my best to recover from what nearly killed me, a man I met in China gave me the story of this simple monk. I read it over and over. Each day, when I trained, I would picture this man, see him running through the rain- or snow-covered mountains. I would picture him fighting off poisonous snakes and wild pigs. And when I thought of what HE was able to do with the right mental focus – how could I give up on what I wanted to accomplish?

When I was given the green light and allowed to meet with him yesterday (no easy task, I assure you), a dream came true for me. I came to thank him and tell him how much his story helped me overcome some tough times. After I thanked him and offered a copy of my book and some other gifts, he said, "It is not ME but YOU who got yourself better. I am just a man. It was you who, while lying in bed, began to do 'Zen' exercises that opened you up to a new level of being."

As I sat in Ajari's temple listening to his stories, I felt a "buzzzzzz" going on inside. Hours passed by in minutes. He was telling simple stories – yet I and some students who were allowed to come with me were mesmerized the entire time. Several hours after our meeting ended, we were still swimming in a current of electrical energy that was out of this world.

What does this have to do with copywriting – specifically, email copywriting?

Let me tell you.

When someone writes, speaks, or even looks at you without resistance, you feel it. When you read something written by the pen of a fearless man or woman, you sense it. It's the kind of writing that is powerful, passionate, and … electric. It carries a charge that keeps you reading, even if it's "simple words."

Astute readers of my daily emails can tell via the mere reading of my words and the energy that comes from them that I write without resistance, without blocks and without concern for what "everyone else" thinks. But they don't know how I put myself into this state.

I cannot say what Agatha Christie did to ramp up her vibration, but I can assure you that she did something because no one writes the way she did without being deeply connected.

I believe the quality of being emotionally free to write without resistance is the hallmark of success in the writing field. Whether we're talking about copy writing, email writing, or book writing – to succeed at the highest levels you need to do what I call Zero Resistance Writing.

To my knowledge, no one teaches you how to write without resistance, without blocks, fear, or apprehension. Yet it is the KEY that unlocks the door to greatness.

Writer's block and other self-limiting hang-ups do NOT need to exist in your world. Imagine that you could delete from your mind all extraneous thoughts anytime you wanted. Imagine that you could sit before your computer and crank out extraordinary copy, on command. Imagine that you could do it day after day after day, without fail.

I'm telling you – YOU CAN.

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Published: April 23, 2007

1 Response to “Zero Resistance Writing”

  1. Beautiful article from the Furey-eque one. AWAI needs to create a program on training us copywriters on Zero resistance writing. It's about time!

    Donald C Obii

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