August 2007

Quick Tip: 2 Free Online Calendars

Free online calendars that can help you manage your time.

The Hidden Key to a Successful Direct-Marketing Package

Understand how the unique sales proposition boosts the power of your sales package.

Eight Secrets for Reaching Your Travel Prospect

Heather Robson weighs in on how to better connect with your travel prospects.

An Exclusive Interview with Jen Stevens, Travel Industry Expert

Top travel writer and copywriter Jen Stevens shares secrets to writing better copy for travel promotions.

Quick Tip: Taming InDesign File Sizes

Kristin Schwarz with a quick InDesign file management tip.

5 Cardinal Rules of Web Page Layout and Design

Kristin Schwarz gives you five rules you should follow when designing a website.

Quick Tip: How to Connect with Potential Clients through 5 Million Contacts

Will Newman explains how you can use professional networking sites to build your business.

Secrets of a Master: Why This Headline Works

Michael Masterson shows you one small change that gives your headlines more power.

Quick Tip: How Can Make Email Copy Look More Friendly

How to get more email readers to click on your link.

Success Story: Congratulations to Penny Thomas!!

Penny Thomas landed her first big copywriting assignment.

The Power of a Good Story

A good story grabs your reader's attention. Heather Robson explains how to make sure your story elements are working as hard as they can.

Quick Tip: How to Boost Impact with a Scholar’s Margin

Kammy Thurman shows you how to use a scholar's margin.

How Specialty Stock Photo Sites Can Make Your Photo Quest Easier

Mike Klassen shares his tips for expediting your photo search.

Top 20 Travel Mailers

Discover the names and websites of twenty top mailers in the travel sector.

Customize Meaningful Travel Promotions for Prospects

Hallie Mummert weighs in on ways to write better travel promotions.

Industry Spotlight: Travel

Find out about trends and statistics in the travel writing market.

Quick Tip: How to Make To-Do Lists Work for You

Six strategies to writing a more effective to-do list.

The Newest Way to “Expand” Your Copywriting Business

Will Newman explains how offering more services can land you more clients.