January 2010

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Job Opportunities … Freelance Opportunity for Financial Copywriter

Today, you have the opportunity to write compelling copy to potential Cabot Market Letter subscribers.

Job Opportunities … Health Writers: Freelance Editorial Opportunity

Helen Buttery, Marketing Director for Al Sears, MD, is looking to add to her freelance editorial team with writers who understand how to write persuasively.

AWAI Writing Challenge: My Perfect Day

Write a 1000-word essay describing your perfect day.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: “Two Wheels to Adventure”

Mark Henderson is living the Writer’s Life … writing and riding from Key West, FL to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

10 Things You Should Never Do with Copywriting Clients … IF You Want to Win Them Over and Have Them Hire You Again and Again

Professional copywriter and web consultant Pam Foster provides her top 10 things not to do with clients.

A New Approach To Money-Making Websites?

Find out Nick Usborne’s new approach to money-making websites and how the tweak of the fundamental model leads to more income in his pocket.

4 Resolutions, 11 Goals and a Big, Fat Dead End Life

Joshua Boswell explains how you can eliminate the “dangers” of goal setting and actually achieve your goals by following his map to success.

Special Announcement … AWAI’s First Ever Copywriting Companion Series

AWAI is thrilled to announce a new tool to guarantee your copywriting success with far less effort and in one-quarter of the time.

Wealthy Web Writer Get’s Real

Wealthy Web Writer introduces a new reality blog featuring Mindy Tyson McHorse and her path to make six figures as a web writer this year.

Three Proven Ways to Move Forward in Your Web Writing Career

Fellow web writer, Mindy Tyson McHorse shares three ways to move forward in your web-writing career and how she plans to help you progress this year.

Welcome to the World Wealthy Web Writer!

Find out what a recent survey said about the future of traditional marketing and what it means for web writers.

The First of My Top 3 Spare Time Biz Opps for 2010

Find out why resume writing is a great opportunity for the current economic climate and how to get your resume business going right now.

Kathleen Fuller Celebrates the “Writer’s Life”

AWAI Member Kathleen Fuller had an unscheduled event take place that led her to begin celebrating the “writer’s life” quicker than she had planned.

Good News from AWAI Member Mark Dresner

AWAI Member Mark Dresner lands a client while attending Dan Kennedy’s free teleseminar for his Look Over My Shoulder subscribers.

3 Ways to Get Writer’s Block Out of Your Life Permanently

Follow Dan Kenney’s 3 proven copywriting techniques, and you will never again struggle with writer’s block.

AWAI’s First Ever Money-Making Website Training

Get an inside look at Nick Usborne’s money-making website training schedule and find out how you can participate.

6 Ways to Handle It When a Client Changes Your Copy

SEO expert Heather Lloyd-Martin provides 6 ways to handle a client when they change your copy.

Just Released: The Only GPS For Your Web Copywriting Career

Pam Foster explains the new online service that gives you clear guidance on which web copywriting niche is best for you, how to specialize in it and find clients to grow and thrive on your new path.

The Top 3 Spare-Time Biz Opps for 2010, and Why

Discover the top three spare-time business opportunities for 2010 and why.

Congratulations To All AWAI’s Commit to Achieve Your Goal in 2010 Giveaway Winners!

AWAI would like to congratulate all of the winners of the Commit to Achieve Your Goal in 2010 Giveaway and everyone who participated.

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