September 2010

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AWAI Writing Challenge: My Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasures, those little rewards that help get us through a busy day. Tell me about your favorite guilty treat in this month’s Writing Challenge.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: From "Solitary Confinement" to a New Lease on Life

Rick Jones on his Defining Moment: I was on a racing yacht in the Pacific Ocean, with my new bride in my arms, when it washed over me like a tsunami wave.

Is It Time For You To Upgrade?

Guillermo Rubio shares the importance of upgrading your direct-mail copywriting skills to writing for the web so you don’t miss out on future projects.

One Big Secret to Success as a Web Copywriter

Roy Furr passes on a powerful secret that can transform your web copy, that will make it even easier to be an effective web writer.

The Best (and Perhaps Only) Way To Secure Your Future in Uncertain Times

Paul Hollingshead shares with you the path to the writer’s life, and how you can get started down it, without taking any risks at all.

AWAI Announces MAJOR Update to Popular Online Copywriting Program, Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts

Popular online copywriting program, Copywriting 2.0 receives major updates that will significantly shorten the learning curve, so that you can start working with clients even faster.

The Triple-Win Guide to Securing a Profitable Future as a Freelance Copywriter

Follow Nick Usborne’s Triple-Win Guide to successful freelance copywriting, and you will find out that freelancing is always more profitable and enjoyable when you go where the money is at.

Overcoming Price Objections

Bob Bly reveals his marketing techniques to keep a prospect from experiencing “stick shock” when purchasing a product or service.

Is Dan Kennedy the Real Deal … or Just Damn Good at Marketing Himself?

Paul Hollingshead went from Dan Kennedy “skeptic” to Dan Kennedy “admirer”…and the marketing tips he learned from Dan that made him change his mind.

7 Subject Line Formulas Guaranteed to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Cindy Cyr gives you seven formulas you can use to boost your email open rates, to make sure your emails get read.

Bugs on the Windshield

Joshua Boswell answers the question: Why do some freelancers get to be wildly successful in a short period of time, while others labor for years on end?

3 Quick-and-Easy Tips for Writing "Chatty" Copy

Jen Stevens gives easy to implement tips on writing conversational copy.

Which Side Will You Be On?

Tomorrow is the day that will separate the "someday" freelancers, from the ones who are ready to start their careers. Which side will you be on?

So Many Copywriting Jobs

The demand for copywriters is high and appears to be growing. Check out this major opportunity for email copywriters.

How To Make Qualified Clients Come To You, 24/7

Mindy Tyson McHorse provides some social media “best practices” for attracting new clients.

The Old-Timer's Copy Secret to Getting More Clients Online

Roy Furr is going to show you how to get more of the people who visit your website to contact you for more information.

AWAI’s Build Your Very Own Freelance Website Competition

Members of AWAI’s new Freelance Website in Four Days’ Express Webinar Series will have the opportunity to participate in a new competition for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Any Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Rebecca Matter answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the new ‘Freelance Website in For Days’ Express Webinar Series.

FREE Teleconference on Writing Autoresponders with Jay White

Jay White reveals how he makes six-figures a year writing autoresponders and how you too can stake your claim in this lucrative market during a free teleclass.

Do These 5 Things To Start Your Freelance Business

Roy Furr is explains five things you must do starting today, if you want to start your freelance business. And he wants you to get started right away.

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