September 2010

AWAI Writing Challenge: My Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasures, those little rewards that help get us through a busy day. Tell me about your favorite guilty treat in this month’s Writing Challenge.

Is Dan Kennedy the Real Deal … or Just Damn Good at Marketing Himself?

Paul Hollingshead went from Dan Kennedy “skeptic” to Dan Kennedy “admirer”…and the marketing tips he learned from Dan that made him change his mind.

7 Subject Line Formulas Guaranteed to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Cindy Cyr gives you seven formulas you can use to boost your email open rates, to make sure your emails get read.

3 Quick-and-Easy Tips for Writing "Chatty" Copy

Jen Stevens gives easy to implement tips on writing conversational copy.

I Have Nothing To Say, But Don’t Quote Me

Herschell Gordon Lewis shares that often writers use a lot of words to say absolutely nothing, and what you can do as a writer to avoid making this mistake.