February 2011

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Recapturing a Derailed Day

Derailed? Learn strategies on recapturing a derailed day and get your day back on track.

How To Find That Change-Your-Life Moment

Ever have one of those moments when you know you’ve changed the course of your life — all because you took just one tiny step?

Thirteen Ways, Courtesy of Copywriting Legend Eugene Schwartz, to Increase Your Reader's Desire

John Wood share how copywriters can increase their reader’s desire, including thirteen ways courtesy of copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz.

Congratulations … Cindy Cyr! AWAI’s Latest Wall of Fame Member

New Wall of Fame member Cindy Cyr gives us a glimpse inside her version of the writer’s life … and shares one of her most powerful success secrets.

How to Make Sure You Get Paid (Part 1)

Want to get paid for your hard work? Steve Slaunwhite shares how to make sure you get paid by your client after completing a project.

You Don't Need Talent

You don’t need talent to be a successful copywriter, a wealthy web writer, or a six-figure grant writer.

The 5,000-Year-Old Way to Get Bodacious Clients Now

Focus on your goals and get more clients – Pam Foster explains how.

Give Yourself a Break!

There are three roadblocks aspiring freelance writer often put up without even realizing it. Learn what they are and how to quickly smash them down.

Creating Opportunities: Don’t Leave Your Success to Chance

Heather Robson is going to show you how to create opportunities for yourself to ensure that your web-writing career stays on the path to success.

How Juice, Vacuums and the Australian Outback Allowed a Malaysian, a Slovenian and a German to Live Life on their Own Terms

Read how juice, vacuums and the Australian Outback allowed a Malaysian, a Slovenian and a German to live life on their own terms, the proven formula they used, and how you can do it too.

34 Reasons Why Working from Home Makes Good Sense

I love working from home. So this weekend I sat down and created a list of 34 reasons why.

Writing Great Copy: Where Do You Start?

Bob Bly discusses writing great copy and gives tips on where to start.

Choosing Which Opportunity to Start With

Can't decide which opportunity to start with? First you need to think about why you're doing it ...

Announcing … The Winner of the Spread the Word Give-Away

AWAI is excited to announce the winner of The Spread the Word Give-Away who will be awarded a $250 American Express Gift Card – just for sharing information about our upcoming Work-at-Home Career Summit on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Reward Yourself

Steve Roller expresses the importance of celebrating the little victories on your path to the writer's life.

The 90-day Sprint

Steve Roller shares a goal setting plan that's three times more productive for him than New Year's resolutions or yearly goals.

Talent Is Overrated

Ed Gandia discusses why talent is overrated and why freelancers need to take on an attitude of self-belief.

Claim Victory with Consistent Forward Progress

Steve Roller explains how consistent forward progress can lead to victory in your copywriting career.

Moving Your Career Forward

Steve Roller shares his personal tips on how he keeps his freelance career moving forward and how you can too.

How Much Time Should You Spend With Prospective Clients?

Ed Gandia shares a simple technique you can use to determine how you should proceed with a needy prospect, while at the same time helping to position you as a true business professional.

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