March 2012

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What Do Clients Think of You?

Email is quickly overtaking every form of long distance communication, and writing emails is becoming a new art form. Rebecca Matter gives you some tips on writing a great email that will get responses from clients.

Finding Buyers that Buy, Part 4 Eat the Fruit of Another Man’s Labor

Let Joshua Boswell show you how to reap the benefits of others hard work.

Provide Value When Following Up

Rebecca Matter gives you 6 ways to follow-up with a client that will help ensure continued work.

Access Nick Usborne’s Popular Program, Profitable Freelancing -FREE!

AWAI announced today that once you claim your seat for the How to Love Marketing Your Freelance Business virtual workshop, you’ll receive free access to the popular program, Profitable Freelancing.

How to Spot 7 Deadly Website Sins… … And Why That Means Business for Talented Web Copywriters, Designers, and Marketing Consultants

Jan Pederson shows you seven common website mistakes that could be hurting your conversion and how you can use them to land new web writing prospects.

How to Write Follow-Up Emails That Get Responses

Rebecca Matter gives you five tips you can use to make sure your follow-up emails to clients get read – and are easily understood – to give you a better chance of getting a response.

New Video on Best Writing Opportunity

Katie Yeakle reveals a new video on the best writing opportunity.

How Well Do You Know Them?

Rebecca Matter explains the importance of defining the relationship you have with your client, before you follow-up with them.

Freelance Success is Defined By the Relationships You Build

Nick Usborne explains different client relationships and just how important they are to your freelance business.

Clients Not Responding?

Rebecca Matter reveals three reasons why your potential client hasn’t responded to your proposal … and it has nothing to do with your ability!

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Freelance Business

Marketing is at the heart of every successful freelance business. Today Nick Usborne shares four mistakes most freelancers make, and their solutions.

When Is an Ad Not an Ad?

Will Newman explains what advertorial copy is and the powerful strategy you can implement to build strong relationships with your prospects.

AWAI Announces Brand-New Virtual Event: How to Love Marketing Your Freelance Business

AWAI announces the launch of the virtual event, How to Love Marketing Your Freelance Business, hosted by veteran freelance copywriter Nick Usborne.

Finding Buyers That Buy Part Three: 10,000 “Personal” Conversations

Joshua Boswell reveals three questions that will allow you to discover the logical and emotional triggers that would cause someone to buy your products and services.

My Favorite Web-Writing Gigs …

Christina Gillick explains writing and crafting the all-important email to send to your list.

10 Ways to Generate Great Ideas for Your Blog

Everyone is talking about how you need to start a blog. But what are you going to write about? Christina Gillick tells you ten tricks to fill that blog with real content.

How To Get The Most Out Of Practice

Christina Gillick shares her tips and tricks to get writing everyday and hone your web copywriting skills

Beginner’s Guide To Web Analytics (And Why You Need Them)

Mindy Tyson McHorse demystifies Google Analytics and shows you how to start using this powerful tool.

How Much Moolah Do Web Writers Make?

How much can you make as a web writer? Christina Gillick lays out how web writers make money, and how you can too.

Three Steps To Increase Your Productivity With Accountability

Li Vasquez-Noone explains how having someone hold you accountable can help you stay productive.

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