April 2013

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Unlock Hidden Gold in Your Old Computer Files

Having trouble picking a topic for your e-book? Mindy McHorse gives you some ideas to help you zero in on a great subject.

Make Literary Magazines Work For You

Get your start towards getting published by submitting to literary magazines.

DirectResponseJobs.com Connects AWAI Members with Big-Time Projects

DirectResponseJobs.com is the perfect way for AWAI members to connect with potential clients. Read on to learn about members landing jobs and how you can too!

Shortcut to Life as a Paid Author

Mindy McHorse has found a great way to write the book she's always wanted, without the hassle of publishers and agents.

It Could be a Big Mistake

Will Newman has some advice that can help any copywriter avoid many unnecessary headaches.

The Short, Simple, Easy Projects I’m Really Excited About

Christina Gillick tells you why she has chosen her specialty.

How to Choose a Writing Specialty

Knowing the importance of having a specialty, Christina Gillick has some tips for picking the right one for you.

Why All Writers Should Combine a Niche and Specialty to Get Paid Sooner

Choosing both a specialty and a niche can help you get your copywriting business up and running fast. Christina Gillick lets you in on how.

Become the Leading Expert in Something

Michael Katz tells a great story of turning what may just be an interesting fact into a profitable focus for a freelance business.

Clearly and Simply State What You Do

Having a good answer to the “What does your company do?” question is both important and challenging. Michael Katz humorously informs us how he tackled the issue.

Get Your Writing Business Up and Running Now by Specializing

Christina Gillick explains the difference between specializing in an area of copywriting, and choosing a copywriting niche.

What I Learned About Specializing From the “Queen of QVC”

Christina Gillick explains the basic idea behind "specializing".

A $34 Billion Market That's Crying for Good Copywriters

Will Newman talks about the ever-growing, ever-paying world of social media copywriting and how it's not too late to get in.

FREE AWAI Teleconference: How to Use Stories More Effectively in Your Sales Copy

Join Katie Yeakle and special guest Daniel Levis on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 3pm ET. for a free interactive teleconference event.

Every Company You Work With Has Questions About Social Media

Whether you will offer it as a service to your clients or not, learning social media is a must. Nick Usborne explains how this knowledge will be invaluable in the future.

FREE Interview with Michael Katz: Get More Clients, Consistently

Learn how to get more clients in this great interview with Michael Katz, author of AWAI's newest program Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms.

Three Ways You Can Start Landing Social Media Clients Right Away

Turning social media into a new revenue stream, Nick Usborne looks at three quick ways to get started.

Exclusive One-Day Event: SEO Copywriting Certification

AWAI is excited to host a one-day SEO Copywriting Certification Event taking place May 22, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. Read on to learn more!

Four Ways Freelancers Can Profit from the Growth in Social Media

Interested in the social media field, but unsure how someone could make money in it? Nick Usborne lays out four of the many ways you can earn a living writing for social media.

How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research and Content Creation

Kellie Craft gives you four ways to use social media for keyword research and content development.

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