Why All Writers Should Combine a Niche and Specialty to Get Paid Sooner

So far this week, we’ve talked about specialties and how you can use one to be a professional, paid writer faster.

Today I'm going to recommend you combine a niche with a specialty – instead of choosing one or the other. Combining the two will narrow your focus even more, require you to learn less, and help you get paid sooner.

Here’s an example:

My niche is personal development training companies. That means I write all kinds of copy for the personal development industry. One day I might be writing a sales letter, the next day maybe an email. It’s a lot to keep up with.

But, when you add a specialty to a niche, you get more benefits, like:

  • Even less to know, learn, and keep up with.
  • A higher perceived expert status because you can focus on just a few things.
  • Less stress because your schedule will be more predictable and your writing projects more consistent.
  • Your proposals will be simpler because you’ll get practice pricing the same kinds of projects often.

So what specialty have I decided on?

“Customer relationship marketing,” which means I help companies get raving fans and loyal customers – instead of one-time sales.

I’m going to jump into this specialty by focusing on e-newsletters. (Go here if you’re interested in joining me.)

Specializing like this cuts down what I have to know considerably. I just have to learn one thing: how to write an e-newsletter that brings customers back again and again.

So, what about you? Do you see the value in specializing? Have you chosen a specialty? If so, comment here and let us know.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how to choose a writing specialty for your own business.

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Published: April 24, 2013

6 Responses to “Why All Writers Should Combine a Niche and Specialty to Get Paid Sooner”

  1. I absolutely agree with you Christina -- not only does having a specialty niche make things easier as a copywriter, it also allows you to be more valuable to clients and even provide a better service. I work as a nonprofit copywriter (www.nonprofitcopywriter.com)-- and almost all of my clients are faith-based organizations. They know I understand their market and target audience. I'm up to speed on the language appropriate for their many subgroups. Specialization builds an immediate trust level.

    Guest (Kathy Widenhouse)

  2. Hi everyone,

    I've been a writer for 50 years (14 nonfiction books and a Pulitzer Nomination and collaborated on a documentary that won an Emmy). I know a lot about the history of the Northern Plains tribes and I write for them. I'm so busy,I can't take any more work. I make a good living and my advice is to write what you know. That's how I've been successful. Research, research and research your passion and become an expert. Then go for it. Good luck!


  3. Christina, this is exactly what I needed to see right now. I've been trying to narrow down my services and chose something to specialize in without making it look like that's the only thing I can do. E-newsletters was my top choice - I like short and sweet with a heaping tablespoon of consistency. Your article leading back to this program was instrumental in nailing it down. So thanks! C

    Chase Canyon

  4. I have been a dental hygienist for the last 15 years so it makes the most sense to focus on dentist and dental companies, which would give me B2B opportunities.

    Guest (Judy)

  5. Hi Christina.
    Belated thanks for clearly defining the difference between niche and specialty earlier this week. And, I definitely see the importance of narrowing my focus, as Kathy so clearly articulated above, to make things easier for me and to provide more value and service to my clients. Now to the task of doing it...

    Teri Weber - Enchanted Copy

  6. Hi, not real sure what my niche will be for I have done odd jobs & now I am disabled. I am a health enthusiast & I am a mother & grandmother. I just need to have some guidance in what I should do. I recently joined AWAI & really don't know what all of what I can do or should be doing to have a more substantial income coming in.

    Guest (Theresa)

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