July 2013

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Build Your Portfolio & Prove Your Worth

Balance work-life and freelancing by writing newsletters, blogs, & other marketing materials. You’ll get good practice, and also have something to put on your resume!

Uncovering Your Strengths and Applying Them to Your Business

When it comes to succeeding as a freelance professional, understanding your strengths is critically important. Heather Robson provides the groundwork for figuring out your strengths.

Use Your Work to Pick a Copywriting Focus

If you already have a job in a specific industry, you probably already have some great experience! Use that to become an expert freelance writer in that area.

AWAI Member Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime

While trying to quit her job to pursue the writer's life, Julie Hassett got a major surprise.

Balance Your Job with Your Freelance Career

If you’re in the process of building your freelance career and not quite ready to quit your steady paying job, here are some tips to negotiate with your employer.

Make Friends and Connections at Bootcamp This Year

AWAI’s annual Copywriting Bootcamp conference is just 3 months away. Register early to get the best price! Learn something new & make new friends and connections …

Michael Masterson Comes Out of Retirement for an Exclusive Presentation Only to Be Seen at the 2013 Bootcamp

Copywriting legend and AWAI mentor Mark Ford (a.k.a. Michael Masterson) has agreed to come out of retirement to give you an insider's look at his new book about persuasive writing in a very special and exclusive presentation.

Building a Connection with Your B2B Clients

Steve Slaunwhite explains why connecting with your clients is crucial to your B2B Copywriting success. Spend the time to connect with clients on a personal level.

Gordon Graham’s 3 Types of White Papers—for B2B

Gordon Graham explains how all white papers fall into 3 distinct “flavors”: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Lean how to sell white papers to your B2B clients.

Why Bait Pieces Are Important for B2B Copywriters

Bait pieces present a huge opportunity for B2B copywriters. When used right, bait pieces are a great way to pull in leads. Are you capitalizing on this yet?

Business Journaling … The Secret to Web Writing Success?

Business Journaling is a great tool to keep your web copywriting business organized. Keep track of projects, ideas, and client info with these tips!

Writing E-Newsletters for B2B

Want to specialize in the B2B Copywriting industry? Consider e-newsletters … every business needs them and when done right your clients will be begging for more.

How Copywriters Get Attention with a Good Story

Learn how successful copywriters weave a good story into the intro of their sales letter. Stories are a great way to capture the reader’s attention.

Character Trait #4 for Freelance Copywriters - Your Mindset

Your mindset can either make you or break you as a freelance copywriter. It's competitive, results driven, and fast-paced. It's important to stay positive!

Character Trait #3 for Freelance Copywriters - Get in Touch with Your Emotions

Getting in touch with your emotions is very important to having a successful freelance copywriting career.

The Human Brain: An Owner’s Manual

In this classic from Clayton’s The Total Package, Clayton Makepeace helps you become more productive. First published in 2010 … as relevant as ever today.

Character Trait #2 for Freelance Copywriters - Visualization

Visualization is an important technique to use as a freelance copywriter. Visualize your client's satisfaction and success and you'll start to see your copy improve.

How to Create a Profit-Generating Online Sales Funnel For Your Clients … or Yourself!

A website sales funnel is a powerful tool for your business. Learn what it is, how to set it up, and why you should start using it today!

Full-Time Opportunity to Work with Mark Ford and the Common Sense Publishing Team

Here’s your chance to work side-by-side and learn from one of the true pioneers in the Direct Response Copywriting world, Mark Ford.

Character Trait #1 for Freelance Copywriters - Belief

If you're a freelance copywriter you must have belief in yourself and your capabilities. Honor your commitments, think positively, and conquer your fears!

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