August 2013

Applying the 4 “C’s” of Copywriting Success

Commitment, consistency, clarity, & confidence are 4 qualities that will help you succeed in your career. Take 40 minutes to figure out you want to commit to.

Mike Palmer: Head Copywriter for Stansberry Research to Speak at AWAI’s 2013 Bootcamp

Mike Palmer is head copywriter for Stansberry Research, was voted AWAI 2009 Copywriter of the Year and is one of the top copywriters who will be speaking at AWAI’s 2013 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair this October.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Infographic

If you're looking to create an infographic for your own business, or for one of your clients, Julia Borgini tells you how to create a great infographic that will be shared EVERYWHERE.

Now Hiring: Dr. Al Sears In Search of a Health and Wellness Copywriter

Dr. Al Sears is looking for a full-time, health and wellness in-house copywriter to be on-site at their facility in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Read on to learn how to apply.

1% Will Make a Difference in Your Freelance Career

Commit to getting 1% better at writing every day. Whether it’s learning something new or writing a blog post, everything you do will make you a better copywriter.