January 2014

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The Ultimate Way to Get Experience and Clients

Reinvesting in yourself and your freelance business will help move your business forward, and is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Breaking News: AWAI Updates and Expands Its Flagship Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

American Writers & Artists has updated and expanded it's foundational program, The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Read on to learn about the evolution of this groundbreaking program.

When You Don't Know Where to Start...

Start small and build on each success. Inquire about opportunities you hear about from friends, family, and colleagues. See if you can help them with their copy needs.

An Unexpected Business-Booster...

Look for opportunities that will help in your career path. Whether it be writing on spec, working with local businesses, or anything else you can learn and grow from.

How to Take Advantage of Google Hummingbird to Increase Your Value as a Web Writer

Jen Adams shows you how to tap into the newest Google trend toward rewarding quality writers … and turn your good reputation into serious cash.

This Builds Freelance Businesses More Than Anything Else...

Having a job helps build confidence amongst new freelance writers. You don’t have the pressure and financial that many newbies experience.

Exclusive Facebook Group for B2B Copywriters

If you are on Facebook (and as a copywriter you should be!) please join the B2B Copywriting Facebook group and discover this thriving community of writers.

Writing for a Cause Pays Off for this AWAI Member

Circle of Success member Jared Yoder has embraced cause marketing. And thanks to his recent successes in this niche, it looks like he's on the right track.

How the One Thing You Don't Want Can Launch Your Freelance Career

Don’t let your job hold you back from reaching your freelance writing goals. Many times your job can actually help you build your business.

3 Reasons You Must Use Subheads...

Subheads provide a visual break for your reader and make the copy easier to read. They also help pull prospects to the ultimate action, so always check your subheads.

Free Gift from AWAI to YOU — A Live One-Hour Consultation with Award-Winning Copywriter, Clayton Makepeace

In a special online briefing Thursday, January 30th at 3 p.m. Eastern Time, Clayton will waive his $3,000-per-hour consulting fee and give you straight answers, clear insights, and time-tested advice.

Get Out on Stage

As a writer sometimes you have to just get out there and do it! As a practice exercise, write a short email ad and five different headlines or subject lines to test.

Work With the Mistake

Learn from the best. Improve your craft by learning new techniques from the copywriters who have been successful before you.

AWAI Announces New Content Mastery Program: Your Step-by-Step Guide To Becoming A Highly Paid Content Marketing Strategist

AWAI newest program, Content Mastery, is designed to take you from content marketing beginner to the best of the best.

Are You a Character?

Do you know your prospect? Use your imagination, your experiences, and your observations to become your prospect and appeal to their desires.

The New Face of Content Marketing

Heather Robson is here to tell you content marketing is already undergoing some powerful shifts you need to know about if you want to stay in the game.

Now Accepting New Members Join The Professional Writers Alliance And Receive Thousands of Dollars Worth of Professional Content, Live Learning Events, Paid Projects and More… And It Needn’t Cost You A Dime!

Join The Professional Writers Alliance and receive thousands of dollars worth of professional content, live learning events, paid projects and more… and it needn’t cost you a dime!

Say YES!

Never be afraid to say yes! Get yourself out there, meet with clients, and say yes when they ask you if you can do something or if you can help them.

Commit to Be in the Moment

Commitment and staying present are important for your writing business. Schedule time to write and to learn more about copywriting.

3 Positive Actions to Schedule Right Now for Your Success

Take these three positive actions to build success this year. Schedule time to read and write throughout the year and join a professional writer’s group.

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