September 2014

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Sample AWAI’s Newest Program Here

Freelance coach Michael Katz can boost your writing career 3 minutes at a time, and he prepared a video to show you how the 3-minute lessons work. Check it out here!

The Cure for Chronic Overwhelm is Here …

Here Rebecca Matter explains what you can do to eliminate distractions while boosting your freelance business ... in just 3 minutes a day!

AWAI Member Gets Her Big Break

Congratulations to AWAI member Donna Cederstrand on landing her first major copywriting assignment!

Why it’s Good to be a “Chunky” Writer…

Jen Adams shows you how to reclaim up to 40% of your productive power each day, using an easy “brain hack” organizer that helps you get more done in less time.

The Most Important Direct Mail Copy You Will Ever Write

Remember that your cover letter is also a form of direct mail copy, and is probably the most important as it’s the first copy a potential client sees.

An Extra 100 Words in Just 10 Minutes…

The faster you are at this particular skill, the more productive you’ll be as a writer. That means happier clients, faster paydays and, of course, more free time!

3 Minutes to Change Your Life

Will Newman talks about Michael Katz’s new way to learn self-marketing and business-building strategies ... just in 3-minute chunks.

How Joshua Boswell Makes $20,000 in Four Days [audio]

Learn how Joshua Boswell got his start as a six-figure copywriter, and check out his interview here.

Barefoot Writer Celebrates Three Years of Helping People Discover The Writer’s Life

For three years, AWAI's Barefoot Writer has introduced thousands of people to the copywriting world and the endless opportunities that lie within.

Your Ticket to a Better Life

When you create a quality, actionable info product, people will know you’re the real deal. You’ll be able to create passive income by selling it to your target market.

3 Ways to Be THE SOURCE for Outsourced B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing is hot and getting hotter. Pam Foster shows you three ways to capitalize on the demand for content and find all the clients you need.

A Student’s Worst Nightmare

This formula ensures your information is engaging and encourages your reader to see it all the way through. The better the quality, the more success you’ll have.

Now Open: Dan Kennedy’s Info Marketing Program

Enrollment is open for million-dollar copywriter Dan Kennedy’s comprehensive program to prepare writers to work within the information marketing industry.

The Secret to Finishing a Big Project

Discover the key to help your reader achieve his goal as he works his way through your info product, allowing him to go at his own pace and never get overwhelmed.

How to Appear Everywhere Online

A strong web presence is important for every web writer. It brings you business, and demonstrate your expertise. Learn how to appear everywhere online.

The Foundation of Success

AWAI Member Robert Rice shows you how to lay the groundwork for an in-demand info product that will impress your target market, generating income and authority.

Your Knowledge is More Valuable Than You Think

Discover the first step in transforming your knowledge of any subject into a simple but valuable product that could generate a steady stream of passive income.

The New Gold Rush

Here Will Newman discusses the “Information Gold Rush”

Congratulations to AWAI’s Great Books Club October Winners!

These ten lucky Great Books Club October Winners won copies of My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising. Congrats!

October Great Books Club Selection: My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising [video]

The October selection for the Great Books Club is My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.

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