Do You Have a Question About Freelance Copywriting? Ask Rebecca!

On Friday, September 5th at 12 p.m. ET, AWAI's President, Rebecca Matter, is hosting a live Facebook Q&A Session to answer all of your freelance and copywriting questions.

  • What do you need most to move forward with your career goals?
  • Are you wondering how to get clients?
  • How do you pick a niche?

No question is too small; no request is too big. Whatever you need, let Rebecca help you get there.

The goal is to help you make real forward progress today.

So ask away!

Are you ready to get started?

  1. Leave your question for Rebecca in the comment section below.
  2. Mark your calendar for September 5th at 12 p.m. ET, and join us on AWAI’s main Facebook page at that time. Link below.

  3. Questions received prior to the chat will be answered first, and we’ll open it up to impromptu questions at the end.

Whether you are already running a freelance business or are looking to take the first step to launching one, make sure you join us for this very special chat!

Remember to leave your questions for Rebecca Matter in the comment space below.

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Published: September 2, 2014

12 Responses to “Do You Have a Question About Freelance Copywriting? Ask Rebecca!”

  1. Hi. So how exactly do you start? There is a lot of great information available for you once you begin your copy writing business, but how do you begin? What is the first thing to do?


  2. When applying for jobs in a field for which you've not written yet, is it better to send them samples of other work or to work up a sample of something related to their field? I'm struggling with what to include when applying for opportunities on line.

    Guest (Diane)

  3. Rebecca --

    Assuming that a person has written as an employee for several years (e.g., sales literature, higher education curriculum, display ads, etc.) and is now jumping into the freelance side of copywriting, what advice would you offer for kicking things off in the next four to eight weeks?

    I've joined The Barefoot Writer and enrolled in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. I'm jumping in with both feet!

    Thank you!

    Guest (Guy)

  4. Can you give a checklist or talking points cheat sheet about communication with a client? Someone calls and says, "Well, I'm trying to do this, and I need help with XX." What are the major points to cover in beginning a client relationship and getting a potential job off to a good, clear start?

    Guest (Colette Rice)

  5. I'm about to do a direct response mailing advertising my copywriting services much the way Bob Bly did (500-600) pieces. I'd like to know a little more about that. That is, which size envelope- # 10? If so, I guess a standard size reply postcard wouldn't go in this package? If you have a logo, should it be printed on the postcard and/or the letter? And, if you write several types of formats (web, letters, ads, white papers, etc.), how many services do you mention - list all, most or a few?

    Faith S

  6. Hi Rebecca;

    One recurring problem I've been faced with in "tracking down" potential clients is actually getting a specific name; something to follow the "Dear..." in any letter of introduction, cold call, etc.

    I've got my niche, have compiled a sizeable collection of potential client companies, but I'm hitting a wall when it comes to getting in touch with the specific individuals who would be in need of my services.

    I'd be interested in any tips you may have regarding this.

    Guest (Dan Davis)

  7. Question #2: how much formatting should my letter include? For instance, side bars, testimonial boxes, fonts, graphs, text wrapping, photos, etc. Do I include any or all of that, or do I send a relatively clean Word document and let the client's design department format? Also: footnoting proof elements: if I cite numbers and such, do I just put footnote numbers through the document and list sources on the final page?


  8. Greetings,

    I attended the recent webinar on copywriting. However, I'm still unsure how I can start working as a copywriter. Where & how to start. Picking a niche & finding clients, etc. I'm still feeling like I need some other training. Can a course be develop to assist?
    Thank you,

    Guest (Lanice)

  9. Hi Rebecca,

    B2B seems like a lucrative niche with a huge demand, there an opportunity to earn royalties/residual income within this niche?



    Lisa L

  10. If you have taken the six figure course and web copy 2.0, are you really ready to take clients?


  11. I loved my profession when I started, but I hate what my profession has done to me. I am finally taking charge of my life and my future. B2B is an area I can use my experience in the medical field. Please give me some do's I can achieve now. Do you still offer a payment plan for the six figure course? Attending Boot Camp is not an option right now due to commitments and finances.
    I love your site and I find something to read everyday. I am inspired and energized. I need action.


  12. How do emotions and benefits work together?


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