5 Reasons to Get Started As a Social Media Writer Right Now

It’s Nick Usborne, back with you again for day 5 of my series for The Writer’s Life focused on social media writing and marketing.

In today’s article I’m going to list 5 reasons to put social media writing at the top of your “to-do” list right now.

1. Social media writing is something you already know how to do.

This is the best part of getting started as a social media writer. There isn’t a steep, technical learning curve required. Sure, it makes sense to spend a few days on study. You have to get a handle on the different social media platforms, and understand a few best practices. But, it’s a WHOLE LOT EASIER than learning other, more technically demanding online writing and copywriting skills.

And, as I mentioned in the first article in this series, the skill companies find hardest to master is to write in a personal and natural voice. Well, that’s something you ALREADY know how to do, from your own experience with your personal social media channels.

2. Compared to other types of paid writing work, it’s much easier to pick up social media projects.

When companies hire an online copywriter to write or rewrite a key sales page, they naturally feel pretty nervous about it. It’s a big commitment for them, and a huge leap of faith.

Not so much with social media. Clients don’t feel they’re taking the same level of risk. And that means, as a freelancer, it’s a whole lot easier to get to YES!

3. Social media writing is a fast pathway to other freelance writing and copywriting work.

Like I just said, picking up social media work is relatively easy. But, once you have that first gig and you’re building a solid relationship with your client, it then becomes much easier to suggest to them that you take on some of their other writing and copywriting work.

By then, they’ll know you pretty well, trust you more, and feel a whole lot more confident about trying you out on other projects.

4. The demand for social media writers is growing at a rate that far outstrips supply.

According to a survey conducted by Salesforce.com, 70% of companies – across all categories – intend to increase their social media marketing budgets this year.

That increase translates into BILLIONS of additional dollars flowing into the market.

In other words, this is a fast-expanding market. And, that makes it a great market to jump into. Companies NEED outside freelancers to help them keep up with the extra social media marketing they’re planning right now.

5. Social media writing is a fantastic confidence-booster, whether you’re just starting out or have been freelancing for years.

I have spoken with hundreds of freelance writers and copywriters over the past few years. I have personally coached dozens of them.

And, the biggest barrier to success, I have found, is almost always a lack of self-confidence.

This is where I think social media writing can really, really help you.

Like I said, it’s easy to get the gigs, it’s easy to impress your clients, it’s easy to cross-sell your services … and so on.

The bottom line? Working in social media is a great way to achieve fast success, build solid relationships with your clients, and boost your level of self-confidence.

Okay … that’s it for this week’s series. I really hope you found these articles useful, and I hope they tempt you to learn more about social media and add it to the lineup of services you offer.

How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

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Published: May 29, 2015

11 Responses to “5 Reasons to Get Started As a Social Media Writer Right Now”

  1. Great series, Nick! Thank you.

    My question is about Facebook. My experience in working with my own pages as well as several clients is that you really have to get a certain number of likes on the page in order to start seeing an impact from even the most engaging content.

    Or am I missing something?

    Karen K

  2. Hi Nick. I'm nearing the end of the Accelerated Copywriting program and I've all but decided on Social Media as my niche. I signed up for your Web Copywriting 2.0 course as well. Does the Web 2.0 course cover what I'll need to pursue Social Media properly or should I look at a different course instead? I'm sure you recommend taking it along with the Social Media Expert course, I'm just wondering about best course of action. Thanks for your time and guidance.


  3. Hi Nick, thanks for your social media series.
    I just love social media, especially FB. I already have a FB page where I post articles I'm interested in and chat with friends. I use it strictly to socialize.
    Can I set up another page just for my copywriting services?
    Do I have to give up FB as a platform just for socializing with friends and family if I choose to use a page for my business?
    Hope that isn't too confusing.

    Bridget Stoll

    Bridget Stoll

  4. Thank you for pointing this out. You've given me a nice tight focus on this aspect of my work. I like the spontaneous feel and think I really do need to have a response/approach to social media in place.

    Have you heard of Candidio?

    With it I can take video, upload to them and get graphics added.

    I signed up for an account without knowing exactly how to place videos an service to a client. Your example brought that to life.

    Jennie Jen

  5. Hi Nick - thanks for your series on social media. I'm undoubtedly dating myself here, but, while I am a confident writer, my hesitation comes from not knowing how to do the technical things like how post a video on YouTube, how to gain access to a client's Facebook page, and just what does "liking" a post do?!? Etc., etc., etc. These things are probably very simple, but I don't know where to find this information. Hoping you can help this technologically challenged writer.

    Cindy M

  6. Hey Nick, thank you for this series. Very enlightening. What is the going rate to charge for this service? I have a profile writing service, and press releases, but charge per the service, and I usually ask between 20-50 an hour or more. is Social media writing an hourly charge typically, OR a project, monthly charge? What is your best suggestion?

    Guest (Sabrina)

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