May 2015

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5 Reasons to Get Started As a Social Media Writer Right Now

Working in social media is a great way to achieve fast success, build solid relationships with your clients, and boost your level of self-confidence.

Do You Know Where Your "Prospect Ponds" Are?

Are you fishing in the wrong “Prospect Pond”? Steve Slaunwhite explains where you should be looking for prospects so you get more clients.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Charlotte Hicks Crockett

Former insurance agent, Charlotte Hicks Crockett found flexibility as a freelance copywriter allowing her to balance client projects from home in North Carolina – or take her computer on a beach trip.

How to Leverage Your Work As a Social Media Writer to Get More Copywriting Work

Social media writing is the easiest way to start working for any client. And then, you can leverage your relationship to get other work, too.

What to Do When Your Professional Web Writing Demands Multiple Personalities

Developing your web-writing voice is a powerful way to set yourself apart. Learning to capture your client’s voice is equally important.

How to Put Together a Winning Proposal and Snag Your First Social Media Writing Client

Discover the three main points to include in your proposal, when approaching a new social media writing client. This is all stuff they want to hear!

See How Easy It Is to Create a Social Media Campaign for a Local Business

Your own, personal experience with social media can be applied to any business. Use these fundamentals to bring your client’s social media channels to life.

Are You Using These “Mini-billboards” to Entice Your Reader?

Many copywriters often forget or misuse this important element of copy. Find out here which element that is and how to effectively use it.

How to Turn Your Own, Everyday Social Media Habits Into a Powerful New Source of Income

Compared to other online writing gigs, social media writing is incredibly easy. The skills you have now are the skills most companies lack the most.

To Reel in Prospects, You Need to Know Where to Fish

Now that you’ve built your LinkedIn profile, you’re ready to get clients. Here are four tested tips to find out where the best prospects are found.

AWAI Member Takes Home $300 for Spec Assignment

Not only are spec assignments a great way to practice writing, they can also land you a paid assignment! This AWAI member earned $300 for her Web Copywriting 2.0 spec.

June Great Books Club Selection: On Writing [video]

The June selection for the Great Books Club is On Writing by Stephen King.

7 Ways to Wipe Out Price Resistance

Instead of negotiating your fee, be proactive and eliminate price resistance up front with these tips from Steve Slaunwhite.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Guillermo Rubio

In 2007 Guillermo Rubio was working several part-time jobs. Like many, he struggled to make ends meet and find meaningful, fulfilling work. Today, he has a flourishing copywriting business with a solid income, but to get here, he had to learn more than copywriting skills; he had to overcome a major obstacle: fear.

Adding Credibility Boosters to Your LinkedIn Profile

Include relevant work experiences to increase your profile’s credibility. You’ll also learn the difference between endorsements and recommendations.

Getting Strangers to Trust You — 7 Ways to Build Website Credibility

Website visitors are a skeptical bunch. They want to know they can trust you before they share any information with you. Use these 7 tips to build website credibility.

Your LinkedIn Summary Should Tell a Story

Your LinkedIn summary is more than a laundry list of services. It’s an important piece of sales copy. Here are some tips to make it effective.

Help Clients Find You With a Searchable LinkedIn Header

Key to getting found on LinkedIn is writing a header with words your prospects use in search. Looking the part helps you get contacted. Here’s how to do it.

Long-Time AWAI Member Steve Maurer Named AWAI’s LinkedIn Correspondent

Congratulations to Circle of Success member Steve Maurer for being appointed as AWAI's new LinkedIn correspondent!

Get Paying Clients with a Free LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful business network. Used properly, profiles are client magnets. This article introduces this marketing network and its potential.

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