October 2015

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From “Volunteer” Copywriter to Paid Projects

This AWAI member had been voluntarily copywriting for years, but she's now on the road to earning an income for her freelance work — her volunteer experience paving the way.

COS Member Shares Her “3-G” Success Formula

Anyone can become a writer if you follow this simple 3-G formula for success: get there, get organized and get started.

Work-Life Balance … With a Twist

It’s easy for freelancers to let work overtake their lives. But it doesn’t have to. Mac Bull examines how to keep your life in balance.

Everyone Needs a Little Push Now and Then to Get Their Career Started

Confidence will help you turn your dream of writing into reality and that confidence comes from having a circle of friends to support and help you.

Three Ways to Stay Current in Your Industry

If you want to be considered an expert in your industry, then industry research is key. Use these three methods to stay current in your industry.

The Strategic Approach to Becoming a Successful Writer

The key to becoming a writer is to invest in yourself by setting time aside to practice, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. It’s the best way to invest in your success.

How Hesitating Can Cost You Your Writing Dream

Making a commitment to pursue your writing dream is often the best decision you can make, one that could change your life.

Why Copywriting is a Lifelong Learning Process

The true secret to success as a copywriter is research, absorbing new techniques, studying successful letters … and writing. But most of all, copywriting is a lifelong learning process.

How to Abolish Writer’s Block

Here are five “Blank Page Blasters” for overcoming writer’s block that will get you writing quickly when faced with a blank page or computer screen.

AWAI’s 2015 $10K Challenge Winner Julie Hassett Reveals Her Success Secrets to Katie Yeakle After Her Big Win [video]

Fresh from receiving her award as the $10K Challenge winner at the 2015 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, financial copywriter Julie Hassett sat down with Katie Yeakle for a one-on-one interview to share her success secrets and advice for copywriters just starting out in the business.

Copywriting Success Includes What You Know AND Who You Know

When you're part of a solid group of fellow copywriters, you have an entire family behind you, including seasoned pros and newer copywriters. This is the best way to accelerate your writing career.

Congrats to AWAI’s 2015 Spec Challenge Winners

Every year at the AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, attendees are given the chance to submit a headline and lead for any AWAI program, with the best submissions chosen to work further with AWAI. Read on to find out this year’s winners…

5 Guidelines for Creating Great B2B Infographics

Follow these five guidelines to make sure infographics get your B2B client’s marketing message out loud, clear, and broadly.

AWAI 2015 Copywriter of the Year Carline Anglade-Cole Talks about Her Road to Success and Much More with Rebecca Matter [video]

Check out this interview with AWAI’s 2015 Copywriter of the Year, Carline Anglade-Cole to find out the core secret to her winning copy, how her mentors have been invaluable in her career and the groundbreaking projects she’s been involved in lately.

Six Degrees and Why They're Critical for Copywriting Success

86-year-old theory could be the key to boosting your copywriting career and it’s one of the simplest and easiest methods you can put to use

Five Smart Ways to Remove All Fears of Failure

Imagine what you could accomplish if you removed all fears of failure. The way to do that is easier than you think. Try these five empowering thoughts.

What Really Happens When You Have a Personal Copywriting Advisor?

Accelerate your progress and boost your confidence and abilities using most powerful weapon available: copy advisor and mentor.

The People Behind the 5 Phases of Your Copywriting Success

These five phases help round out your copywriting skills and put you on the path to becoming a six-figure writer

New Freelance Project a Major Confidence Booster for this Circle of Success Member

AWAI member is using knowledge gained from Circle of Success program to pave her very own path to living the writer's life. Read about her latest project here.

The Copywriting Peer-Power Group That Started in a Hot Tub

A team or peer approach accelerates your learning curve, helps avoid mistakes, and provides constant source of encouragement. It’s considered best way to become a professional writer.

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