Key Message Copy Platforms: A Vital Copywriting Service Every Business Needs

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I began my freelance copywriting business in the year 2000, and about six months into it, I created a unique, but very simple, copywriting product I decided to call a Key Message Copy Platform.

Since then, I’ve written dozens of Key Message Copy Platforms for my B2B medical device clients, and numerous clients in other industries as well.

This simple copywriting service has become the core of my business.

Plus, on average, I consistently make $200 to $300 per hour (and much more!) on every Key Message Copy Platform I write. (Join me tomorrow and I’ll show you exactly how you can close the deal on these projects.)

So, let’s get started!

What is a Key Message Copy Platform?

A Key Message Copy Platform is a comprehensive document (usually 12 to 15 pages) that contains all the relevant marketing messages and selling statements about a product. Its purpose is to serve as the “master messaging document” for that product.

Once completed, a Key Message Copy Platform becomes the springboard from which you can write all the marketing pieces related to that product. Stuff like sales letters, video scripts, brochures, website pages, email campaigns, e-zine articles, landing pages, and more!

Picture a 12- to 15-page document loaded with persuasive marketing messages for any product — and you have a good picture of what a completed Key Message Copy Platform looks like.

When a company writes their marketing materials based on the content in their Key Message Copy Platform, it assures that all of their promotional content will have a very consistent voice and message.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Now, you would think every company has a Key Message Copy Platform for all their products and services. But believe me, they don’t.

Instead, most companies create their marketing messages on the fly, or what I call a “make-it-up-as-they-go” basis. Why? Because marketing people are busy, over-extended, and always in a hurry.

This isn’t good, because making up your marketing messages “as you go” results in sales copy that’s scattered and disjointed throughout a marketing campaign.

Help your clients get their marketing materials on track!

A Key Message Copy Platform ensures the messaging in your client’s marketing materials is very consistent and persuasive across all of their marketing channels — and this is essential to creating a well-oiled marketing campaign.

Plus, when you create Key Message Copy Platforms for your clients — you become the natural choice to write all the marketing materials that spring from each platform!

Okay, so how can you find clients for this unique service? Here’s how to identify three client situations that cry out for your Key Message Copy Platform copywriting service.

1. Scattered and disorganized companies

From time to time, you’ll come across companies with money to spend on copywriting that are hurried and frantic.

This can really be the case at the end of the year when they’re trying to use up their budget, or the beginning of the year when companies are scrambling to get the year off to a hot start. But it’s also valuable at any point in their fiscal year.

Now, this doesn’t mean they’re a bad client. In fact, I’ve worked with a lot of great people at good companies that just happened to be very busy and scattered. This isn’t uncommon in today’s hurried business environment.

These companies may need strong messaging developed for a product, but they just can’t seem to settle on a set slate of marketing pieces to support their product.

They stop and go, slide projects around, change their minds, and delay … you get the picture.

Rather than go on a wild rollercoaster ride where projects and payments are spread over a period of months — you can instead guide them into a Key Message Copy Platform project.

This is a great value for the client because they receive a lot of persuasive direct-response messaging for their product. And it’s a good deal for you because you’re much more in control, you avoid the rollercoaster ride, and payment for your services is much more immediate.

2. Small companies with limited budgets

Small companies can be a joy to work with because you often get to work directly with the owner.

The downside with small companies is the owner may look at you and say, “I’d really like to have you write the brochure, e-blasts, and web pages for our new product, but I just can’t afford your fees for these projects. Can you lower them since we are a small company?”

Tough choice. Lower your fees and work for less than you’re worth — or take a pass on the opportunity and make nothing.

I have a solution for this dilemma. If a small business owner needs $7,000 worth of copywriting projects, but he only has $3,000 to $5,000 to spend — guide him into a Key Message Copy Platform.

This works well for your clients because they’ll receive all the marketing messages they need to create their suite of marketing materials, and you receive your standard fee without having to cut your pricing.

3. Mid-size to large B2B companies launching a new product

This is where I like to hang out. I call this the Key Message Copy Platform sweet spot, and it’s my favorite type of client.


Because mid-size and large B2B companies are always developing new products that need a lot of dynamic marketing messages written for them. So they always have a demand for Key Message Copy Platforms.

Plus, larger B2B companies can also afford to hire you to write all the marketing materials that spin off of a Key Message Copy Platform, such as web pages, e-blasts, landing pages, video scripts, brochures, and more.

Now that you know three client situations that will benefit from a Key Message Copy Platform, you just need to know how to close the deal. Tomorrow, I’ll share five lines I use, plus how you can price them to maximize your fee. So please stay tuned …

Do you have any questions or comments about getting started with Key Message Copy Platforms? Please share below so we can guide you.

Key Message Copy Platforms

Key Message Copy Platforms: A Unique High-Income Service That Can Skyrocket Your B2B Copywriting Success

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Published: October 3, 2018

5 Responses to “Key Message Copy Platforms: A Vital Copywriting Service Every Business Needs”

  1. I'm new, but I am an AWAI member enrolled in Steve Slaunwhite's B2B programs.

    How long on average should I expect to complete your program and to begin marketing to prospective B2B clients?

    Guest (DWIGHT MACON)

  2. Iam very much interested in participating with your project.

    the job offer is exactly what I have been looking for. Keep me posted.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    That you for this opportunity.

    Tonya Mckelley-Allen

    Guest (Tonya McKelley-Allen)

  3. Hello Casey,I purchased your program and I really enjoying it . Could you direct me to a sample of a finished platform, as I think it would help me a lot right now..
    Thanks, Michael Collins.


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