Maximize Earning and Output This New Year with These 10 Innovative Traits

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It’s happening! A new year is here and with it, the potential for great change — and great progress in your writing career.

To make sure you benefit from any changes that come your way, you must prepare for what’s to come.

But because nobody really knows what’s yet to come, I’ve assembled some of the best tips available for being ready for anything, with the ever-present goal of writing more, earning more, and making better use of the freedom you have as a writer.

It starts with learning to embody the following:

  1. Agility in your projects. The writing projects you’re most interested in now, or the ones you’ve produced for years, could easily be replaced by new types of content we can’t yet fathom.

    Just think about where we were 10 years ago … who’d have thought chatbots and TikTok could usefully support businesses, let alone earn writers money for related projects?

  2. The mindset that you’re constantly learning and always will be. This is great news if you’ve been struggling with knowing enough and being ready for this or that writing project …

    Because the truth is, you’ll never know everything about any writing project, and new ones will constantly surface. If you have an always-be-learning attitude, then you’ll always be ready for something new coming down the pipe — because you’re already primed to learn.

  3. A never-enough attitude toward research. Learning and honing your writing skills is one thing … accepting that others will always have more to teach you is another. And so I advise you to never be complacent in your industry knowledge, in the jargon with which you write, or in your existing understanding of the tools, processes, and experts in your field. These will always be changing, and so you must always be researching.
  4. Enthusiastic use of smart tools. Automation and AI will continue to infiltrate areas once manned by people, which will lead to cheaper goods and services, which will make it possible for you to substantially increase your standard of living and level of wealth — but that only holds true if you’re willing to level up and let go of the old ways. The jobs available to writers will require more education (see #2), more intellect (see #3), and more creativity. In addition, using automated assistants will relieve you of a lot of routine work, freeing you up to do tougher (and more valuable) creative work.
  5. Belief that others can make you better. In true no-person-is-an-island fashion, please understand that no writer is solely capable of brilliance. Just as best-selling authors attribute a legion of thanks to the editors, publishers, advisors, mentors, and friends who helped them create their masterpieces, so should you realize that your copywriting contacts are there to make you better. Reach out to them — your fellow writers, your colleagues, your editors, your copy chiefs, and your marketing contacts. They have wisdom that will benefit you. Feedback helps you grow as a writer and a thinker.
  6. Comfort is not to be overrated. Your writing will not be at its strongest if your body is suffering. Invest in the things that grant you comfort and ease, like an ergonomic keyboard, an adjustable sit/stand desk, and a large monitor. Get a space heater if you’re chronically cold or a fan if you’re chronically hot. Just as you care for your car so it efficiently gets you places, care for your body so it efficiently produces.
  7. Wellness is not to be overrated. Piggybacking on the above, if you are ailing in body and mind, you’ll be less adept at writing. Healthy snacks should be the norm, walks should be daily, connection with others should be regular. And never, never underestimate the importance of mental health. If you are sad or stressed or confused, find somebody to talk to. A depressed writer is not a productive writer.
  8. “Facetime” will take on a new meaning. No longer can Apple claim to be the exclusive moderator of the face-time-focused world. The normalization of Zoom meetings (thank you, pandemic) and other video applications makes it highly likely you’ll participate in client meetings, webinars, or peer review groups via video. Embrace these new ways to connect with others — they offer the benefits of physical connection without the expense and time spent traveling. Also, they will allow you to work more efficiently and with a greater exchange of ideas.
  9. Technology will rule your output. The speed and strength of your computer and Wi-Fi setup will have a great deal of influence over how much you get done on any given day. If you wait 10 minutes for your archaic laptop to boot up, that’s 10 minutes you didn’t spend writing. Invest in the tools that will make you effective and include your smartphone in this investment strategy. You are not indulging yourself; you are running an efficient business.
  10. You will continuously be held up as the expert. Whether you’re brand-new or quite old to the game of copywriting, those who understand the world of pre-suasion and persuasion (content writing and copywriting) will be looked to for advice, strategy, and encouragement. Writers who understand how all of the projects on the copy-content continuum can work together are in the best position to become a “go-to” writer for clients. (That could be you! All it takes is a bit of training if you want to be an indispensable linchpin for your clients.)

If you embody the tips above, your opinion will be useful and respected — and you’ll be valued as a professional with a lot to offer.

Happy New Year, fellow writers!

Now is the ideal time to get started as a copywriter. Do you have any questions? Share with us in the comments.

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Published: January 7, 2022

2 Responses to “Maximize Earning and Output This New Year with These 10 Innovative Traits”

  1. THANK YOU, Mindy, for Ten Tips for the New Year. With regard to #9, Technology, I've been wrestling with updating my computer and especially improving the speed; and I'd like to shop for a better computer for a writing and e-commerce business. I have researched online; but would greatly appreciate advice from AWAI experts! Would you and others be willing to share specific recco's for computer requirements including OS, capacity, speed and other considerations; possibly even recommended brands and models? This would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much, in advance!

    Roberta Roffo

  2. Dont have anything to ask now but ill love to start writing soon as p possible.

    Guest (Michael Harris)

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