AWAI Testimonials

“In 2003, I had advanced to a point in my sales career where weekly travel was inevitable. I was at the top of my field, earning a great living. But as a new dad, and I didn’t want to be away from home all the time. Plus, I was getting tired of continually rising quotas – an inevitable reality when you’re in sales. Eleven years of chasing numbers had worn me out. I was ready for a change. Yet I didn’t want to sacrifice my high income and my family’s financial future.

AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting allowed me to develop the skills I needed to transition away from a six-figure sales career and into a six-figure copywriting business. After completing the course, I started as a moonlighting freelancer. It wasn’t easy. It took lots of work, persistence and dedication. But 27 months later, I resigned from my full-time job. And in my first full year as a freelance copywriter, I earned $163,481.

Being on my own is wonderful! I can now chart my own course and make my own decisions. And the neat part is that I’m still selling. I’m just now selling “on paper” and from the comfort of my patio or cozy home office.”

Ed Gandia, Marietta, GA

“From the moment I began AWAI’s program I knew I was learning things that would change my life and I was right. Within a matter of weeks after completing the program I found myself working on a copywriting assignment for $3,000! And within the next month, I added two more assignments that paid $1,500 each. All my life I struggled to find a way that I could make a lot of money and be happy doing it. AWAI’s program did that and more.”

Paul Lawrence, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“When I got that first letter telling me I could make $100,000 a year as a professional copywriter, I was skeptical. If I hadn’t been so desperate … and so broke … I might have thrown it away. That was three years ago. This year I claimed $134,408 on my income tax return – all from copywriting!”

Monica Day, Philadelphia, PA

“AWAI, I never imagined my life could change so fast! Within 12 months of signing up for your program, I deposited $103,783 in the bank working from home as a copywriter. Thank you for totally changing life for me and my family!”

Joshua Boswell, Buckner, MO

“I first learned of AWAI in 2001. I’ve always wanted to write, but thought you’d starve to death unless you were Stephen King or someone like that. Then I discovered copywriting. It’s challenging, extremely interesting, and allows me to live my life the way I’ve always dreamed of. At the end of this year my husband and I (and our Chihuahua puppy Jack) will move into our 37-foot motorhome and begin living our dream, full-time RVing lifestyle.

We’ve built my office into the back so I can work from anywhere. This career gives me the financial freedom to pursue this dream and the way to work from wherever I choose. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Vicky Heron

‘Every great copywriter has to start somewhere and I’m in favor of giving you a chance.’ I couldn’t believe my ears – a big-name marketer was gambling on me, a new AWAI-trained copywriter, to produce great copy. I put my heart and soul into the direct-response package – and it beat their control by 29%. Thanks AWAI and your fabulous, career boosting Job Fair.”

Penny Thomas, Metuchen, NJ

“My first client is a Christian publisher. I write back cover copy, catalog copy, and web copy for them. I’ve done this same kind of “copy pack” for another Christian publisher, so maybe that’s my niche? Hard to say right now – I’m interested in different kinds of direct mail, which is what brought me to AWAI in the first place.

I’d have to say that the biggest payoff from my studies through AWAI is the confidence I feel every time someone mentions direct mail. I can look at a direct mail package and see each of the elements that go into a successful campaign. I can’t wait to learn more and grow stronger in my writing skills! If my story can encourage someone else, please share it!

As a new mom, copywriting allows me to stay home with my baby. As a student of direct mail and AWAI programs, I know the future looks ever brighter.”

Shelley Ring, Colorado Springs, CO

“Since I became involved with AWAI in 2005, my life has changed completely for the better in three distinct ways.

  1. I learned new writing and marketing skills at a level that most copywriters don’t have here in Maine and even across the country. And not only am I a stronger copywriter, I’ve become a marketing and Web consultant, offering services my clients truly appreciate and value.
  2. I’ve met incredible people who have encouraged me and provided generous guidance along the way: the wonderful staff at AWAI; highly successful writers and mentors including Bob Bly, Paul Hollingshead and others; and an important circle of fellow copywriters who are eager to keep learning and growing, just like me. They fuel my success!
  3. Then there’s the money. I finally discovered ways to make a GREAT, independent living and earn much more than I ever imagined. I grossed $120,000 last year, and I’m just starting! I recently landed a fantastic job as a Content Director and Managing Editor, and I still can earn additional income as a freelance writer and eBook publisher on the side.

“My life is much richer literally and figuratively as a member of AWAI!”

Pam Foster, Port Royal, SC

AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting was everything I hoped it would be! It was easy for me to walk away from an 18-year engineering career shortly after I finished the program. I had all the work I could handle. I feel like I’m finally leading the life I was meant to live. I can’t thank you enough!”

Krista Jones., Roswell, GA

“My goal when I set out 7 years ago was to build a flexible, enjoyable, profitable copywriting business that would integrate well with my life as a busy mom of four. Today, I work about 30 hours a week and earn a good income doing so. And of course, I love my work. Most of my work is in the natural health field, but I also do some financial writing, plus an occasional project for other industries. I write copy for websites, ads, sell sheets, postcards, newsletters, package and label copy, and brochures.

The copywriting field is so broad and deep and vast that aspiring copywriters shouldn’t have any trouble carving out a niche they enjoy.”

Eileen Coale, Annapolis, MD

“Just wanted to let you know one of my specs led to a paying assignment - yea! They asked me to do a trial catalog ad for them that they would pay me for and if they liked it I might get more work. 30 minutes after I sent the completed copy to them they sent me another one to do. I was getting ready to give up on doing spec assignments. Now to get some other paying clients.”

Laura McNeil, Phoenix AZ

“Thanks for responding and giving me an opportunity to thank you for a super product – a product that applauds your strengths and talents, offers encouragement for the long haul with concrete advice and solutions for your weaknesses, and the confidence to get out the door and say, “Hi, I’m Marie Cook W. and I’m a professional copywriter.” I’m basically a shy person, so marketing myself is difficult.

But I did JUST that. And I got my first client! I’m writing the text for her new real estate brochure highlighting personal achievements as well as her professional; and I did NOT underprice the job!”

Marie Cook Waehler, Millville, DE

“I wanted to let you know that I have sold my novel, a romantic comedy, to a British publishing house in a 2-book contract. The book, possibly to be called The Accidental Divorce, will come out in early 2008. I joined Writing for Love and Money when I was halfway through the novel … and was inspired by a lot of the advice and practical tips.”

Elise Chidley, Darien, CT

“Just in case you don’t have enough success stories from me, I thought I’d give you another.

Yesterday I got an email from a guy I’d never met, contacted or heard from.

When it is all said and done, I ended up landing an $8,500 assignment, with another 6 assignments promised in the future. Where did he find my information?

Thanks again for my new life!!!”

Joshua T Boswell, Buckner, MO

“Hi, I just wanted to tell you I have landed my first client!

I got some ideas for a marketing campaign, and presented them to the owner in a project binder with my cover letter. She loved them, and commissioned me to create her e-campaign. She wants me to rewrite her brochure too!

Thanks for the excellent training!”

Cheryl Rose, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

“Not only do I have the great spec assignment working with the newsletter publisher, I now have received my first paid assignment from a major provider of natural health products. The paid assignment was a direct result of last November’s Boot Camp Job Fair. I’m well on my way to 6 figures (even if a few of the figures are still to the right of the decimal point!)”

Bill Zoch,, Parkland, FL

“I am inspired to read about the success of Lou Schuyler.

AWAI changed my life too. It allowed me to walk into my boss’s office and negotiate a part-time position at my job. In a few months I will be able to walk out fully. A dream come true for me.

Like Lou I have landed many writing assignments. I write regularly for a property magazine. I just recently wrote a help file for a new program that someone created and will be launching soon. He wants me to write more stuff for him. I am also writing every month for a well-recognized internet marketer in my country plus working on writing 2 ebooks for someone.

The assignments just come pouring in. It is amazing! My problem now is that there is not enough of me to keep up. I want to thank AWAI for giving me this break in my life.

I want to extend my thanks to Michael Masterson and his team for touching so many lives, even as far away as ASIA!”

Shama Sankaran, Penang Malasia

“I’m sure my husband, Ward, thought my jaw would hit the floor when he trudged in after work one evening last December and announced that he’d lost his job. I’m sure he expected me to panic.

Instead, his jaw hit the floor when, without a hitch, I declared, “Awesome! Now we can open our studio early!”

I was ecstatic. Now he could follow his dream of being a full-time photographer after years of squeezing his photography passion around a 14-hour workday in a mining company.

The very next day, we started looking for a studio location, and within two weeks found a gorgeous home on 3/4 of an acre that’s already landscaped like a park. We just closed on the property a week ago. We haven’t even finished moving in yet, and already we’re getting clients to the studio!

So we’re improvising – taking pictures in our great room while we build the camera room.

We’re having such a blast on this new adventure – picking furniture and paint for our sales room, mapping out the camera and dressing rooms, and thinking up fun ways to pamper clients when they come in for their portraits. Every time a client “oohs” and “aahs” over their images, we know we made the right decision to follow this dream.

And one of the reasons we can follow it, is because of the copywriting and graphic design business I’ve built with the help of AWAI, and other experts who’ve been so willing to offer candid advice over the years. My family wouldn’t be on this adventure without it, and it feels really good to know my business can finance much of the investment in our new studio.

Most important, it feels GREAT that I can help Ward follow his dream.

I often get emails from people asking if it is really possible to build a successful copywriting or graphic business. My answer is unequivocally “YES!” if they’re willing to work at it, and surround themselves with knowledgeable people who challenge and encourage them.

Not only can you succeed … you just might be able to help someone else follow their dream!”

Kammy Thurman, Laurel, MT

“Today, my first (paid) email sales letter was published online! This was directly a result of Job Fair, I should add.

I’ve completed a second one for them as well, and will soon start on my 3rd and 4th.”

Cheryl Malcham, Mercer Island, WA

“I just got my first national client!!!

I’ll be writing the year end letter for the Ronald McDonald House in New York City. It’s the largest of its kind in the world! Ironically, our Ronald McDonald House in Sioux City is one of the smallest and I did a pro bono piece for them when I was first getting started.

I don’t know the pay for it yet, but I sent them ranges … the lowest of which was still 3 times what I could make here!

Cheers from the smiling Iowan!”

Mary S., Sioux City, IA

“After going through AWAI’s Program I sent some letters advertising my services as a freelance copywriter. I only mailed 16 letters.

This was my ‘dream clients’ list. Companies I really wanted to work for …

That was two weeks ago.

Today, I have three new clients!

After getting a call this morning from a publisher, I was so happy, I jumped up and down. You have to understand, this is a huge company that doesn’t normally deal with small fries like me.

And here I was getting a call - not from the marketing manager’s assistant, or even the manager … but the publisher himself – asking me if I’d be interested in writing for him!

I decided I better wait before promoting myself any more. At this rate, I won’t be able to keep up to all the work I’m getting.”

Vic Elias, Winfield, BC

“I wanted to tell you about the success I had as soon as I finished the Accelerated Copywriting Program in getting my FIRST paying copywriting assignment through

I logged onto DRJ and found a posting by the President of a start-up company who happened to be located right here in Minnesota. She was looking for someone to help her develop a sales brochure for her new product – so I responded to the posting and she called me back to schedule a meeting the very next day. After one meeting with her, she hired me! I’ve written her sales brochure as well as installation instruction sheets and safety guidelines for each of her 5 products – with more work to come in the future.

While the Accelerated Program was excellent in providing the fundamentals I needed to learn to begin my copywriting career, the value that I’ve gotten from the resources AWAI has put together and made available to us to help us succeed – outside of the actual program work – is tremendous. Not only do you produce exceptional training programs, you provide the tools we need to put the knowledge we’ve gained to work. That’s priceless. The job I was hired for through gave me the confidence boost I needed to know that I would succeed in my new career – and it’s going great. I’m now working full-time in my freelance career and I am loving every busy, crazy minute of it!”

Caroline Melberg, Wayzata, MN

“Okay. I’m on Chapter 14. In November, my article, “Low Cost Laguna,” was published on Travel Post Monthly and I just learned today that I won a contest and my article, “Mystery Hill,” was published in the January/February issue of Yankee Magazine.

I’m afraid to think of where I’m going to be when I complete Chapter 24.

What a tremendous program you’ve put together.”

Laraine Beck, Clairmont, CA

“I (admittedly by accident) used my copywriting skills, learned from AWAI, to save a failed sale for my product. I not only saved the sale, my offer was so good, that the customer offered to pay me more for my mistake than I wanted.

I bought your program to help in my business for the copy on my website. I have been flirting with doing copywriting during my slow times in the rug business.

This event has convinced me that I have the talent to write copy that motivates people to a buying action. Why shouldn’t I get paid for helping another business market their product or service too? It’s fun, gratifying, and lucrative. “

Thanks for opening my eyes.”

Jerry Krull

“I started the Six-Figure Program in 2004. I just completed it this year because of a divorce and death in my immediate family.

A few times I wondered if I’d ever finished.

During a rough time in December of 2005 I received a shot at my first promotion.

It failed, because I was working long hours, going through a divorce and couldn’t put all I needed to in the package.

That nearly killed me as a writer on the inside.

The Marketing Director told me to keep writing and don’t quit.

Three years later from starting the program, I’m a full time copywriter working from my home.

Just yesterday I watched my 4-year-old son play while I was working on a promotion with a pad and pen.

I have four national clients now.

My clients have started me off slow but are steadily giving me more work with bigger projects.

The client I originally lost in 2005 gave me another shot in August of this year. They said if I wrote an e-mail the way they wanted it I could be assigned future promotions.

The same Marketing Director who “killed” my first package gave me the green light to be one of their writers again!

Please tell your members and young writers to remember two words. DON’T QUIT.

If it can happen to a guy like me it can happen for anyone.”

Clyde McDade, Kent, WA

“Though it’s been a couple of years since I completed the 6-Figure program and hung out my shingle as a freelance copywriter, I still get a thrill when I hear that a piece of copy I wrote performed well for my client. Most recently I learned that a client ran a dedicated email I did for a nutritional supplement as a split-test against her control … and my copy brought in a 273% return in revenue – I love it when that happens!”

Mike Slagle, Ft. Wayne, IN

“I am so very excited – I can hardly keep from shaking! She just asked me if I had ANOTHER idea for an assignment for November!

My name is Penny Hunt. I have been an Administrative Assistant for over 10 years. While I have a very nice job, I was feeling totally unchallenged and like my brain had left my head.

I read an email introducing me to AWAI and making a lot of money writing letters. Well, I write letters and emails all the time. This was very intriguing to me. I brought the idea home for discussion with my husband and he was very supportive.

I sent for the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and inhaled the information.

Now just a few months later … my first spec assignment has been accepted … I’m being paid $5,000 for it … and they want another sales letter for November!

In February of 1982 I quit smoking. That was a life changing event. I have a feeling that AWAI (and all the doors it opens) is going to fall into that Life Changing category for me. I feel challenged and worthwhile again. And I’m getting paid for it! I plan on leaving my job in January.

Thank you AWAI”

Penny Hunt, Monroeville, PA

“I’ve been working my through AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. It’s been a slow process with my other obligations (read: job), but I wanted to share a story.

I’m also a subscriber to Michael’s EarlyToRise e-newsletter. Between the two my confidence is expanding as well as my writing skills. I’ve developed a very successful “sales” letter for a fundraising effort at our school. Our Marching Band is the only band in the state to be invited to play in the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC. So I formed a small group of parents and faculty to draft a letter asking for corporations to help sponsor the trip (a $60,000 venture) so that each member of the Marching Band could participate.

That letter has so far garnered $10,000 in sponsorships! This will help defer much of the cost that so far the students must bear.

I used techniques I learned from the program such as “Picture, Proof, Promise, USP” and I was surprised (not that the techniques work, but that I could do it!).

So I guess I’m finding the ‘Glicken.’ The best part is I’m only through the first TWO parts of the program. I can’t wait to delve into the rest.”

Shawn Maus, Cincinnati, OH

“I just wanted to check in to say the “Getting Your First Client” method really does work. After Bootcamp, I sent a spec assignment to Agora and just got an e-mail from Barbara Perriello of Agora Travel Life Adventures saying she liked my ad and would be using it for an upcoming promotion!

I also applied for a project Direct Response Jobs, sending a few of my old spec assignments, and got a call for another assignment today.”

Donna Kaluzniak, Jacksonville Beach, FL

“I submitted a spec assignment to a financial newsletter as a result of last fall’s Bootcamp Job Fair. They chose mine over the others received and commented that one important factor was my documentation of the backup research I had done. (I learned that one from my copywriting mentor.)”

Phil Graham, Plano, TX

“It’s been almost six years since I ordered my first AWAI product, and over those years I’ve learned so much – not just about copywriting and marketing – but also about myself and what I’m capable of as a person.

It’s almost mind-boggling when I think about how far I’ve come.

These programs have enabled me to dramatically boost my income, work all over the world, and enjoy a lifestyle that practically everybody dreams of … just like AWAI promised in the “Can You Write A Letter Like This One?” promo.”

Jason Gaspero, freelance copywriter writing from an island off the coast of Thailand

“I wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to AWAI for the Writing for Love and Money lessons. I was offered my first contract from The Wild Rose Press for one of my short stories. I wrote it in between my second and third full length novels for fun. I’m not yet published in full length, but I’m thrilled to get this experience. Dreams do come true.”

Kim Finnegan, Midvale, UT

“The ‘secrets’ I learned in the AWAI Copywriting Program helped me land a couple of copywriting jobs almost immediately when I started freelancing … and my first submission after starting the Travel Writing Program has been accepted by Latitudes & Attitudes for publication later this year. So you could say I’m pretty passionate about the benefits from taking the AWAI programs. By the way, I’m leaving tomorrow for Italy where I’ll be meeting with a client to discuss a copywriting project for their English market … and I’ll just happen to have a couple of extra days to explore the Piedmont countryside – think Barolo wine – while I’m there. Should be at least a couple of travel article ideas that come out of the trip. Does it get any better than that?”

Mike S., Fort Wayne, IN

“Just wanted to let you and my fellow members know about how this program has had a profound impact on my life and career.

Last summer a position was advertised for a company in the next city – about an hour away. It was all about direct response with “the ability to write strong copy” as one of the minor requirements. My background didn’t fit the criteria, but my passion did. So how do I underplay a resume that shows a totally different career path? With a smokin’ sales letter as a cover letter.

A few days later I was offered a job.

But the money wasn’t enough to make the commute and leave the confines of the known. So after agonizing for a week, I regretfully turned it down. And offered to do some freelance work for them if the need should arise. Two months later I got a call to do a renewal letter to their subscriber list. I did it for an agreed fee and when they got it, they liked what they saw.

Next … on Friday December 29 I get a panic email from one of the product managers asking if I could do an email blast to have ready for Tuesday Jan 2. Of course I can. With very few details of the product - relying on the emotional aspect of the timing - I produce a tight email and deliver it on time. They didn’t even ask about price!

The next day the VP of marketing calls and lays out a compensation package that matches what I make now (NOT six-figures but a good living!) and allows me to work from home two days a week to alleviate the travel time and expense.

My goal was ‘to go full-time as a professional copywriter/marketing consultant by March 1 and replace my current income.’ And it happened!”

Russ Banister, Kelowna, Canada

“It still amazes me that I was able to get a full-time job as a copywriter only one year after I purchased the basic program. And, I’ll never forget … it was about two months after I started my new job at a Chicago direct mail company when my boss called a meeting to discuss why a certain direct mail package hadn’t worked. I took one look at the failed mail pieces and I was able to pinpoint the reasons immediately, using the principle of the 4-Legged Stool I learned in AWAI’s copywriting program. After that, people at work were always coming up to me, asking me for advice, and referring to me as a direct mail ‘guru’ – even though I still a newbie!

And now, only a few years later, I’ve tripled my income … written the third-best performing sales letter in the company’s history … all while putting in less hours and enjoying more freedom than I ever thought possible. I’m very grateful to AWAI. There’s no way I could have come this far without their program.”

Sam J., Evanston, IL

“I just landed a $3,000 job this morning. Woo-hoo!! It’s times like this when I send a mental “Thank You!” to AWAI for helping me get started on this design path.”

Mike Klassen, Ferndale, WA

“Overall, my experience with AWAI has been nothing short of extraordinary. I started the Six-Figure program in Jan 2004 and went to my first Bootcamp the following Oct. Within three months of attending Bootcamp, I landed my dream job.

Today, I’m writing full time for a prominent doctor who is a published author and has his own line of nutritional supplements. I’m involved in all aspects of his business which includes writing articles, contributing to his websites and new publications, as well as developing new products.

I can honestly say that this remarkable transformation could not have taken place without AWAI.”

Jeff M., Wellington, FL

“Thanks to AWAI, I no longer accept new clients … as a matter of fact … I no longer accept ANY clients!

When anyone asks me how I learned to write copy, my answer is always 2 things, “A little Time and AWAI.” If you’re willing to listen to the folks at AWAI, spend some time studying, read everything they send you and take action on what they say – you are guaranteed success! I’ve been blessed because of the skills I developed through their courses and other materials.

Back when I reached my 5 figures per sales letter goal, Katie gave me some advice that has transformed my copywriting career. I’ve passed my six figure income goal and now aiming at a 7 figure profit goal. One word of advice I would tell ANYONE would be, don’t second guess yourself like I did before I finally took the first step. Why delay success?”

Rasheed Ali, Astoria, NY

“I’ve completed the Accelerated Program and recently purchased the Masters Program.

Before I got past chapter 3 of the Masters, I got my first job! … ”

Fran M., Indianapolis, IN

“I’m afraid I’ve very reluctantly decided that I cannot after all attend this year’s bootcamp. Though I say reluctantly, it’s for the best of reasons. I have a client who wants to roll out a full package - in fact two packages - during the very same week. I think I need to be around for that and I’ve also had a couple of other clients come on board with some urgent work.”

Steve Smith., London England

“I wanted to quickly share my successes since bootcamp:

  1. 2 clients I write ongoing emails for
  2. An eye doctor I’ve done a brochure for and now he has enlisted me to do a second brochure
  3. A trainer for an NFL team who is writing a book–writing web copy for him as well as some ongoing projects.
  4. A 600 page powerpoint presentation which I am doing editing and wordsmithing for.
  5. A technical proposal for a health company which hired me to edit and wordsmith.

“All of these are local clients, although a couple of them are quite large companies with continuing needs. True I have A LOT to learn. Also true: I wouldn’t be doing any of this without the courses I’ve taken from AWAI.

I hope you will encourage new students to look at local businesses who might need their services as a way to start out. AWAI does a great job of promoting spec assignments for the big mailers, etc., but for someone like me, it was discouraging to spend hours of time on specs and never hear anything back. I still will pursue these opportunities, but in the meantime, local businesses have really put my copywriting career into motion. It seems to be a win-win situation. My skills are way above what these businesses are used to while giving me a chance to gain experience and improve my writing. And I am making decent money. For example, in the month of January alone I earned $8150.

Thank you for the courses, support and inspiration you provide.”

Cindy Cyr, Jacksonville, FL

“It seems like yesterday that I wrote to you from the Grand Tetons about my first copywriting job.

Well … it practically WAS yesterday! Just 4 short months ago. And I’m still in my RV, now enjoying the incredible vistas of Arizona. Working on the road is working out beautifully … it’s a perfect fit.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to share this with you. Because I have just nailed down my first $8,000 copywriting job!

But it’s even better than that. In addition, I’ve already made $4,025 the past two weeks, for a total of $12,025 … and January’s only half done!

I can’t thank AWAI enough. Believe me, it’s not overkill when I say the Copywriting program has literally transformed my life.

Thank you for helping me realize a lifelong dream.”

Tina L, Traveling the USA

“I got my first check for $2,000 last month for writing a direct mail package for a magazine. Attached to the magazine is an entire organization that needs fundraising, letters, promotions, etc. I’m actively pursuing all of their copywriting business.

Thanks for your help and encouragement.”

Mark Kwansy, Detroit, MI

“I just landed my first paying assignment – with one of the country’s best copywriters. When he called, the phone nearly fell out of my hand!

Then just yesterday, one day after finishing this first paying assignment, my client called again and was so impressed with what I had done, he asked if I could do 6 more ‘Special Reports’ for him. My Graphics Design program just got paid for and my Graphics Design business is turning a PROFIT!

Needless to say, I am one happy camper and am grateful for all I’ve learned from all the fantastic folks at AWAI!”

Dennis R., Prairieville, LA

“Every day I’m thankful that I got into copywriting. I had such a feeling of accomplishment when I finished AWAI’s program … but it’s what happened to me afterward that really blew me away. Not only did I get an assignment from you to write a sales letter, but my letter beat your 5-year control! Since then, I’ve done three other assignments for AWAI. Two more from outside clients. And two other marketers are interested in my services. I’m on my way. This program truly delivers what it promises!”

Peter Fogel, New York, NY May ‘02

“Unbelievable! I practically fell off my chair when Lori e-mailed the amount of money I would be receiving on my next royalty check – $4,465.13. What a cool feeling knowing I am still getting paid for a sales letter that I wrote over a year ago. Now, that’s what I call passive income! Thank you again for this opportunity!”

Peter Fogel, AWAI Member and working freelance copywriter April ‘03

“Just a follow up to my ‘Agora’ story.

If you remember, after listening to Bob Bly teleconference on “writing for the consumer newsletter market,” I sent a letter to Sandy Franks.

The result was an opportunity to do a renewal letter. Several days after I submitted the copy, I got a call back saying it was accepted … along with an offer to write a full sales package for one of their other products … at the new writer’s fee of $3,500!

So my investment of $79 in the teleconference returned, I think this is right, over 4,000%!

Not bad … I would encourage anyone to give it a try … it really wasn’t that hard, and I’ve already been told that if a second project is awarded the fee moves to $5,000 with royalties.

Thanks again.”

Mike Dongilli, Allison Park, PA

“Just a note to say how much I’m enjoying the Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting. I’m in my 6th month and I’ve already made more than three times the cost of the program.

I landed jobs I learned about in The Golden Thread. The first paid $1,125 and the second paid $400. I’m confident both jobs will result in more work from the clients.

Thanks so much for your great program and all of your help.”

Harvey G., White House, TN

“I got the job for $1,000! This is actually my second assignment. Thanks so much. The AWAI program is fabulous. Having been in marketing for a number of years, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would learn anything new. I’m happy to say my skills have increased tenfold from the program. I have learned an incredible amount about direct mail copywriting that is already helping me launch my freelance career.”

Reagan H., Castro Valley, CA

“Thanks for the news on the demand for copywriters. I’d like to share my own self-made niche that is moving in an income doubling direction.

Next week I’m taking on a job for a small film company seeking to expand its sales of training media nationally. The job entails rewriting all of their web copy and to write special promotional pieces. In addition, I’ll be writing 4 specialty newsletters for the company which go out to prospective clients in 4 different industry sectors.

I negotiated a contract which will pay me two ways: an advance of $50,000, plus 20 percent of all web-based sales (totally trackable electronically too, down to the nickel) paid quarterly. I am contracted to write all promos exclusively.

If it wasn’t for the Accelerated and Masters Copywriting programs, I’d still be thinking small and missing out on doing 2 things I love: writing and cashing checks.

PS: the company is referring to me as a ‘Special Projects Facilitator’ … I like the ring to that!”

Anthony C., Berkeley, CA

“Taking the AWAI copywriting programs worked out incredibly well for me and I’m grateful to AWAI for all their help. Copywriting has given me the opportunity to live the way I want to. I have no boss. I don’t commute because I work at home. If I want to take a vacation, I take one. If I want to take the day off and go have fun, I just do it. I live where I want, too. In the past few years I’ve lived in rural Oregon, rural Massachusetts, and now rural Georgia.

And yes, you can make a very good living as a writer. Follow the steps in the AWAI programs, study, work hard, and you can create the lifestyle you want. I absolutely love the freedom I have. To me, that’s what this copywriting business is really all about.”

Rich Silver, copywriter, Georgia

“I’m happy to say that it’s only been around three weeks since I’ve started seriously marketing my copywriting services, and I have one client I just signed an agreement with, another I’m talking to today who contacted me through a mutual friend, two more possibilities pending, and another person who has a potential ghost-writing project that sounds very interesting. I don’t even have my website up yet–no time, too much work! So you can encourage people that the work really is out there, and that when they’ve taken the AWAI program, you really do know what you’re talking about when you talk to potential clients.”

Diane Eble, Winfield, IL

“Had to let ya’ll know that the travel agency where I worked for 8 years just asked me to come back to work for them. I politely turned them down and quietly hung up the phone. Then I jumped out of my chair, punched the air and yelled, “Yes!”

Thanks to AWAI and all the doors you’ve opened for me, I won’t be going back to slave at a job for $6.50 an hour. Instead I’m having a blast running my own business – and making 12 times more per hour (no kidding) than I did after working as a travel agent for 10 years!

Keep up the GREAT WORK everyone!!! You’re helping us reinvent our lives!”

Kammy Thurman., Laurel, MT

“For four years now, I’ve been blessed to work with one of the largest direct mail companies in the industry, Nightingale-Conant. Through working with them, and having other clients contact me as a result of working with them, I’ve become so busy with work, that recently, I had to double my fee just to slow down the pace of my work. None of this would be happening had I not taken Michael Masterson’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

In fact, if I hadn’t found this program, I would still be working as a housekeeper or waitress because I didn’t have the money at that time to get a good education. Now, I find myself advancing financially faster than those who have gone to university. I’m thankful AWAI let copywriting be known to people like me. Your program has truly changed the course of my life – from someone who was a bit lost and going nowhere fast, to someone who has dynamic focus and knows exactly where she’s going and why.”

Catherine Cairns, Bracebridge, Ontario

“To all those skeptics who naturally wonder if the AWAI program actually works, I say, YOU BET IT DOES!

I just landed my first paying job! And it’s closer to home than I would have imagined. I’m a recruiter of subjects for clinical trials at a research clinic in Fort Myers, Florida. The clinical director at the research lab asked the recruiting department to give her advice on how our print ads should look. That was my cue to suggest many of the ideas I’d learned in the AWAI Graphics Program.

Well, over the course of several weeks, the clinical director liked my suggestions so much, she offered me the job of designing all of the clinic’s print ads. This will be in addition to my regular salaried position. After I accepted, I respectfully inquired whether I’d be paid the same amount as the agency that’s been doing most of the clinic’s print advertising. She said absolutely yes.

Signing up for AWAI’s Graphic Design Success program is the finest career decision I’ve ever made. After less than a year, the program is already paying substantial dividends.”

Cherie Rohn, Fort Myers, FL

“Just thought I’d let you know I GOT A GIG!

I answered the ad from Push Button Press (using the skills I learned from you masters). So impressed were they that they put me to work immediately. I’m writing promo copy for an Ebook entitled “Focused Action.” If it can convince someone that “Focused Action” is the one book they simply must have, I get a piece of the action.

Thanks to you I’ve got my toe in the door. Watch my smoke.”

Joe R., Hot Springs, AR

“I just started the Travel Writing program and have already been hired to go on six free sailing trips in Costa Rica and 5 fishing trips next month for Online Costa Rica magazine and a sister online version I’ve also written an article for a new restaurant resort in the area that will be printed in upcoming months.

I’ve been coming to Costa Rica for years, but have never had the money to do all the activities I wanted to do. Now I can … and then write off the trip! Thanks for enhancing my vacations. I would have never even thought of all this if it weren’t for this program. Thanks!”

Gary P., Pagosa Springs, CO

“Thank you all so much for introducing me to the world of freelance copywriting. I would never have believed I could make this kind of money working from home a few hours a day.

I enjoy the work, and I’m making enough per hour to meet my financial goals and still have enough time left over to homeschool my kids! What a blessing!”

Margaret B., Tigard, OR

“As I’m taking both the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and the Masters Program and I’m learning a lot in a hurry!

You know what my current (and unexpected) problem is?

With all that I’ve learned so far in both programs, I already found quite a few customers asking me to write business letters and web content for them. For example, I’m currently finishing a series of 21 web articles for a mortgage company in Los Angeles.

Would you please do me a favor and give Mr. Masterson my very best regards? I really appreciate what AWAI stands for and what it already has accomplished for me.”

Ugur A., Los Angeles, CA

“My background is sales and marketing. Recently, I decided to change my career. I needed to improve my writing skills to make the change, so I enrolled in AWAI’s copywriting program.

I finished the Accelerated Program and, to further hone my skills, I’ve enrolled in the Master’s program. But I couldn’t wait. I wanted to get started building clients right away.

So I fished through a drawer full of business cards I’d saved over the years. Each week, I mailed out 10 letters of introduction, and followed them up with phone calls. One was to a former employer.

After listening to my story, he asked if I could do something to help him bring in more distributors. (A full line distributor in his business averages $250,000 in annual purchases of products for resale.) Soon after that, I sent him a plan that included a 5-letter series. He agreed and I went to work.

To date, my client is more than pleased with the results, and wants to replicate the program three times in 2005.

I negotiated $17,500 for this plan, including $7,500 for copywriting (5 four-page letters at $1,500 per letter), $4,500 for package creation, and a $5,500 management fee. (The management fee was for 11 days spent in Minneapolis setting up protocols for executing the program.)

I’ve also negotiated a fee of $3,500 for each of the next 3 program refinements.

My client said he’d spent ‘tons of money’ with marketing agencies, yet none of them produced results this good. I suspect he will become a permanent client, and there will be many opportunities for both of us in the future.”

John White, Lufkin, TX

“I made my first $500 writing an exhibitor prospectus for an association last month. Thanks!”

Katerine L., Nevada City, CA

“Dear AWAI – I got the assignment today! It’s a really nice piece of work and a very reputable corporation to have as a client. I’m very pleased. And yesterday I got a call from an acquaintance who liked the cover letter I recently wrote for the town planning survey (a volunteer job). So, he wants me to look at his marketing collateral and web content!

This week I closed one assignment and have two good, unexpected leads. I’ve made more money in the last few months than I made in 4 or 5 years writing books and magazine articles.

Thanks so much.”

Bev H., Palm Bay, FL

“AWAI’s programs have been invaluable. Although being a writer appealed to me, I thought that it meant being a poet, novelist or playwright. You might as well put starving in front of those three! AWAI showed me there was an entirely different venue where writing was valued and rewarded. Copywriting allows me the chance to live and work wherever I choose. In the future, I would like to live in Europe a year or two. In the past 18 months, I’ve been paid for 26 sales letters.”

Glen Strathy, Ontario, Canada

“Thank You. The program really works. I just nailed down my first paying assignment! I can’t express to you how excited, encouraged, motivated I feel right now. Thank you, and to all the staff at AWAI. You came through on all your promises. Now, if I can deliver, and I know I can, this company has many more products they want to market on the internet, and I plan to write them all.”

Paul D., San Diego, California

“Just wanted to let you know that I have my first client. He and his marketing director want me to rewrite a letter that is a response to a request for information. He also said that if this turns out well, that he would consider retaining me for 100 hours over the next several months … Obviously I’m totally excited that this really IS going to work!!!”

Susan F., Butler, PA

“I must say first THANK YOU!

The copywriting program has helped me move on to INDEPENDENCE. I now have two paid assignments and two clients.”

Chauncey T., E. Elmhurst, NY

“My resume-writing business is “exploding” with over $750 in sales for one week and it’s not even Wednesday yet (not to mention $500 for last week)! I now have eight testimonials in my file already!

This is in an economy where jobs here “are TIGHT!”

I’m looking outside my window from home … watching the snow fall on the lawns and I’m working from home!!!!!!

Thanks AWAI … You folks helped make it happen. I don’t miss my old job at ALL!”

John K., Lexington Park, MD

“I’ve been enrolled in the accelerated copywriting program for several months now and have also recently enrolled in the Masters program. Just last month I landed my first paid copywriting gig, and it should be an ongoing one so thank you AWAI. I think the most valuable element of your program is the belief you instill in the aspiring copywriters enrolled in your program.”

Rachel B., Grays Lake, IL

“Well, I got my first paid assignment – even before I’m done with the program! I’ve been telling various people I’ve networked with over the years what I’m up to, and in casual conversation, it leads to a real paying assignment. $3000 for about 1 weeks work for writing an email and direct mail sales campaign. And there will be more work on the heels of this project … ”

Mike P., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“The Traveler is publishing at least three of my articles. Trips and Journeys has accepted another one. And another online magazine has just accepted a story I submitted. Thanks to AWAI’s travel writer program, I’m now a regular paid contributor to several magazines!”

Wendy V., Sergreant Bluff, IA

“I’m 56 and I’ve decided this is probably my last career change. I raised my kids and helped my husband with his side business (custom engraving). When he passed away suddenly last year, I found myself without direction and wondering what to do next. My love of writing and this copywriting program saved me. I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I haven’t finished the program yet, but will soon, and I’ve started my own writing business. Joined the Chamber, got two new clients-I’m on my way!”

Alanna K., Plano, TX

“ … right now I have three clients who will be worth about $3000 to me in the coming ten days. And all but one of them has more work. Two were referred to me by people I met through AWAI. Trust me. Guys, it pays to be nice and make friends. The other I met at bootcamp. And next week’s potential client is coming to me from a copywriter who is booked up and doesn’t work that cheap anymore. And I got business from him, in part, because I asked for it.”

James S., Dallas, TX

“You might remember that a few months ago I posted a letter I’d written to sell my apartment in Amsterdam.

Well, today I completed the sale and I have a couple of things to report back, as promised.

Why? Because today I sold the apartment for about 17,000 euros more than market value - and around 17 percent above what I paid for it.

But … the sales letter was the killer. After I posted it I was flooded by people desperate (yes, they couldn’t come to my door fast enough) to view ‘your wonderful apartment’.

You know, this stuff does work. I’ve seen it for myself now … and it’s helped my bank balance.”

Simon P., Toronto, Ontario

“I started the six-figure program back in Sept. 04. I read a few lessons, and decided to put to work what I’d learned so far. I began to “test the waters” on the net. I went to E-lance, signed up as a provider and began to bid on jobs I thought I could complete. That’s been about 6 months ago. Now I have 5 regular customers bringing in a steady $2300 a month. I’ve learned a lot about promoting my craft as well as how to deal with prospects.”

Janet S., King, NC

“I just landed another magalog, my fourth of this year.

And Dennis (R.) has landed his first magalog, so these are happy days for both of us. If I had any illustration skills, I’d draw a little picture right here of me dancing happily in my studio. For now, please just imagine it.”

Mike Klassen, Ferndale, WA

Praise from Industry Pros

“The simple fact is, AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is hands down the best way I know to get a working knowledge of the world’s most effective copywriting techniques today.

It has, quite simply, become the standard of the industry. Like many direct response companies, I won’t even consider hiring a copy cub who hasn’t completed both the basic and the advanced program.”

Clayton Makepeace, Seven-Figure Copywriter

“I know Michael Masterson and what he has taught me has revolutionized the way I write direct mail – taking it to the next level. His program is the best correspondence program for copywriting I have ever seen – in fact, the best copywriting program I’ve seen anywhere, in any form. Anyone who wants to get into direct response copywriting would benefit enormously from taking it. AWAI has helped many of its members get assignments and succeed as freelance DM copywriters.”

Robert W. Bly, Professional Copywriter and author of The Copywriter’s Handbook

“This past year alone, my company, Agora Publishing, paid out over $5 million in writing fees and royalties to a handful of copywriters. And you know what? I’m happy to do it. Why? Because a good letter is the ‘engine’ of my business.

I’m always looking for more copywriters. Lots more … There just aren’t enough writers to write the hundreds of letters my company needs written every year. And I’m not alone. The whole industry needs copywriters.

That’s why I’m thrilled that my friend and colleagues at AWAI put together this copywriting program. It is by far the most comprehensive program I’ve ever seen on the subject.

In fact, I’ve made a special arrangement with AWAI. I’ve asked them to send their most promising members my way first. So far, my publishers are working with more than a dozen writers who have come from AWAI’s program.”

Bill Bonner, President, Agora Publishing

“I’ve been coaching copywriters on how to get the great clients since 2003 and many have come to me straight from the AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Over time I came to realize that AWAI-trained copywriters often were my most successful students, and at this writing those who are becoming “stars” in the copywriting world have all come from the AWAI program.

If a new copywriter comes to me for coaching, I know I can accept them into the Get Great Clients program without reservation if they’ve completed the AWAI six-figure program.”

Chris Marlow

“For the aspiring copywriter new to the arena of persuasive writing, AWAI’s Six-Figure Copywriting Program is a great way to quickly develop your skills. And those skills can open the door to many lucrative copywriting opportunities, whether in direct response or the even larger universe of freelance commercial writing: helping companies from Fortune 100 on down to 10-person shops craft a whole variety of marketing materials for rates that can average $70-100 an hour and hit $150 or more.”

Peter Bowerman, author
The Well-Fed Writer series (commercial freelancing how-to guides)

“If I were starting out as a copywriter today, here’s what I would do … Join AWAI’s copywriting program.

You’ll get the nuts and bolts of copywriting. You’ll learn a copywriting formula that’s proven successful. Plus, you’ll get to meet other aspiring and established copywriters. And the folks at AWAI really work hard to help you succeed.”

Carline Anglade Cole, Million-Dollar Copywriter

“When I needed freelance writers to write ebooks for my online publishing business, I ran a small help-wanted ad in The Golden Thread Online. I was flooded with responses and quickly found all the writers I needed. The quality was far superior to elance or even what I got with a help-wanted ad in the Sunday NY Times.”

Robert W Bly, Author, The Copywriter’s Handbook

“To: Brian Kurtz, Boardroom Reports Publisher

I just got back from my writing seminar with AWAI and wanted to tell you how great it was. I honestly think we will have 4 or 5 solid new copywriters for our space ads come out of it. Also, getting to work with the team there helped us discover a lot of ways we can make our own copy much stronger. (I will never look at a headline the same way again!)

I can’t remember any other meeting that I got this much out of. I’m sure you guys will have an equally positive experience.”

Jenny Thompson, Publisher, Agora Health Publishing

“You might have the best product in the world, but it doesn’t matter one bit if you can’t get the word out. That’s why good marketing copy is the lifeblood of any business. I used the techniques I learned in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting to launch my own profitable business. Now I’m working with other copywriters trained by AWAI to grow that business.”

Justin Ford, President

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for locating a great writer for my business. As you know it’s hard to find good writers in direct mail. And one of your new writers just beat my control. Can’t top that! If you have anymore of these well train copywriters … please send them my way. Thanks for all your assistance.”

Al Serin, President, AlMark Products Inc.

“Let me reveal a BIG secret to success in this business. I’ve been a copywriter for 19 years and I make a heck of a good living from it. I set my own hours and time as much time off as I want. When I started, there was no one who could teach me what to do to slash my learning curve. I learned the hard way – I made all the mistakes in the book and learned from them.

With AWAI you don’t have to do that. This means you can achieve success much, much faster than I did. AWAI is absolutely unique in what they do. They show you, step-by-step, at your own speed, what to do and how to do it. If I had an AWAI when I started, I’m convinced I could have saved 5, 6, 7 or more years – almost from the start, I would have been earning money.

If you’re serious about changing your life – becoming a writer and doing something meaningful and profitable – I can’t urge you enough to consider AWAI. There is no one else in America like them.”

Peter Betuel, Professional Copywriter

“Thank you for the opportunity to hire some of your members. We just hired our third AWAI-trained copywriter. Two of them we are re-using for more projects.

Keep up the great work.”

Jim Fleck,

“From The Direct Marketing Review

AWAI: “Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

Important note: This is a critical and independent book-review and not a sales letter or an ad! The author of this review is not paid to write the review.

Main manual (printed), 457 pages.
Bonus manual (printed), 319 pages.

This program is simply one of the best copywriting programs I’ve ever seen. It fully lives up to my expectations to a copywriting program.

The program is very detailed, and you get everything you need to go out and write your own order-pulling sales letters.

Michael Masterson is obviously one of the cleverest copywriters today, and it’s a pleasure to see how he reveals his copywriting techniques and methods in, “Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting”.

I give this copywriting program my highest recommendations.”

Full review can be found here

“I have been working with writers that AWAI has developed for about eight years now. They have consistently produced direct mail winners for me.”

Deeba Jafri, Marketing Consultant, Elkridge, MD

“AWAI’s copywriting program offers the most thorough and well-organized approach to the subject I’ve seen anywhere. There’s not a technique or secret in there that I haven’t found helpful over the years. I owe a great deal of my own success to Mike Masterson. And I tell him so regularly. As for the program, I’d recommend it to anybody – not just direct-mail copywriters, but anyone who’s trying to get a grip on what makes marketing work.”

John Forde, Professional Copywriter, Paris, France

“I’m writing to tell you about the package I worked on during Bootcamp – and to say “thanks a million” to AWAI.

Prior to arriving in Delray for the workshop, I had just finished an assignment for Assurity Life Insurance Co., in Lincoln, Nebraska, a $2 billion asset insurance company. They are a very large mailer and asked me to create a new package for test against a long-time control.

During our peer review workshops I decided to reexamine the headline and lead that I had written. Based on what I’d learn just that morning, I realized my lead and headline weren’t as strong as they could be so I rewrote them right then. After receiving positive feedback from my peers, I immediately contacted my client and asked if we could change the headline and lead. They agreed with the change.

We mailed on Nov. 8 in an A/B split against their control, and by Thanksgiving, we could see this was a clear winner. As of year end, my package is beating the control by an astonishing 62%. Expanded across the millions they mail annually, this extrapolates to millions of dollars in additional premiums for them (and of course, a significant ongoing income for me).

I have no question that the seminar sessions on headlines and leads, along with the peer group breakout sessions, contributed immensely to my success.”

Gary Hennerberg, Freelance Copywriter, Grapevine, TX

“There’s more selling power in this program than in all of the books on display at a typical Barnes & Noble!”

Roger C. Parker, author of Looking Good in Print, Dover, NH

“Just to let you know we have had 20 responses to our ad in The Golden Thread!! They all sound fantastic … how do we choose? I need a cup of tea !!

Many Thanks for your help, we are really grateful”.”

Peter Pallet,

“I was initially skeptical that your ‘Selling Yourself as a Copywriter’ program would benefit me. After all, I’ve been a full-time copywriter for years. And I already earn well over $100K annually. But Bob Bly guaranteed that I would pick up several nuggets of information from the program that would help me attract more and better clients – and higher fees. He was right. This program is terrific. Thank you.”

Steve Slaunwhite, Professional Copywriter

“Trust me, I’m no genius. And I’m horrible with my grammar. But the secrets I’ve learned from AWAI have not only made the writing I do relatively easy, but profitable too. In fact, without the program you’re being invited to join, I say with confidence, I wouldn’t be able to do any of the traveling, writing or work that I so enjoy today. Thanks to AWAI, I’m living in Paris!”

Will Pratt, Professional Copywriter

“To tell the truth, I was doing pretty well as a copywriter before I met the folks at AWAI. The letters I wrote got good results, and my clients called me regularly to give me jobs. But once I started following AWAI’s advice, things really took off. They taught me something I’d never even thought of before: how to make sure that anyone reading my letters would KEEP reading them, page after page, till the end. There’s an amazing way to do it … and it works! That secret alone is worth the price of the program – an amount that, by the way, I can earn 5 times over, by writing a simple 4-page letter.”

Nancy Collins, Professional Copywriter

“As a publisher of 5 newsletters with tens of thousands of customers worldwide, I’m constantly looking for writers. It’s not unusual for me to pay $2,000, $3,000, even $8,000 for a single letter if I know it’ll bring in money for my company. As a copywriter myself, I know AWAI’s program is good. Anyone who completes their program and write a strong sales letter can always find work with me.”

James DiGeorgia, DiGeorgia & Assoc., Boca Raton, FL

“Michael Masterson taught me how to review and critique copy back in the days when I was hiring writers, and since I’ve been writing copy myself, his on-target advice has made the difference between my producing copy that’s merely adequate and copy that blows away the competition.

I’ll give you an example: A while back, I wrote a letter selling an investment conference which, the year prior, had attracted 90 attendees. I read through the old sales copy … it was OK. But it lacked one critical element Michael had taught me to always look for. I included it in my letter … and 170 people signed up—nearly double the number of attendees. Instead of $90,000 in sales … that letter brought my client $170,000. Needless to say, they’ve paid me to write their conference copy ever since.”

Jennifer Stevens, Professional Copywriter

“I took a look at the Selling Yourself site and came away very impressed. If you’re a “newbie” struggling to market yourself or if you’re thinking about making the jump and want to know if you’ll have a viable business, Bob Bly and AWAI’s Selling Yourself program will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a successful writer. In other words, you don’t have to do it the way I did – the hard way.”

Dianna Huff, ABC, DH Communications, Inc.

“AWAI’s copywriting program is excellent … Having done years of successful ad copy for my own businesses, I am amazed about how much more I am learning. It is well worth the money I paid for it.”

Jade Magick, Professional Copywriter

“My success in investing has come from learning and applying the secrets of the investment masters – Soros, Buffett, Templeton, etc. My success as a writer has come from learning and applying the secrets of Michael Masterson.”

Steve Sjuggerud, Editor, True Wealth

“I was already a successful copywriter when I meet Michael Masterson. But the secrets he taught me brought me to the next level – and increased my income by over 63% the next year! If you get the opportunity to learn from this man, jump on it!”

Parris Lampropoulos, Professional Copywriter

“I’ve been employed in the field of marketing for many years, but it wasn’t until Michael Masterson taught me the secrets to writing (and reviewing) promotional copy that I experienced some really great results. In fact, one project brought in over $400,000 in sales in less than 30 days.”

Sandy Franks, Marketing Director

“I was looking for a way to ‘refresh’ my career without taking two or three years away from work to get another expensive degree – which is not always the best way to gain practical knowledge. Then I discovered the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, and upon completion of the program, my professional life took on a life of itself! I was able to utilize everything I had learned and to direct my honed skills toward several lucrative contracts right away … I learned how to manage my professional life and to market myself – with amazing results. The program was completely geared toward my schedule – completely flexible. The supplemental materials helped as well; I found particular value in the Hall of Fame Book, The Golden Thread, and $10K Challenge Materials. Thanks so much for providing such a comprehensive and user-friendly program!”

J.A. Sharp, Copywriter, New York, NY

“The greatest thing about being a copywriter, to me, is the freedom. In the past few years, for example, I’ve been able to “work” all over the world: France … Spain … Ireland … Argentina … Panama … Nicaragua, just to name a few. One of my favorite places to work right now is my beach house on the Delaware shore.

Don’t get me wrong. I work hard. But I do it because I love what I do – and I know that my work pays off directly into more income. Really, the amount of work I do and money I make is completely up to me.”

Michael Palmer, Professional Copywriter

“Your writers were very professional. They are willing to work … and submitted very good ideas, each with a different spin. They … made professional presentations. I wish I had found AWAI a couple years ago.”

Eric Dany, Editor, Mutual Fund Prospector

“I was a freelance copywriter for years, but was never able to break down the door separating me from the kind of financial rewards I knew direct mail writing could bring. The problem? I didn’t know how to write. But AWAI’s copywriting program fixed that. It took me by the hand and showed me step-by-step secrets behind successful direct mail writing – and then actually found me high-paying assignments … I have more work than I can handle … and I owe it all to AWAI’s program.”

Caroline Burton, Professional Copywriter

“Wow! What an impressive package (although I should expect nothing less from a group like yours.)”

Steven Leveen, Co-founder and President, Levenger, Delray Beach, FL

“Speaking as a professional copywriter, I have to say that AWAI’s program is one of the best things to come down the pike I’ve seen. Nowhere else are so many insiders’ how-to details revealed so clearly. Thanks to this program it’s quite possible that I’ll make twice as much money this year as I did last year.”

Dave Morgan, Professional Copywriter

“I had the good fortune of working as an ‘apprentice’ to Lee Troxler, one of the nation’s top copywriters. As can be imagined, I learned a great deal working with Lee. In spite of this early training, my skills remained mediocre until I took AWAI’s program. Their program put all the information I’d received from Lee into a context where I really understood what was required to write powerful sales copy. I finally understood exactly what made great sales copy great and what separated it from the run-of-the-mill.

What I’ve learned from AWAI has not only strengthened my copywriting, but, it has strengthened all of my writing, and I’m not the only one who says so. I have had comments from newspaper editors, clients, and fellow writers.”

Will Newman, Professional Copywriter

“I thought I was a pretty smart copywriter – making over $1,000 a week with my ‘niche’ specialty – writing space ads. But just one concept learned from AWAI – ‘the Four Us’ – has rocketed my little at-home business into the $10K-a-month club. I feel I’m now part of a ‘Secret Club,’ a small, exclusive group of highly paid, specially trained individuals who are in great demand by direct marketers all over the world. It’s very cool to be needed, respected, and … successful! Thank you.”

Michael Samonek, Professional Copywriter

“We’re always looking for good writers. Without them, we don’t have a business. I’m especially interested in people who took AWAI’s copywriting program. I know they’ve been trained by true masters. When I’m contacted by someone who has completed this program, believe me, I always take their call.”

Julia Guth, Executive Director of The Oxford Club

“I’m pretty picky about what resources I recommend to my readers. I won’t endorse anything that promises you can “get rich quick” or that professes to know the “secret” of “fast, easy success.” Hey, if you could really earn $1,000 a week stuffing envelopes at home, the American workplace would be empty. As much as we may wish for some magic answer, the fact of the matter is this: Changing course to create the kind of work and life you really want takes time, effort and commitment. Period.

Naturally then I was a somewhat skeptical when the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) contacting me about their program “Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.” Before I recommend anything to my readers I like to see it for myself. In a matter of days, I received the entire program – over 700 pages of material!

Before I launched Changing Course, I worked in the marketing field so I know a little about the direct mail and copywriting world. To say that I was impressed with the program content would be an understatement. It is highly readable, thorough, and on-target.”

Valerie Young, Editor, Changing Course Newsletter

“Most copywriters will tell you there are proven, specific techniques behind the art of persuasion. The same ideas that hide behind the ‘junk mail’ you find in your mailbox everyday are the same ideas you can use to boost your query letters and grab an editor’s attention.

AWAI has not only uncovered these secrets, but they’ve managed to put them all together in an easy to follow program.

I worked as a consultant for a large corporation for over 12 years. While employed there, I had the opportunity to go through many “consulting” or “sales” courses that cost literally THOUSANDS of dollars. Through those courses, I only learned a fraction of what’s contained in the AWAI program.”

Dan Case, editor Writing for DOLLARS!

“As a marketer who has hundreds of copywriting resources on his shelf – I’ll tell you AWAI’s instructors know their stuff!”

Yanik Silver,

“Let me say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Copywriting program materials and the brilliance behind it. Bravo!”

Traci Robertson, President, The Bottom Line

“AWAI’s ‘Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting’ program includes solid information, excellent exercises and terrific resource material. Anyone who applies themselves to the program will learn copywriting formulas and techniques for the specialized world of direct response marketing.”

Marcia Yudkin,
author, Persuading on Paper, 6 Steps to Free Publicity
and 9 other books

And, More from AWAI Members

“After three years, I continue to open The Golden Thread as soon as I get it – every single week – because I know I’ll get two things.

The first is the inspiration to do bigger and better things with my career. The second is actionable information I can apply in my copywriting immediately. Thanks AWAI – and keep it up!”

Roy Furr, Springfield, OR

“I was just reading through Paul’s “The Big Idea” and the thought occurred to me, again, just how pleased … no, blown away, I have been with the AWAI organization, it’s products, support, people …

I’m very, very grateful … just thought you would like to know. Thanks!”

Butch Farley

“I just finished reading the Wall of Fame stories. WOW this is exciting and extremely motivating for me. Keep doing this. Other newbies and wannabes copywriters will feel that they can do it also. Thanks again for the great motivation.”

Bob Jones

“Hi Lori,

I really enjoy reading your email newsletter, and I think you do a marvelous job of keeping it simple, quick, entertaining and valuable.

Second, I wanted to say that I had an amazing experience with your organization. I sent a quick email to Sue yesterday about the Charleston Photography Workshop and the answers overwhelmed me … they were so thorough. Obviously she spent a great deal of time drafting a reply to me. Frankly, I was so impressed, I almost didn’t know how to reply! What a credit to AWAI.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for doing what you do – I feel lucky to be a recipient of all the information and knowledge that is shared.”

Nan Hughes, Cary, IL

“I cannot tell you how many online businesses I have dealt with in the last several years who seem to be totally uninterested or unconcerned about the value of honor, integrity, and character in their business dealings with clientele.

Nevertheless, they are still very important virtues to obtain and maintain, whether their deemed important or not.

Thanks for the quick, concise and informative response. I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with everyone in your company so far – a real pleasure! There a myriad of corporations out there that could learn a “thing or two” from you guys.

Have a blessed day!”

Dennis (Don’t have last name)

“The wall of fame is awesome. I am totally inspired. Thanks to all of you at AWAI for constantly outdoing yourselves with the excellent information that you provide to your members. Happy 10th anniversary!”

Beverley Miller, New York, NY

“It sure makes an awesome difference reading these success stories. I KNOW I’ll be there really soon. I get so excited reading about the success of my peers.

Thank you to AWAI for changing lives every single day!”

Angela Morgan, Soddy Daisy, TN

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how excited I am at this new opportunity you are providing to all the AWAI members. This is one of things I love about AWAI. You are always coming up with new ways to help us improve our writing skills, challenge us to step outside our comfort zones and offer us opportunities to get paid assignments and … just maybe become staff copywriters for AWAI.

I’m going to start working on your new spec challenges for Masters members right now! I can’t wait to hear from you … ”

Fran McDuffee, Creative Copywriter, Indianapolis, IN

“Once again I am totally stunned how incredible AWAI is and how much you give the members. It’s truly value and quality every day. I’m so pleased to be on this end of such generosity.

Thank you and everyone else who works so hard for us!”

Benevis (“B”) Lumpkin, Hobe Sound, FL

“Eight months ago after seeing the AWAI’s copywriting program in several writing magazines I decided to visit your website. I pondered and ho hummed for a while but eventually I did purchase the copywriting program. I’ve been writing marketing materials for non-profit organizations and for companies that I worked for all my life and I’d been writing fiction for several years, I even have an agent for a novel, so I’m not new to writing, but the concept of making a real living at it seemed like it was only for the lucky few.

I dove right into the first installment and then less than a week later I called to have the second installment rushed. Your copywriting program instantly changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true. Crazy as it sounds I immediately opened a business, started telling everyone that I knew that I was a freelance copywriter and within months, yes months, was making more writing copy for amazing companies than I’ve made in my entire life. I even spoke with a new client last week who is also a client of Bob Bly – I never imagined that I would share a client with such an amazing and prolific writer! It’s terrifying and wonderful at the same time!

I just wanted to express my gratitude because I wouldn’t be here writing and doing what I love if it hadn’t been for AWAI.

Thank you for the encouragement, instruction, and guidance in pursuing my passion.”

Annette Elton, Longmont, CO

“In 1995 I began my freelance writing career. Around 1999 I was ready to give up. You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to work around the clock on your “dream” job only to make the equivalent of a couple bucks an hour.

Then I found AWAI. I took the basic program and applied everything you said I should do. To say my freelance career has flourished since then would be an understatement. I literally have as much work as I want when I want it.

I used to wonder what it would be like to live my dream life … working at home … hanging out with my family … tinkering with my other writing projects … but the other day I realized that I was living my dream life AND finally making a good living. How did I know this? I realized I’d been using a ten dollar bill for a bookmark. Now, THAT’s what I call making a good living! I can’t wait to find a twenty wedged between the pages of my favorite novel … ”

Beth Erickson, Kandiyohi, MN

“Finally! I feel my career is aligned with who I am. I have a fit and I’m doing what I was meant to do. What a fantastic feeling! My career as a freelance copywriter for the non-profit and small business markets is growing rapidly. Less stress … exponentially more enjoyment … an exciting future and I’m in control of it. Yippee!”

Karen Z., Fundraising & Sales Writer, Leonardtown, MD

“I just got home from a long day at work … I have increased my commissions by 38% compared to what I used to do when I was on the sales floor! I had a whopping 29 sales today alone and my co-workers had a measly 3-8 sales a piece … I couldn’t figure out what all the dirty looks from my co-workers were …

It was the skills I have learned and soaked myself in since I have been studying the COPYWRITING PROGRAM!!!! Whooo-hooo! It was like magic!

I would listen to my customer and within 7 seconds I knew whether or not they were going to buy from me, how hard or easy it was going to be to make the sale, AND what was actually keeping them up at night. My customers were actually GRATEFUL for me selling them something and its all because they didn’t feel like they were being sold!

I just had to share my excitement. This stuff really works!”

Misty O., Lacey, WA

“I finished Passport to Romance a few months ago and have since been published three times in a local magazine in Nagoya, Japan (where I live). My online serial tale, Vin, is also being published with a worldwide audience (it’s not travel-writing but I’ve been able to use what I learned in the program in many different ways). With what I learned in the program my writing has improved tenfold. Thank you.”

Rob D., Nagoya, Japan

“I wanted to write and tell you about an example of what Michael Masterson calls ‘glicken’ that happened to me.

I offered to write a direct mail fundraising letter, at no charge, for a friend who is active with a Catholic charity in Colombia called “El Minuto de Dios” (The Minute of God).

I wrote the letter, it was mailed and generated a 2% response.

As a result, I was invited to a dinner that they held in Tampa as a guest of my friend. During the ceremony, they invited me up on stage to meet the Colombian priest I had written about. The ceremonies were being broadcast live on Colombian TV, and Father Jaramillo blessed me in front of the entire TV audience … and I’m not even Catholic.

To top it off, the letter house liked my work so much that they have contacted me to do work for other charity organizations.

I guess you could call that a double dose of ‘Glicken’.”

Lou Schuyler, Tampa, FL

“I got a call from someone a week ago who saw my profile on the DirectResponseJobs board. I LISTENED to his needs – can’t stress that part enough – then researched his website and wrote him a cover letter bid – one page – asking for the job. I’m in, lot’s of work.”

Mike S., Glastonbury, CT

“Thank you, AWAI! I’ve just been contacted for a freelance copywriting assignment coming for a financial project as a result of AWAI’s””

John Kidd, Lexington Park, MD

“I’m getting enough assignments to keep me pretty busy – just this last week I’ve worked on three brochures, a direct mail piece, and a bit of print advertising. It’s as exciting as it is challenging.

By offering skills, tips, tricks and an ingrained approach to writing, Michael Masterson’s program changed my writing style to something akin to muscle memory. The process becomes so much a part of you, that it simply flows.

That alone has made the program worth every penny.”

Pat W., Akron OH

“Dear Lori … I just got a contract from International Living for the article I wrote about my trip to China!

And, when I got back from China, I had a contract sitting in my pile of mail from Today’s Christian Woman about how I used my traveling to touch lives. So, I’m on my way thanks to your program.

I found the program so fascinating that I completed it in just 4 weeks time even though it is a six month program.

Thank you so much.”

Jeo O., Taos, NM

“I highly recommend your program. The step-by-step instruction shows you how to write winning sales letters and prepares you for a career in copywriting. I received my first paid copywriting assignment within weeks of finishing the program.”

Daniel F., Vancouver, BC

“ … Now, here is the good part, my copywriting program – even just the small amount of writing that I’ve done so far (Restaurant letter) and my reading, doing research for my men’s supplement exercise gave me the confidence to take on my sister’s bank.

All I had to do was state our case in a straight forward, logical manner but with a touch of humanity to it! I say that because I wish that you could have read the letter from the bank to Tina, demanding the $13,855.89. Talk about cold and inhumane. This bank didn’t even offer any goodwill gestures to Tina for the inconvenience and shock it created. They also made it out that she was somehow to blame for it as well. So I proceeded to paint them a picture of her life professionally, and personally. Then I acknowledged there was mistake – which was entirely the bank’s error, stated our position and remedies we wanted – such as a percentage of mortgage interest to be forgiven – approximately 13.33% and extra goodwill gesture of $250.00 off the principal, and last but not least, we told the bank how much interest we were prepared to pay back. Well, it worked. The bank gave us all of our demands.

So thank you again for putting this program together. It has more than paid me back because I just felt so good being able to help Tina deal with her bank. It’s a good feeling to help someone out like this.”

Bev P., Brampton, Ontario

“I’ve just been invited to work with one of the country’s top copywriters. It was quite a process … based in great part on writing samples I submitted. AWAI’s Masters Program is one of the keys that pushed my writing to a new level.”

Malcolm Smith., Lake Worth, FL

“I just wanted to write and share an experience I had today.

I’ve been putting off joining my local Chamber of Commerce, at least until I felt that I ‘knew something.’ Today’s the day I went in today and joined. The Membership Director was very courteous and asked me a simple question at the start of our conversation.

So, tell me about your business. What exactly is it that you do?” she said.

I really didn’t expect to get involved in a lengthy discussion. All I really had prepared for was just to write a check for the dues.

Well, all I can say is … the ‘Essence of AWAI’ spilled out of me. I am typically not one who converses a great deal, but ‘copywriting’ just flowed out of me. What I’m saying is, whether or not an AWAI member realizes it, this ‘stuff’ really does sink in.

As a result, I was asked if I’d be willing to review the Chamber’s current and near future (yet to be printed) publications, with the probability of either editing, or writing them myself.

If writing for your local Chamber is not ‘leverage’ in the business community, I don’t know what is! And, what a HUGE confidence booster!”

Duane S., Stevensville, MT

“I’ve been extremely surprised at how easy and fun setting up my resume business has been. I placed one ad … and I’ve gotten more calls than I ever expected to get.”

Sharon O., Oakland, CA

“ … I really enjoy copywriting and all the insights I am learning as a result of the program … An Engineering Consultation Company is paying me to do a sales letter … even though I haven’t finished the program … Copywriting has shown me that language doesn’t have to be boring and dead … I also learned a very important technique from the program – being entrepreneurial.”

Jaracz H., New Plymouth, New Zealand

“I began marketing my copywriting services in early July. I decided that I would go after Christian and non-profit organizations, since I have a couple years of experience writing articles and books for the Christian market. Plus, I have a passion to see these kinds of organizations succeed.

So far, I’ve gotten work from several organizations – a year-end appeal letter, a press release, a grant application, and some curriculum editing work, to name a few projects.

AWAI gave me the foundation I needed to move into copywriting from the article-writing field. I’ve got to especially credit Bob Bly for showing me proven ways to market my skills.

Thanks so much to AWAI for terrific resources you offer.”

Kathy W., Lake Wylie, SC

“What I learned just in the first day or two of having Masterson’s program alone, has already earned me enough income to cover the program in full.”

Bob C., Orlando, FL

“I just completed AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting Program. This e-mail is to Michael, Don, Paul and Katie – and everyone else involved with the Program.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge of this business . . . and sharing it in such a clear, understandable and fun way. I went four years to college and two years to graduate school … And I confess I didn’t learn anything nearly as useful as this!

I’ve practiced what I’ve learned by revising all of the marketing materials for my yoga studio. Although I haven’t done anything scientifically, I’d estimate my response is up 2% to 3%.”

Sydnie C., South Windsor, CT

“Katie, it’s a long story, but I will say, AWAI is directly responsible for, I created this whole business for less than $5,000 by bartering my writing services. Just launched two weeks ago. Now have exec. summary to raise $250,000. I can honestly say, I owe it all to what I have learned from AWAI. I apply the same principles learned from the writing program to ever part of the business.”

Paul D., St. Paul, MN

“I’m one of your brand new members and want to share with you what I did last weekend. I am a member of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) and just got back from our national convention in Reno. During the convention I had to make a presentation to our regional members (340 people) for a bid to be the host state for next year’s regional conference. I had prepared my proposal and began to wonder if I should use the six principals I learned in the first lesson. Well, I did, and Colorado is now next year’s host. Thank you. It really does work.”

Martha L., Denver, CO

“Six months ago I received a sales letter from American Writers & Artists Institute detailing an offer from their Graphic Design Success program. Being skeptical I called the Better Business Bureau of Florida and found out that AWAI is a member. I immediately enrolled. Just today, I was contacted by a client with my first real paying design job. It is my desire to be all I can be in graphic design and AWAI’s program makes that possible.”

Linda H., Madison, MS

“So far I’ve done about 20 resumes for my friends all over the world. I did this for nothing to get the practice.

Since most of my friends have good jobs and have no plans to go anywhere, I had to talk some of them into this. Ironically almost all of them got called in for an interview. One of them who had no plans to switch jobs ended up accepting a new position. When she notified her current employer that she was quitting, they counter-offered and gave her a 30 percent increase in salary and a promotion!”

Tom O., Resume Writer

“Thanks to Jen and her travel writing program I’m getting articles published overseas and have just started to do a weekly column about local tourism ventures for the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin in Queensland, Australia.

Couldn’t have done it without the help of you guys. Thanks again. Cheers from Paradise Central.”

Brian N., Queensland, Australia

“Having purchased the AWAI program a short while back, I have been working through it a little slower than planned due to other commitments.

However, it has already proved useful! When working with a client of mine (I build websites) who wanted some input on a promotional document, I was able to point out some of the weaknesses in the document’s structure and approach and make some constructive suggestions.

Even though I haven’t covered even half the material in the program, it already seems to be paying dividends, since this same client wants me to do some writing for him!”

Diana D., London England

“I’ve been taking the AWAI six-figure program for several months now, and really wanted to get some side income before I finish up. I received a direct mail piece from a local realtor, who was promoting his site. I went to it, and it was boring and blah. I emailed him on ways that I could write copy to improve it, as well as do some design.

To be honest, I really did it just to see if I would get a response. It was an experiment. Guess what? He responded, we are meeting to discuss details tomorrow, and he wants to redo his entire site!”

Elaine B., Marietta, GA

“It’s about 30 months since my introduction to AWAI and without any hesitation whatsoever, I wish to share that my copywriting business has grown dramatically!

To appreciate my business success you must first know that I was a former educator and have no qualms about speaking in front of groups – of any size.

So when determining a niche target market for copywriting, I immediately thought of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). It didn’t take me long to connect with prospective clients – and – well to make a long story short – I am stepping into the role of President in 2007!

As a result, my client base has expanded across Canada and the US. Plus, being part of this National Association has opened doors to consultations as well as writing.

The truth is, consulting wasn’t something I had thought about until recently. This too has opened even more business potential. I took advantage of this aspect of the business and started an online newsletter to keep in contact with my client base – hundreds of them!

But it didn’t stop there. Being part of a professional speakers association meant I just had to write a book. So I did – my first solo project, officially published.

How profound that an interest in a copywriting program has led me on a journey of the highest order – respect, confidence, excitement and ever-increasing financial potential.

For this, I truly thank AWAI, the program and its key people who helped me achieve the level of success I currently enjoy. Thank you.

Sometimes all it takes is one decision and the road opens up!”

Patricia Ogilve, Alberta Beach, Canada

“The information and examples included in your Travel Writers program were so good that I’ve landed an assignment with an international travel magazine even before completing the program elements … I largely credit your materials for putting me firmly on the path to success in travel writing.”

Larry L., Sugarland, TX

“Using the knowledge I learned in the program, along with becoming a student of direct marketing, helped me to advance my career in sales. I just began my new job yesterday as the East Coast Sales Manager for a leading-edge semiconductor company.

I’ve always loved writing and found copywriting to be the perfect blend of writing and sales – salesmanship in print (as Hopkins put it … ). Learning about copywriting helped me understand (more clearly) the mechanics of why people buy. And while I didn’t think it would apply as much too technically-oriented sales, I found that it did.

Here’s the bottom line: Taking the program will help you become a better salesperson (not to mention a better writer). And when you become a better salesperson, you are able to get more of what you want out of life (because you are helping more people get what they want).”

Bill B., Apex, NC

“Without all of you and the workshop, I would still be out there foundering amongst the hit and misses. Meanwhile, another article was published in a newsletter out of San Luis Obispo, CA, for the hundreds of ex-DEWLiners across the U.S., Canada and Greenland and Iceland. And I overhauled the Mazatlan article for an Inflight magazine and am awaiting a response. I am currently researching 3 additional projects and have support from the west coast PR for the Fiji Islands (my home away from home). Can’t seem to stay still for ‘retirement!’ That’s my best excuse for traveling. Thanks again and Blessings!”

Eunice T., Santa Barbara, CA

“The manuscript I’ve spent 9 years writing was accepted for publication by Barricade Books! It’s a dream come true!

I was told by the owner of Barricade, Lyle Stuart, that one of best things about my writing was the incredibly good hook I used to captivate readers at the beginning of the book. You know where I got my inspiration? From AWAI’s copywriting program. At first the beginning of the book lacked power, but when someone suggested a stronger lead, I turned to that section in the AWAI program. Just goes to show what good advice we receive, if only we’d apply it.

Hope things are going well for you. I’m on cloud 9!”

Cherie Rohn, Ft. Myers, FL

“What a workout! Your instructions were clear and understandable … and exhausting! But the lessons learned were valuable, helpful, and inspirational. The discipline certainly helped me re-think the way I communicate to my own congregation. And for that I am grateful.”

Pastor Benjamin P., Redding, CA

“What a treasure Lori Haller’s Ultimate Guide is to designers! Lori questions that would take years to learn in the trenches. There is nothing out there like it, and believe me, I’ve looked! She goes into detail of the hard-knock intricacies of running a design business. Everything from the best, concise questions to ask new clients– to breaking down an invoice for pricing. I know of Lori’s work, and she is without a doubt, brilliant in her designing. Now, she can add outstanding author to her accomplishments as well. I will always have this book on my shelves!”

Erin M., Colorado Springs, CO

“By the way, thanks for your efforts on the Selling Yourself website – the information is organized perfectly, and everything works the way it should. This website alone is worth the price of the program!”

Valerie M., West Haven, CT

“I had such fun with the restaurant assignment that the manager of the restaurant asked me to be in a TV commercial. This program works. The information is straight-forward and taught in a manner that makes you want to learn more.””

M.B. P., Portland, OR

“AWAI’s Golden Thread eletter is awesome. It really helps me feel connected with a community. Being a copywriter sometimes we work independently and it makes us feel disconnected.

AWAI has been so helpful creating a feeling of well-being … complimented by people who are successful.”

Christine C., New Milford, CT

“I just want to say thanks to Bob Bly for the AWAI Successful Prospecting conference call on Wednesday. I told my wife afterwards that if Bob, Ilise and Katie were here I would hug each of you. The information was so practical and so well presented … plus I felt like each of you really CARED about my success.”

Davis T., Felton, CA

“AWAI’s program is amazing! I got the first section of the program in the mail Saturday morning and worked on it all weekend long! I’m mailing my first assignment today. It’s so much fun! And I’ve learned more in two days than in the last five years spent writing and reading about writing.”

Karen P., New York, NY

“The AWAI copywriting program is great. Each chapter gets better than the last.’ ”

Carolyn C., Rochester, NY

“I have consistently found the AWAI personnel to be very helpful, encouraging, and quick to respond to my questions and requests.”

David H., Lincoln, NE

“In my book, the quality of the Six-Figure Copywriting Program has been phenomenal.”

Lyn B., E. Hampton, NY

“Things are happening very quickly with my resume business. I am learning valuable lessons in business, the craft of writing, and building lasting relationships with people from all walks. This little experiment, although still quite young, has yielded challenges and rewards beyond expectation. And it all started with a simple step.”

James J., Springfield, IL

“I just logged onto the Selling Yourself site and within 2 minutes I’ve been saying nothing but ‘Wow!’ ‘Wow!’ ‘This is unbelievable!’ I’ve been in a rut now for over two months. Just that 2 minutes at your site has slapped my face and put me in gear. I’m out of the rut. Thank you! Thank you so much for the invaluable service that is also an inspiration. Maybe you never thought Selling Yourself could be an inspiration as well. Well it is. Very much so.”

Ken T., Nagoya, Japan

“Wow! Thanks so much! It was more than worth it – but maybe I’d better be explicit. Yesterday (February 25) I attended the first teleconference call of your “Building Your $100,000 Freelance Copywriting Business” – and was I impressed! I’ve taken several teleconference courses and found them to be usually only extended ads, often sloppy and not delivering on their stated promises. Not yours! You had three knowledgeable and dynamic resource people, you did exactly what you said you’d do – and more. Every point was useful and not a minute was wasted. The high energy behind it was a bonus – and inspiring.

Sooo – Wow! And thanks again – so much!”

Marilyn R., San Diego, CA

“I’ve been thinking of starting a resume service for years and have bought several ‘how to start a resume service’ books, e-books and have read countless Websites on the subject. Yet AWAI’s package is the BEST of them all, bar none. Well worth the investment.”

Jean H., Dallas, TX

“Michael Masterson’s program has given me a glimpse out of the window of freedom – freedom to live and support myself well from wherever I wish to reside. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Peter. B., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“To launch my new career plans the best way possible, I knew I needed focus and guidance – to hook up with someone who had traveled the same path before me and could give sound advice on what did and did not work.

I was an ad agency copywriter before I started the program, and I’ve learned FAR more from those monthly AWAI packets than from any other source I’ve been exposed to. And it’s impacted ALL my writing - made me a better writer than I ever was before.”

Jaye R., Portland, OR

“I’m writing to tell you that the program you have developed is excellent – the best I have seen. No other program takes you step-by-step through the whole letter writing process so thoroughly. The exercises are practical and cannot help but make you a better copywriter. I’m enjoying this very much and am looking forward to a career as a professional copywriter.”

Jong H., Tinton falls, NJ

“Your program was one of the few things I’ve ordered through the mail that exceeded my expectations. The program is real, the assignments are well explained, and the program is logically organized. I’m very glad I took your program and I am already using what I have learned in my direct mail packages with impressive results. Congratulations on delivering a fine learning experience and a high quality product. To anyone considering ordering the program, do it now. The only thing you’ll regret is putting it off.”

CP, El Paso, Texas

“Thank you for this terrific program. It has not only opened up the world of copywriting to me, but has given me confidence and skills I can use in my other enterprises.”

Doris B., Boise City, OK

“I am studying AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and it has already proved useful in my business selling Spanish property. I recently advertised for agents but did not use the usual “Agents required to Sell Spanish Property” as many real estate agents do; instead, I used the heading “Promote Sunshine” which has attracted quite a few responses.”

Kevin E., Murcia, Spain

“I am truly enjoying this program. It is by far the best home-study program I have ever taken! And we’re just at the beginning … ”

Frank G., San Diego, CA

“Just had to let you folks know how much I’m enjoying AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. My head is spinning with excitement because of Michael’s ‘The Architecture of Romance.’ I have a rush from merely reading it … It is – in a word – brilliant! The powerful metaphor he has created is an incredible teaching tool.

I bought your copywriter’s program to teach myself how to write a better sales letter online for my book. What I found instead was an amazing opportunity for myself. I’ve almost finished my first lesson in under a week, and I find the program very exciting and right up my alley. Thanks so much for changing my life.”

Lynne S., Tulsa, OK

“The Senior Project Manager, the Company President, my boss, and two other people who represent “the customer” for the company that I work for called me into the conference room today in front of my co-workers. I thought for a moment something was wrong, or I was going into a serious meeting and then I was told to stand … I was ‘publicly congratulated’ today for my professional expertise in ‘producing a professionally written and expertly prepared’ training guide!

They asked me how I learned to produce such a quality product without a college degree and I had mentioned many times that I “loved to write” and have been working on a professional copywriting program for about a year … Thanks AWAI.”

John K., Lexington Park, MD

“I received a phone call from one of the biggest businessmen in our area. I had recently done a story on him and he called to praise the article mentioning that out of all the pieces ever done on him, including from the N.Y. Times and National Inquirer, this was his very favorite.

Whhhoooooopppppeeeee. Wrote that one while working on my AWAI program and faithfully reading The Golden Thread.

Actually … I can directly attribute much of my success to AWAI. AWAI has made me like the Velveteen Rabbit … a really real writer.”

Robin E., Plant City, FL

“There is a lot in the program besides how to write a resume. Lots of specific advice on establishing, marketing, building, and running your business. Well worth it, in my humble opinion.”

Sharon O., Oakland, CA

“You offer an excellent program that is full of highly valuable information that any copywriter can use to advance his or her career. I just wanted to say a personal ‘thank you.’”

Lloyd W., Las Vegas, NV

“I recently wrote a letter for a client targeting a specific area of our country in search of real estate listings. I was quite pleased that a veteran realtor friend in Michigan said the letter was compelling. That felt like high praise from a realtor. But the proof has been in the results … he has received more calls than he ever had before!”

Peri Sue R., Ft Meyers, FL

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I’m enjoying the Graphic Design Success program. The lessons are detailed, easy to follow, and explain exactly how to apply design concepts in real-world direct marketing projects.”

Vanessa K., Tacoma, WA

“I am excited about learning direct marketing graphic design and I have found the program has exceeded my expectations. I am going to school full time for multimedia and I have found that what I have been learning so far in the Graphic Design Success program has influenced my projects at school and they have taken on a more professional look.”

Lonnie K., Cincinnati, Ohio

“If my memory serves me right, AWAI’s Graphic Design Success is the only graphic design program that solely deals with direct marketing. The tuition for the program is less than a semester of college, so it’s very affordable! So far, I’ve learned quite a bit of useful information that can be used for an enjoyable lifelong career!”

Deric N., Havre, MT

“I am probably your oldest member. If I make it through the end of the next year, I shall be 80. During the program of a long life I have worked through a good many correspondence programs … but I have never before encountered one with the enjoyment and interest of yours.”

Harry D., South Wirral UK

“What an incredible idea you had for offering this program. I want you to know that I came home from a business trip, dead tired, and found that your program had been delivered in my absence. I overcame my exhaustion and burned through it in five hours.

The program has been my constant companion in hotel room after hotel room for the past month. Reading and doing the exercises were most educational, and the format is excellent. I am a professional technical trainer for a Fortune 100 company and the progression of the program is spot on.”

Terry B., Arlington, TX

“Thanks for a fantastic program. It’s all your sales letter said, and much, much more.”

Gerald B., Huron, OH

“Whenever I have a client who isn’t sure who he should hire for a copywriting assignment, I always mention that I’ll be very glad to use my graphic design skills to lay out his project. Nine times out of ten, the client jumps at the chance of hiring someone with design skills. Developing strong graphic design skills not only increases your income, it makes your writing skills more marketable AND it qualifies you to shoot for graphic design jobs. I’m GLAD I took the program.”

Beth E., Kandiyohi, MN

“I have to tell you, I’m loving every minute of this program. Right now it’s 4 a.m. and I’m up, working on it. I’ve never done anything that was so much fun that wasn’t taxed, or in some places illegal!”

Larz N., East Boothbay, ME

“Your program has been and is a real learning experience. My only regret is that I didn’t try this 30 years ago.”

Roy K., Russell, KS

“ … I must say your program is one of the very best – and I do mean the very best – I have ever taken or seen. Boy, was I surprised when you got right to the ‘guts and feathers’ of the selling process and the psychology involved in that process. You have more specifics detailed and outlined in this program than anything else I have ever seen or studied … I would recommend your program to other people that I know and meet for years to come. I think your great!”

Linda Kay P., Leavenworth, WA

“I received the first program material. It’s mind blowing. The secrets, techniques, and tips are certainly worth more – far much more – than we are paying for. It’s definitely beyond my expectations. You are highly appreciated!”

Jerry. O., Bangor, ME

“When I was working a daily job, I always worked in an office in the “business world”. When I retired I made a decision to do something totally different and creative. About that time I found American Writers & Artists Institute and signed up for their copywriting program. I have learned about a totally new - to me - business, and I have enjoyed every moment. You have not only answered my need for creativity, you add to it every week with your e-mails. I could not have had a more productive and satisfying endeavor. Thank you all.”

Billie S., Monterey Park, CA

“ … I just wanted to drop you this quick note to say a very big thank you for all the material you have sent me – I’m well impressed! I’ve just completed a two year Professional Writing Course at a University … I’m amazed that I’ve learned considerably more about this branch of writing just reading the intro pages of your material than in two years at college. From what I’ve seen so far, I also think it’s excellent value for money and I can’t wait to get started on all my assignments. The thing that struck me the most was the way in which you were able to strike up an immediate close relationship with the reader without being patronizing yet remaining extremely professional.”

Pam Y., Kent UK

“Your instruction manual is superb. There hasn’t been a moment when I didn’t feel you or your colleagues weren’t with me in the room.”

Roger I., North Yorkshire, UK

“Just received your program and am enjoying it very much. I especially like the entertaining, light touch it carries throughout, and feel sure it will not only be a lot of fun but will also bring in some serious money.”

Cecille C., Queen Charlotte, BC

“I think this program is an excellent way to break into the copywriting business. It’s been a lot of fun. I am looking forward to making it pay off now.”

Michael F., Olathe, KS

“Thanks for AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. It has lived up to my expectations and then some. A whole lot of ‘some.’”

Peter T., Weymouth, MA

“Thanks a million for giving me the honor and privilege to be associated with such a fine group. Over the years I have spent thousands checking out all kinds of self-improvement programs. And there are some really outstanding programs out there. None, however, has ever given me the opportunity to get in a couple hours “work” before I even get out of bed. None has given me the opportunity to combine my first two loves – reading and writing – until now. I got the program 8 days ago. It is everything you say and more … ”

Gebre K., St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada

“I was thrilled to know that there was a program like the one you have put together for people like me, who just need a little push, encouragement and direction to start copywriting. This has been my life-long ambition and with your expert guidance and advice, I believe strongly that I can be very successful in achieving the goal I have set for myself.”

Venkat R., San Antonio, TX

“I’m delighted with AWAI’s program. If all textbooks were written in this style, we’d have a lot more people wanting to learn. I especially like the mix of lessons and exercises. Each new section is an adventure.”

Rosemary C., FT. Walton Beach, FL

“Hi Katie,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated you taking the novice viewpoint to make sure we newbies got the most out of the Selling Yourself call.

It was not just informational; it was motivational! I’m going to try some of the suggestions soon.”

Shelley D., Indianapolis, IN

“Copywriting and all of the opportunities it offers, is not accessible to most people. AWAI’s program is the only way for people like me to find out about it. I really appreciate your method of teaching. The organization of the material is great. You never feel overtaxed, and you are always challenged and motivated.”

Barbara S., Republic, WA

“For twelve years, I have been frustrated … I sat at my computer, composed letters by the score after seeing an interesting product or idea, but haven’t known what to do with them. Until now, that is. Thanks AWAI. Your program not only teaches valuable lessons about writing sales copy, but it explains how to make a career out of copywriting.”

Wayne H., West Plains, MO

“I’m only a third of the way through the program and just wanted to say what a joy it has been. It is extremely well-written and especially motivational. I have been in direct sales for 20 years now, and have even attempted a direct mailer or two with no positive results. Now I know why. It was the best money I ever spent.”

John B., Billings, MT

“I enjoyed your program very much. It’s nice to see that you practice what you preach. Nothing I ever write will be quite the same again. And that goes for advertising copy, job applications, memos to colleagues, letters of complaint, letters to friends and family.”

Lindsay T., Huddersfield, England

“My program arrived two days ago, and I cannot leave it alone. I can’t wait to get back to it, so may I congratulate all of you for this excellent and compelling compendium of information. (If it gets any more absorbing, I think my wife will leave me!)”

Peter C., Derbyshire, England

AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is great. This is one of the most exciting things I have ever tried and I’m determined to be successful at it.”

Emery E., Deep Gap, NC

“Each segment of the program gets better and better. There’s a wealth of information, so if you love to learn and you love to write, you can’t help but love this program. At least, that’s what I found to be true for me.”

Carolyn W., Bellevue, WA

“I have only been an AWAI member for 15 days, and, to date: This program has completely altered my way of thinking and looking at things (all for the better!) and it has inspired me to write four poems. Thank all of you for the excellent opportunities it has given me. I will always be a poet. I should have been a copywriter 30 years ago. Now, thanks to you, I will be!”

Ellen. F., Ann Arbor, MI

“I love this program! I never write fan letters, but I sure am enjoying this new-found knowledge!”

Mel G., Winter Haven, FL

“Congratulations on an excellent program. It is worthy every penny.”

Mike W., Portland, Dorset, UK

“I am delighted to say I have now completed AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting! I’ve covered every aspect from front-to-back, back-to-front, upside down as well as the right way around! In so doing, I’ve learned a huge amount and have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment.”

Jane R, Lonehill, South Africa

“I’m extremely happy with the program, the quality of the program materials are better than I expected and the information is first rate. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate it 11!”

Dave W., Reno, NV

“I would like to thank you very much for the excellent program, AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. It certainly was a joy to learn all the secrets of the masters in your profession.”

Fintan C., Dublin Ireland

AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is just what I was looking for time after time. I’ve been busy reading and practicing for the last three weeks and I am very happy with it … Amazing, the magic of persuasion! Thank you for producing such an extraordinary work! You’re, beyond any reasonable doubt, the ultimate masters!”

Andre B., Bayamon, Puerto Rico

“I enjoyed your program. It was very well done. I also enjoyed studying and writing copy, and feel with more study and experience I could do very well as a professional copywriter.”

Don C., Ft. Collins, CO

“To you and all at AWAI, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the fun I am having with this program. Even if I never do anything professionally with it, the fun is well worth the investment.”

Rene S., Many, LA

“So far the program has been extremely exciting, interesting, informative and superbly put together, congratulations. I can’t wait to finish the program and join the real world of copywriting.”

Simonetta M., Jamaica, West Indies

“I just want to let you know how much I’m enjoying the program. It’s very clear, very interesting, full of fascinating insights and practical advice.”

Geoff H., Canberra, Austrailia

“I have just received the program on six-figure copywriting and it is very exciting! So much so that I’m reading it at work when I am supposed to be working!”

Peter L., Durban, South Africa

“I have completed your Accelerated Program and have found it both demanding and enjoyable. Congratulations to you and your colleagues for putting it together and for making it available to aspiring writers, even if they happen to live overseas.”

Derek C., Cornwall, UK

“I have recently purchased your program on copywriting, which I heard about through the Oxford Club, and must say that so far I’m engrossed with all of it. The exercises are interesting and the initial letter-writing project was fun. Thanks for the good work and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Clint S., Alabaster, AL

“I think your program is very well presented and you have given me confidence that I too, can do it. Thanks.”

Dennis H., Quinto Ecuador

“My program arrived two days ago and I cannot leave it alone. I congratulate all of you for this excellent and compelling compendium of information. (If it gets any more absorbing, I think my wife will leave me.)”

Peter C., Derbyshire, UK

“Congratulations on a terrific program. It’s been a real joy to read and a magnificent introduction to the wonderful world of copywriting.”

Simon F., Shropshire, UK

“I received the first program material. It’s mind blowing. The secrets, techniques, tips are certainly worth more … far much more than we are paying for. It’s definitely beyond my expectations.

Already I have done up to section 11. Guess that I can actually write. By the time I’m thru with this program … my letters will be generating cash flow for my grandchildren!

You are highly appreciated! “”

Jerry Y., NY, NY

“The copywriting program is certainly well done – clear instruction, lots of examples, and readily understood. Thanks for offering it.”

Harry G., Olympia, WA

“I’m having a blast with the program.”

Robert S., Suffern, NY

“Just a note to say thanks for making a potentially dry home study program so entertaining and informative. Instead of being taught by instructors, I feel like I’m being informed by friends. Wish I would have known years ago some of the secrets you’re showing me now. They may have resulted in more success along the way. Be assured your techniques will be part of my future success. I know the copywriting skills I glean from your program will assist me in marketing my own inventions/products.”

Dean C., Las Vegas, NV

“This is my first experience with writing of any kind, other than, of course, day-today business writing. I’m excited about your program and find it very interesting and a lot of fun.”

Susan M., Tampa, FL

“I’m so impressed. I’ve learned so much from all you guys. With all the information I’m receiving every month, I can hardly wait until the next time.”

Lynda D., Picayune, MS

“I’m looking forward to your comments as I’m anxious to learn more. I feel like I’m learning a tremendous amount from the program already, and can hardly wait for more!”

Laura G., Mesa, AZ

And From Those Who Have Been To
AWAI’s FastTrack to Success Copywriting Bootcamps …

“After my first bootcamp, I went home and made my first $17,482 in copywriting fees in just three months.After my second bootcamp, I secured four new major clients, wrote seven direct-mail packages, started my own internet business, and cracked the six-figure milestone after just two years as a professional copywriter! Honestly, I couldn’t have made it this far this fast without this program.”

Monica D., Philadelphia, PA

“Congratulations! You and your staff did a fantastic job at the jam-packed Bootcamp 2007! I go to a lot of large conferences, and this was the best run, most productive experience ever. Just world class.

BUT, I must admit, I was very skeptical about the promise of Bootcamp 2007 and even of AWAI itself.

I turned from a skeptic into a solid believer in AWAI, its Bootcamp, and its promotions.

Oh, and not just a believer in the program … but a believer in myself. You see, I put my name on the AWAI Wall of Fame wish board when I left the last session. I now believe I can be just as successful in copywriting as anyone else.”

Dick Robinson, Boynton Beach, Florida

“Bootcamp 2006 was one of the best investments I have ever made. Maybe the best. Aside from the incredible quantity and quality of knowledge and wisdom that was so graciously shared, it even surpassed my expectations as a motivational experience, one that I desperately needed to get me back on track and in the groove.

Even though I’ve been busier than ever at my regular JOB, I can hardly think of anything other than copywriting. For once in my life I know exactly where I’m going. And thanks to AWAI, I know how to get there.”

Tony Sepe, Chester, Vermont

“Just 8 months ago, I attended my first AWAI FastTrack to Success Copywriting Bootcamp … and since then I’ve attracted enough business to make at least a 5,754% return on my Bootcamp investment by the end of this year.

On top of that, I’ve been able to “retire” from my day job and become an in-demand copywriter … 5 months ahead of schedule!”

James Turner, Hopewell Junction, NY

“Dear Valerie,

I met you at the AWAI Bootcamp in 2003, and what you had to say made a difference in my life.

I was a Realtor and totally sick of the job, the boss, the customers, and the hassles. I started studying copywriting and set a date to get out of real estate. I missed it by 40 days because of closings I needed to attend to, but on Dec. 31 I quit.

It was a giant leap of faith. I had just enough money in the bank to last a few months. But as of this week I’m working on two paying assignments. I’ve also been building my sample file with some very successful Animal Rescue fund raising campaigns that I do for free.

I haven’t been this happy in years … so thank you.”

Marte C., Copywriter, Priest River, ID

“I attended the graphic design bootcamp last fall, and really had no idea where my new training would take me.

I am a business entrepreneur and was looking for a way to expand my training so I could diversify my business interests. In less than six months, I’m starting a new job that incorporates all my previous work experience and my new copywriting and graphic design skills! Although my previous work background certainly helped me obtain this job, I don’t think I would have gotten the job offer without the training I received through the AWAI programs! I will be working as a Senior Account Executive with a local publishing company. Not only will I take over existing accounts and secure new business, but I will also help those clients write and design their ads!

I’m sure there are many people out there who are wondering if they will ever find their perfect new job. I am living proof that with a little bit of patience, all the hard work really does pay off! “”

Karen B., Mt. Horeb, WI

“When I attended my first Bootcamp on September 18, 2002, I really didn’t know what to expect. But I did know one thing … I wanted to be a copywriter. And in just THREE day’s time I was …

By September 21st I had my first REAL copywriting project, and it was in the field I’d always wanted to write for. By December, my sales letter was in the mail. Then, by the end of January I had my very first control and a nice paycheck to show for it! And things were about to get even better.

By February I received a surprise bonus check for that first control and landed two more paying projects, too. Then, within just six months, I had enough work to walk away from my full-time job at a Los Angeles television station and start living the life of a copywriter!”

Susan C, Hermosa Beach, CA

“Thanks for a memorable boot camp. As of the boot camp I am a full-time freelance copywriter. I have already submitted my first spec assignment to The Motley Fool.

I am now working on The Resource Trader Alert for Agora-inc., also on spec. Thanks for getting these guys together to give us new copywriters a chance to show off our stuff.”

Sean M., Lenoir City, TN

“I’ve just completed my first paid direct mail gig, which I landed from one of the Bootcamp spec challenges. I’ll be on pins and needles until the response numbers come in, but I’m confident that this is just the first of many such assignments.”

Tom T., Cincinnati, OH

“I submitted a spec assignment to a financial newsletter as a result of last fall’s Boot Camp Job Fair. They chose mine over the others received and commented that one important factor was my documentation of the backup research I had done.

The spec I submitted (headline and lead) may be expanded into a full promo. Meanwhile they wanted a renewal series right away and hired me to do those, which I did. So the Job Fair spec assignment led directly to a paying assignment, and I’m hoping it will lead on to greater things to follow.”

Phil G., Plano, TX

“I got several paying jobs from bootcamp, which led to more projects from those same companies. I’ve been to a couple of bootcamps now, and found them very helpful because each year I made new connections and got new writing gigs, and in my case those results paid for boot camp several times over. The value it will hold depends a lot on you: where you are in the program, and your goals.”

Kammy T., Laurel, MT

“I thought I would share the following early Bootcamp success with you … Ruth Lyons at The Oxford Club is testing my spec assignment submission in the mail (an order form re-write). Better yet, this morning she gave me an assignment to rewrite an existing promotion for one of The Oxford Club’s premium newsletter services.”

Vincent C., Exeter, NH

“The presentations are great. The overall feeling I have is that AWAI really cares about our success. Thank you so much for a fantastic conference. It was just what I needed to jumpstart my career.”

John H., Trenton, NJ

“Most conferences have something in them that bores someone. Not this one. Every subject caught my interest. It was worth the money spent on the first morning. I have attended other writing conferences – this one was unusual in the warmth and openness of staff and attendees. At AWAI everyone wants to help you succeed.”

Lois R., New Orleans, LA

“Within a week of my return from the Graphic Design bootcamp, I was offered a project designing an entire Real Estate Course for International Living. IL’s representative had kept my flyer and used it to contact me. That opportunity alone was worth the trip down to Florida.”

Lorie D., Lee, MA

“The list of potential clients in my city included in my folder blew my away.”

Richard M., Burlington, VT

“The best part of the BC was that it put a face to the names of AWAI staff and fellow copywriters. I now feel very much a part of the AWAI family … it has increased my confidence as a copywriter and my belief that I can be successful”

Mark K., Chicago, IL

“I came with the mindset of a “cashier – wannabe copywriter” and I left as a writer. Thank you.”

Raymona A., Sante Fe, NM

“Thanks again and thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the bootcamp. It was such a wonderful experience. I felt like I learned as much as any of your members did and I think we made some really good connections with some potentially great copywriters. I am excited to see how the relationships develop.”

Alice Jacobs, Managing Editor, Agora Health Books

“All the speakers are extremely knowledgeable and generous. This was a truly remarkable experience. I am so impressed with everyone from AWAI. You certainly have the knowledge and experience … but more than that … you are so generous in sharing it. The “good vibe” factor was so incredible.”

Lynne S., New York, NY

“The last three days have been nothing short of amazing. Everything I’ve learned from the basic and master programs is now in razor-sharp clarity. The AWAI staff and speakers – and the masters themselves – have been so approachable and willing to share what they know. This bootcamp has given me the motivation I’ve needed to get my copywriting career going. Thank you so much for everything. I’ve also enjoyed meeting “online buddies” face-to-face and others who share this dream of the writer’s life.”

David H., Lexington, KY

“I thoroughly enjoyed the BC experience. The AWAI staff really over-delivered in terms of helpfulness, friendliness and sheer fun. I already look forward to the next one. Every section of the BC helped crystallize the info from the basic program.”

Raj C., Morgantown, WV

“Overall, a very thorough, well-rounded workshop. It’s reassuring to meet and see all the faces at the other end of my internet connection. The workshop has given me the boost I needed to keep on going with my goal of becoming a freelance copywriter.”

Lois P., Buffalo, NY

“This was my second bootcamp and it was like a reunion – among friends. I also had the opportunity to meet and present a speech with my client from Nightingale-Conant. That was priceless. I feel like my mind has expanded with knowledge. Things that I learned last year are much clearer to me now. For instance, the core complex and deeper benefits. They were like theories to me last year. This year, I found myself having an ‘aha’ experience. I feel like I suddenly have x-ray-vision glasses on, where I can see deeper into copy. I can see things that I was blind to last year. I’m hoping this breakthrough will show up in my copy, so I can deliver even more controls.”

Catherine C., Bracebridge, Ontario

“Bootcamp was an event I will not soon forget! I was very impressed with both the bootcamp’s format and speakers … Not to mention the Job Fair where I feel I made some good contacts!

Bootcamp is an asset I’m glad I invested in. As for my experience … the ROI on is priceless – since its returns will continually be of benefit to me!”

Bob Regan, Newton, PA

“Hi Denise,

I can only say that meeting you and the other AWAI people was not only fantastic and wonderful, it was a fulfillment of a dream … and a beginning of many more. You and all of the AWAI staff along with the ETR staff really know how to put on a personal-life changing Bootcamp. Unbelievable!”

Ken T., Nagoya Japan

“AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp is the best seminar and training camp I’ve attended. I’ve worked in direct marketing for over 25 years and have attended my share of conferences and seminars. The sessions were lively and the content was great. Everything said by the speakers was credible.

For a beginner in copywriting, this program covers it all. For the experienced writer, what a way to be reminded of the basics and lift your thinking to new levels. The networking opportunities were excellent and I made contact with writers who I will consider to help me for my growing creative agency’s work. Even though I’m hardly new at copywriting, I’ll be back.”

Gary Hennerberg, Professional Copywriter

“My main concern entering Bootcamp (and I know I wasn’t not alone in this) was self-promotion. I was a good writer before Bootcamp, but a D- self-promoter. Now, I can confidently say I am a great writer and a grade A self-promoter. The self-confidence I have now to market my services is invaluable and will be invaluable to my copywriting career.

So thank you, each one of you, so much. Bootcamp exceeded my (very high) expectations. I recommend it as essential to anyone serious about copywriting. And I will certainly be returning next year.

I’m writing from Tortola, British Virgin Islands. I’m planning on spending Jan. Feb. and March here, before going to Paris for the spring. Copywriting has allowed me this incredible freedom … I can’t think of a better testimonial than that …

This was a fantastic experience. It was educational and entertaining. I’ll be back for next year’s even if I have to walk the 1300-plus miles to get there from Dallas.”

Melia C., Charlottesville, VA

“FastTrack to Success was even better than last year’s! Thanks a million for a great program. As usual everything was impeccably done, from the organization to the presentations. And, of course, the glue that holds it all together is the AWAI’s stupendous staff. See you next year!”

Ronald M., Eugene, OR

“This Bootcamp was first rate. The presenters were excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned so much. See you next year!”

Sandy G., Vancouver, BC

“This Bootcamp made the program – and the possibilities – REAL!! I loved it!”

Maribeth P., Anderson, IN

“FastTrack to Success was an extremely useful, enormously informative program. It’s really fired me up about the financial and personal opportunities available in copywriting.”

Phil R., San Diego, CA

“This is the best conference – of any kind – that I’ve ever attended anywhere. It was so packed with good information and encouragement, I feel like I’ve been taking a drink from a fire hose and thoroughly enjoying it!”

Phil G., Plano, TX

“Absolutely loved the whole experience. I’ll be back next year!”

Sara R., New York, NY

“Overall, this was an excellent experience … great content and very good presentations. It was very gratifying to see AWAI’s commitment to our success.”

Alan G., New London, NH

“Without a doubt, the Bootcamp was a life-changing experience for me.”

David M., Ft. Pierce., FL

“Thank you again for the opportunity to attend the Boot Camp. Not only do I feel part of the AWAI family, I have made contact will people who can REALLY FAST FORWARD MY CAREER!”

Paul D., Carlsbad, CA

“Denise/Katie, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated your wonderful hospitality.

I also want you to know that I was very impressed with how smoothly and well run the conference appeared to be – and, believe me, I’ve been to a large number of conferences over the years that were put on by big companies and organizations that have been at it for 20 years or more. So, you should feel very proud of what you accomplished. The real test is how attendees feel about their investment, and your people seemed to feel very good about what they learned.”

Robert Ringer, National Best-Selling Author

“AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp and Job Fair was one of the most valuable events I’ve ever attended, well worth the time and expense. The Job Fair in particular – with its wealth of spec assignments – made this 20-year marketing professional tear up in gratitude. Okay, that may be overstating it a bit, however … I can’t remember ever being presented with so much opportunity to power launch my career within such a short period of time.

Your patient staff bent over backwards to be helpful and adjust to what we required. And the presenters were genuine, top notch, entertaining and – most importantly – very informative.”

Amy R., Chapel Hill, NC

“I went to Bootcamp with an agenda. I was determined to conquer features and benefits. You see, I’ve been struggling to internalize the difference between the two, and to weave them both seamlessly into my copy.

When Bob Bly gave us his talk on the F.A.B. pyramid - it clicked! Features are what the product is … benefits (I like to call them obvious benefits) are what the product does … and deeper benefits (I like to call them the ‘benefit of the benefit’) are what you need to add depth to your copy.

I can’t wait to finish my first spec assignment with this new information!”

Heather L., Houston, Texas

“This year’s FastTrack to Success bootcamp was incredible. This was my third boot camp and AWAI just keeps getting better and better at this. The thing I enjoy most is getting together with friends I’ve made in the past and forming new friendships with new people I meet. I enjoy a power network of support with the friends I’ve made at each boot camp … and that support network gets bigger each year. My first boot camp jumpstarted my copywriting career and it hasn’t slowed down since! I’ve just joined Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Marketing Institute and I know I have AWAI programs and boot camps to thank for this wonderful opportunity!”

Vicky H., Denton, TX

“Excellent! Most comprehensive copywriting program I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to a lot. I’ve been studying the best minds in direct response for the last 5 years, and I received several items of profound value that I’ve never heard anyone talk about before. Also I’ve never seen anyone cover the actual writing task so comprehensively. From beginning to end, I feel this program will be pivotal in my copywriting career. Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely be back for more.”

Alan B., Chicago, IL

“On the whole, an excellent program. I have learned so much.”

Ben, Fleet Street newsletter, UK

“John Forde’s Friday presentation was excellent. Jen Stevens was terrific. Overall I thought it was a great program with a lot of actionable advice. My team was very excited about what they learned.”

Jenny Thompson, Publisher of Agora Health

“Bob Bly is a master presenter. His presentations were concise, informational, timely, and wonderful. He was prepared and engaging. And even interesting and accessible. He instantly connected with his listeners by sitting with us in the first row of members and took notes at all the presentations. He even dressed like us. Smart man. Very professional. I also liked the AWAI evening session. Thanks for the info.”

Beth E., Kandiyohi, MN

“All AWAI staff and all speakers were great! Thanks!”

Lee M., Plantation, FL

“This was probably the best week of my life. I can already tell that I’m a much better writer and I haven’t even tried writing something yet. Thank you for letting us learn from such talented copywriters.”

Cathy W., Silver Spring, MD

“Dear Bob, Thank you one more time for the wealth of substantive information and detail you gave us during our intense three-day stretch. I not only appreciated your actual presentations, but also your friendly availability to us throughout the entire Bootcamp.

Your books continue to be a source of solid information and inspiration to me. After many years, I still refer to my now pathetically dog-eared copy of The Copywriter’s Handbook. I am currently reading your Business to Business Direct Marketing. I find answers to all my questions and learn exactly what I need and want to know many times on each page.

Thank you again for your terrific contributions to the Bootcamp … and to my business!”

Carolyn W., Sacramento, CA

“Thank you very much. The program was great and I feel like it’s been a great help to me. Not only with how best to do my writing, but also to help me with my motivation.”

Nathan D., Washington, DC

“It was a real kick to finally meet the real people behind the program. It was also extremely fun!”

– Ed H., Greer, SC

“One million thanks to the whole AWAI staff. Overall, the bootcamp was fantastic, and a must for your masters members!”

Maurice C., Flowers Cove, Canada

“I can definitely do this … coming to the bootcamp enabled me to tangibly see, or feel that this is a viable career for me. I really appreciate Michael supplying guidance on the time I should put in to becoming competent, become a master, and reach the level of ultra-success.”

Janice F., New Orleans, LA

“This program cemented the feelings I have had about learning copywriting. The quality of the people involved more than convinced me this is real and the way to go.”

Michael Y., Key West, FL

“Michael was very inspirational and informative. I was also impressed by Don and Jen’s thorough coverage of writing fundamentals. I feel more secure knowing that I have personally met the minds of the AWAI.”

Maxine M., Portland, OR

“This bootcamp drove home with crystal clarity all of the things that were previously fuzzy to me. It really is the difference between crawling toward success and sprinting toward it!”

Madeleine K., Raleigh, NC

“Let me give you a big THANK YOU HUG for everything last week. Besides being the most potentially lucrative ‘conference’ I’d ever been to, it was also the most fun. I loved being able to meet the gang and put some faces to your names. The aspect of the week that impressed me the most was the overwhelming generosity from everyone. See you next year!”

Michael L., Tucson, AZ

“I had such high hopes and goals for my Bootcamp experience and every one was met or exceeded. It was so fun to finally put faces with all the AWAI names and then to have each of them turn out to be such nice people. I know I was not alone in feeling the warm welcome extended to the members.

I’ve attended plenty of conferences and there’s always at least one session you wish you would’ve skipped out on and gone to the beach. I wouldn’t have traded a single minute of class for time in the waves.”

M. Smith, Sioux City, IA

“I landed my first paid copywriting assignment two months after I attended AWAI’s FastTrack to Success. Six months later, I had all the work I could handle.”

Krista Jones, Roswell, GA ‘01

“I must say that I’m impressed with all that you do to continuously improve things – that’s why I’ve been so enamored with AWAI. You seem to genuinely care about the members and I think that comes through.

So for what it’s worth, congratulations!”

Krista Jones, Roswell, GA ‘02

“I found that throughout the bootcamp, I was actually learning a new way of thinking – about business, about the world, about relationships, and especially about advertising. I learned to see copywriting as a helping profession, and that let me get excited about it.”

Glen Strathy, Mountain Grove, Ontario

I had such a wonderful time at the Bootcamp!!! It totally exceeded all my expectations. Michael Masterson’s Achieving Your Goal was off the charts. Steve Leveen seems like a wonderful person.

Excellent, excellent, excellent!”

Sabrina H., Doylestown, PA

“Thanks for a didactic and fun experience. All presenters and staff were FIRST CLASS! , accessible, beautiful and honestly altruistic! It was great associating with people demonstrating both mental and physical health. I got up an hour and 15 min. earlier this am, and found it empowering. Looking forward, with excitement and anticipation, to future involvement with AWAI, staff and associates!”

Ray O., Austin, TX

“I’ve been studying the best minds in direct response for the last 5 years, and I learned more secrets of profound value here at AWAI’s FastTrack Program than I’ve learned anywhere else. Also, I’ve never seen a program cover the actual writing process so comprehensively. I know this program will be pivotal in my copywriting career. Thanks a lot!””

Ken H., Waukesha, WI

“Your boot camp delivered all that it promised, and more. Please pass my thanks on to the entire crew, as I know that there is a hell of a lot of planning that goes in pulling off a successful conference.”

Eric B., Lake Bluff, IL

“Within 24 hours of returning from AWAI Bootcamp I received a $16,000 raise!!!

I started Bootcamp as Managing Editor of our little home town local magazine. I came home and was made Editor-In-Chief.

The publisher figured since I was willing to invest my time and money in a program like AWAI, I must be serious about this whole writing thing. On Monday morning … less than 24 hours out of bootcamp … I got the offer.

Plus I got some other added goodies …

I’m under freelance status not an employee of the magazine.

I’m able to get free ad space for my business writing.

I’m able to approach our advertisers for copy work.

I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had!”

Robin E., Plant City, FL

“Excellent. All marketers should attend this bootcamp. I learned a tremendous amount.

Extremely well-organized and relevant conference. One of the BEST I’ve attended.”

Kathie B., Savannah, GA

“Thank you for making us all feel so welcome. I felt like I was meeting long-time friends.”

Catherine C., Toronto, Canada

“Workshops very helpful … Peer comments on my headline and lead were very good … Presentations very good … I especially enjoyed Mr. Leveen’s presentation … The BC was excellent … It got me back on track. Thanks.”

Bob H., Vero Beach, FL

“Bob Bly amazed me with the depth of his copywriting and marketing knowledge. I loved Don’s presentation on the Order Device – it was excellent. Michael’s Top 10 things to get wealthy is priceless.”

Tony O., W. Palm Beach, FL

“The whole workshop was excellent. The supportive speakers and staff showed a generous spirit towards us at all times. I enjoyed particularly all the practice exercises. The process of the panel review was fantastic, instructive and supportive. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work in putting on the workshop. I wouldn’t have missed meeting the staff and my fellow members for the world.”

Eileen P., Nottingham, UK

“Bringing back members who are now working was very encouraging. Let’s us know that the system works out in the field.”

Doug P., NY, NY

“As a newcomer to the program, this bootcamp was a giant step in building skills. Meeting the people at AWAI and the other lecturers really helped put faces on the names I’d been seeing. I’m more resolved than ever to complete the program. Thanks for everything.”

Bob B., Alexandria, VA

“Writing workshops were very useful, panel review is valuable and non-threatening. Bringing in companies who are offering real job opportunities is a huge motivation. For members to be able to talk to with these companies in person, to hear them tell members that they desperately need them to write for them is one of the biggest motivations I can think of.”

Andrew E., Santa Fe, NM

“The AWAI staff was very helpful, concerned about my success, pleasant, and genuine. Thanks for all your hard work”

Michael L., Tucson, AZ

“I attended last year’s bootcamp and enjoyed it thoroughly. But this year’s was outstanding because of the way it was structured. The workshops were great and extremely helpful.”

Sheila K., Dixon, CA

“You guys did an awesome job! You took good care of us with mixers, meals and social activities. The content of the presentations inspired me. Everything just flowed. Fantastic.”

Desiree R., Midland, TX

“Michael answered all the questions I had about becoming a successful copywriter. I’m looking forward to my new career! Thanks for all your help.”

Dick Z., San Francisco, CA

“Thanks to all of you. I’ve now learned how to save 10 minutes every day by showering in less than 3 minutes.

I’ve also learned how truly unique the Ford family is and how giving they are. Of course, I’ve learned more about copywriting than I knew existed and will be able to immediately apply it to my business. The AWAI staff is awesome.”

Jack McD., Littleton, CO

“I loved Bob’s presentations and Michael’s were truly inspirational. This camp was the best seminar I’ve ever been to. It is truly educational, offers real industry insight and a chance to mingle with pro’s. Best of all, there’s positive energy, support and fun.”

Patrick W., Palm Springs, CA

“I found Jen’s grammar review to be excellent. Don was superb in instructing us to write using a natural voice. Michael was excellent in filling us in on the major concept as well as the things we should ask marketing directors.”

Sharon C., Boston, MA

“I learned so, so much! 4U’s, 4P’s, prism – This was a very worthwhile week!”

Ellen G., Las Vegas, NV

“Absolute GREAT opportunity to meet and form relationships with leading publishers who proved to be very sincere when they said they were here to help us members.”

Carline A., Towson, MD

“This should turn out to be the most beneficial workshop I’ve ever attended. Just the opportunity to ‘get out feet in the door’ to a world-class publishing company was truly awesome. Thanks to AWAI for making it happen.”

Daryl T., Houston, TX

“Thanks for organizing such a valuable retreat! Of all the fantastic products and programs AWAI offers (and I’ve got most of them :-) ), this was by far the greatest thing you guys could have done to help us launch our careers.”

Tricia G., Battle Creek, MI

“I appreciated the caliber and variety of presenters. I got something from every single presentation. It’s so great to hear from all these experts. Attending Bootcamp boosted my confidence, provided me with new information, and reinforced what I already knew. Having the opportunity to talk with copywriters making a living with their writing, as well as other newbies, helped me feel like I was a part of something bigger. I really feel AWAI wants me to succeed. Thanks!”

Sharon R., Salem, OR

“The AWAI staff is excellent … they really want members to succeed. I also appreciate the payment plans for the event and the willingness of AWAI to be flexible about the timing of the payments. I absolutely plan to attend next year!”

Lynne E., Pfugerville, TX

“Michael Masterson’s opening remarks set the tone for this info-packed conference by giving us the ‘meat and potatoes’ right off the bat, not just some ‘glad you’re here’ kind of fluff. This was my second Bootcamp, and I will be back next year!”

Larry C., Sumter, SC

“It was good to meet the folks from AWAI, but even better to meet other aspiring copywriters.”

John G., Las Vegas, NV

“The expertise delivered goes beyond the bounds of expectations and is so rich with variety. The presenters are spectacular teachers … amazingly inspirational. Yes, I’ll be back.”

Corrine B., Knoxville, TN

“The presenters really got the audience involved and enthusiastic … gave tips that I can really use when sitting down to write. Beautiful hotel, friendly staff, and excellent food.”

Blythe A., Virginia Beach, VA

“I enjoyed my Bootcamp experience very much and accomplished the goals I set for myself prior to arriving. I met many great people and learned so much. This is a great program. Thank you.”

Lisa A., St. Louis, MO

“I really enjoyed reconnecting with old friends from last year, hearing their success stories, and getting to know new friends as well as the AWAI staff. I was able to establish a rapport with at least five new clients. Everything was interesting and important. I will definitely return for future Bootcamps.”

Janice T., Seattle, WA

“I will definitely return for another Bootcamp … every opportunity to learn contributes to my success. I’m leaving Bootcamp ’07 highly motivated and would recommend attending next year to anyone who is serious about a copywriting career. Thanks for all the effort that went into making this a great event. I’m thrilled that I found AWAI.”

Linda Lee K., Media, PA

“The Peer Reviews were a great experience … very empowering … excellent feedback! Bootcamp offered great content, terrific staff, wonderful new colleagues and friends. Will I be back? Yes!”

Mike S., Lewisville, TX

“The facility was great … the food delicious … and congratulations on having the best staff in the world. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth by attending Bootcamp. Yes, I’m coming back next year!”

Liane P., Grob-umstadt, Germany

“Great suggestions for writing our own ‘right on target’ controls. Extremely useful. My first Bootcamp was a little overwhelming, but I wouldn’t change a thing. My goal now is to go home, get organized, and put all this information into practice. I will absolutely be returning for more.”

Gregory C., Albuquerque, NM

“Michael Masterson really delivers the nuts and bolts about copywriting … right to the point … no fluff. Bootcamp offered great learning experiences and networking opportunities. I came here not knowing what to expect, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. AWAI’s Bootcamp should be used as the industry standard for seminars. I’ve already signed up for next year!”

Rick D., Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for a well-planned conference with very strong speakers and substantial, workable advice. I loved the opportunity to put faces to names and feel connected … to want to take ACTION now. Very motivating!”

Kathleen C., Lenox, MA

“Very insightful presentations … helped me to understand what I need to do to deliver a successful package … provided the tools to tighten, edit and improve my copy. Really got my ‘wheels’ turning … thinking of various ways to promote myself. Learning what marketers expect and need from copywriters was critical information – thanks for sharing it! I’m really looking forward to implementing these ideas.”

Kevin A., Davenport, IA

Michael S., New York, NY

“I’m flabbergasted by how many ‘revelations’ I’ve had during this Bootcamp. The program and the speakers were incredible. I thought last year’s Bootcamp was great … but I can’t believe how much better this one was.”

John C., Torino, Italy

“Jammed-packed with info … as well as very entertaining. I didn’t know how you could make it better than last year, but you did it! Of course I’ll be back next year as a ‘Wall of Famer’ … that is my commitment!”

Tonimarie M., New Bern, NC

“This was a wonderful opportunity to meet the best in the business and to hear success stories from people who only a few years ago were in the same position as myself. Just being in the same room with them was worth the price of Bootcamp. All the people I met, the contacts I made, not to mention the valuable information I got from listening to the masters. Yes, yes, yes … I WILL BE BACK!”

Jacqueline P., Hollister, CA

“I give Joe Vitale’s presentation at Bootcamp a 10+++ … excellent … life-changing … WOW! He has such positive energy, it just fills everyone with power and strength. So many awesome tips from Herschell Gordon Lewis and the other presenters … plus critical networking opportunities, and access to the AWAI staff and speakers. This is my one chance each year to be with fellow copywriters … it’s energizing and wonderful to be among my copywriting ‘family’ … see you next year!”

Pam F., Scarborough, ME

“It was nice to see the different approaches to getting awesome results. Michael, Will, John, Paul … all these presenters over-delivered. Herschell is a very funny guy who knows his stuff inside and out. Tons of practical information and inspiration. I put off Bootcamp last year because I didn’t think I was ready. I’m thrilled that I didn’t make the same mistake this year. Come to Bootcamp whether you think you’re ready or not … it will launch your career once and for all. Without a doubt, I’m coming back next year.”

Steve R., Verona, WI

“The biggest takeaway from Bootcamp is the authenticity of the AWAI staff and speakers. It’s obvious that it is one of the fundamental values built into the company and all of its products and services. What an awesome experience!”

Sandy D., Deptford, NJ

“I’ve already signed up for Bootcamp ’08. I’m determined to make this business work, and I expect to be on AWAI’s ‘Wall of Fame’ next year. Thanks for everything!”

John T., Brunswick, NJ

“I’ll be back! For the connections, the interactions, the learning, and the pure enjoyment of it all!”

Rick R., Dallas, TX

“I appreciate the pros who shared their wealth of knowledge. This is what I came to Bootcamp for. The presentations were jam-packed with good info and great fun! I learned so much.”

Kim A., St. Petersburg, FL

“Attending Bootcamp was a significant leap forward for me. I grew and was stretched in ways I wasn’t expecting. I’m in a good place now … thanks!”

David B., Madison, GA

“Bootcamp provided great energy, valuable expertise … and people, people, people.”

Beverly N., Roseville, CA

“I will definitely return to Bootcamp next year. I learned an incredible amount of information and also gleaned a new way of approaching spec assignments and marketing directors. I also appreciated the opportunity to meet the other ‘Circle of Success’ members … it was a pleasure to put a face to a name and voice.”

Theresa R., Brockton, MA

“The speakers talk from the heart and genuinely want to see us succeed. The presentations were dynamic, interesting, and very educational. Like Arnold said, ‘I’ll be back!’”

Steve A., DeBary, FL

“I totally plan on attending Bootcamp ’08 … to make revolutionary professional growth and personal development, gain friendship, meet new colleagues, and share the experience of the AWAI family. Thanks for a wonderful educational experience!”

Abdul M., Fresno, CA

“I loved putting faces to the names I had been reading about. The speakers were excellent and easy to understand. As I was only two months into the program, I debated about coming to Bootcamp. I’m so thankful I did! It was a wonderful experience and I learned much more than I expected. I will never miss another Bootcamp. It was a thrill of a lifetime.”

Millie M., Lantana, FL

“Excellent grass-roots info from experts. Yippee!! It doesn’t get much better than this. This was a reality check, but that’s a good thing. Hey, this copywriting stuff works!”

Roberta W., Minnetonka, MN

“I was fearful of the fact that I would know no one at Bootcamp. I thought people would be very cliquish and not very friendly. However, things turned out to be the exact opposite. People – both the AWAI team and the attendees – were EXTREMELY warm and friendly. It was far beyond what I expected.”

Jim T., Hopewell Junction, NY

“One of the best things about going to the conference is meeting smart, creative people and being able to spend time with some of the brightest minds in the business. The after-hour discussions in the bar, dinner out with a group of other attendees, and the networking breakfasts are as valuable as the regular sessions. It’s a great way to meet new friends and new contacts!”

Brad M., Salt Lake City, UT

“I would like to take this time to thank you and the whole staff at AWAI for one of the most enjoyable experiences of my entire life. You folks really out did yourselves in all areas of this conference. The speakers could not have been better. The facilities where top notch, as was the food. I have come away from this conference with a whole different mind set. The people I had the opportunity to meet were absolutely unbelievable to say the least. My only regret is that I did not meet everyone there.

What a great conference it was! I have come away from this conference totally overwhelmed …

Chuck F., Pecatonica, IL

Thanks … It was an excellent conference – one of the better ones I’ve attended (and there are many, believe me).”

Larry B., Evergreen, CO

“Wow … AWAI did a great job with this Bootcamp. I couldn’t be happier with the staff and the sincere desire everyone at AWAI has to make us all successful.

See you again next year!”

Michael L., Waxhaw, NC

“That whole weekend happened so fast! I loved the MCG Luncheon! I’m the lucky one who won the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder! I’m already using it! Thank you, Bob Bly! Thank you, Marcia King-Gamble! Thank you, Clayton Makepeace! Thank you, Jen Stevens! Thank you, Herschell Gordon Lewis! And of course … thank you, Mr. Masterson!! I love what I have become so far.

I did get my first deadline! I have to do a sales letter for a small retail store in my community. Being a rookie at this, you’d love how I ‘sealed the deal!’ I am volunteering my services. However, if my work is liked, I am assured some holiday sales letters! This really is unbelievable to me and I’m lovin’ it! Thank you again and again!!!”

Sara J., McHenry, IL

“I must tell you, I am in ‘Bootcamp heaven.’ That was the most awesome networking/learning experience I’ve ever attended.

The critique session, especially, went a long way toward boosting my confidence. I spent today going through the many spec assignments I picked up at the Job Fair, and deciding on the ones I am going to submit. I’ve narrowed it down to four. So, I am now happily beginning my copywriting career journey, or as I like to think of it … my ‘Millionaire March!’

Again, thank you AWAI for a wonderful experience.”

Toni P., Accokeek, MD

“I can only agree with your excitement about the great conference you folks put on. It was dazzling, challenging and a huge boost of energy to stimulate mine and Roy’s interest in pushing ourselves to create our niche. With this as my third workshop with AWAI, you have created a stellar reputation as a class act. With 30 years of attending and putting on professional conferences as a psychologist, I have much to compare.

I look forward to more.”

Corinne R., Knoxville, TN

“I’d easily rate this amongst the best conferences I’ve attended. Almost every session was packed full of useful information, and I made several key connections. You’ll definitely be hearing from me.”

Sid S., Portland, OR

“Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with the Bootcamp this year. Everyone on the AWAI staff was both very professional and helpful.

The sessions were all great and very helpful … I’m definitely motivated to keep moving ahead and cannot think of a single reason why I wouldn’t attend next year.

Thanks again for a great Bootcamp and for taking the time to answer my questions.”

Bill Z., Parkland, FL

“Thank you for a great Bootcamp. It was the first time I attended one, and I learned so much. It was also a pleasure to meet the people who until now I’ve known only as names in AWAI emails.

Please convey my thanks to everyone else at AWAI for everything they did to make the event a success.”

Susan K., Arlington, MA

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Bootcamp. I learned something valuable from each speaker, made some friends and came home with some real spec possibilities that speak to my background and talents.

Your AWAI people are all very hardworking and sincere. They were very helpful to me throughout the four days.”

Lou W., Huntington Beach, CA

“I’m still beaming during this time of afterglow from Bootcamp.

It is such a pleasure to work with professionals like you. And I feel so privileged that you invited me to participate at a fairly high profile level of involvement. Since you’ve only seen me once in action before a year ago, you took a bit of a risk in inviting me to stand before your paying audience multiple times as MC. I hope that I represented you well.

I’m hopeful that as you develop conferences and new products for AWAI that you’ll keep me in mind as a resource. I very much enjoy my association with you.”

Gary Hennerberg, Hennerberg Group, Inc.

“Thanks again for all your help putting our Agora sessions together. It was the icing on the AWAI cake … a rich, layer cake of copywriting know-how.

Best of all was the speed at which I was able to apply the teachings during my first week back in Baltimore. Wow! This stuff really works.

I’ve set a goal to complete the Six-Figure Copywriting program by New Year’s Day. It may be a long night on 12/31 … but I’m confident 2007 will be my break-out year.”

Patrick B., Baltimore, MD

“I just wanted to let you know that you did a fabulous job in executing the AWAI Bootcamp this year, and I received some valuable information for growing my PR and writing business. Great job! Thanks again.”

Melanie R., Howell, MI

“I learned so much at Bootcamp. It was great to be able to learn from and talk to Lori, Peleg, Roger, and the rest. It was definitely worth every penny. I look forward to coming again next year. Thanks again.”

Evelyn L., Fulton, NY

“After getting back from AWAI’s copywriters Bootcamp and having a week to digest all of the information I got, I thought I’d take an opportunity to write you a little reaction.

I am pretty much brand-new to the copywriting business and was more than a little nervous about coming to Florida for Bootcamp. Well, after three incredibly intense days, I was thrilled that I did. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Your speakers were dynamic, their topics were pertinent, and the information was non-stop. It was a more beneficial experience than I could have imagined. I made some great new contacts, was flooded with fantastic ideas and got a real intangible as well – a confidence boost that I can succeed in my new career. I am looking forward to next year already!! Thanks to you and Katie and your whole staff who made it such an enjoyable and beneficial experience.”

Chuck D., Lake Zurich, IL

“Well, you did it again. You put on a marvelous event. Fun, info-packed, energizing, it had it all. Great speakers made the day seem like it flew by.

I had a lot of fun. It was good seeing folks I met last year plus meeting new ones. Not only that but the extra special pleasure of meeting my vitamin copy critiquer, Donna Doyle. What a nice lady!

Anyway, keep up the good work!”

Jeff H., Marlow, NH

“This conference was the most amazing and wonderful conference on writing I’ve ever been to! Thank you so much for all the care, work and diligence you and all the folks at AWAI put into it.

I signed up for the copywriting program and am truly looking forward to learning from the masters!

Thank you again.”

Nettie H., San Marcus, TX

“Denise, I just wanted to compliment you and your staff on the tremendous AWAI FastTrack to Success program. I’ve been on the ‘working’ end of the Florida Water Resources Conference and I know how much is involved! Everything was perfect from my point of view. The best speakers, easy-to-access experts that actually speak to attendees during the breaks and at dinner, great accommodations.

Wonderful all the way around! Thanks for all your hard work.”

Donna K., Jacksonville Beach, FL

“Katie … First and foremost, thank you for another well done Bootcamp. I realize that you are incredibly busy, especially after being out of the office, so I will keep this very short. The speakers this year were all excellent and informative and, as usual, the entire experience was inspirational.

During the closing, you challenged us to do something everyday to reach our goals. Last year as soon as I stepped off the plane, my life hit me full force and shoved my goals aside. So this year, I made the silent commitment to not to leave the hotel until I completed a spec assignment. Thankfully, at $249 a night, I can fly home tomorrow.

All kidding aside, thank you once again for the opportunities and inspiration that Bootcamp & AWAI provide. Be assured that no matter what happens when I step off the plane this year, I will keep writing.”

Bill R., Frankfort, IL

“I attended both ETR’s Internet and AWAI’s Bootcamp conferences, and can say without a shadow of a doubt that it has been a life-changing experience. The biggest challenge for me (and doubtless many others like myself) will be to find a focus that I can effectively translate into action.”

Wim F., Maastricht, the Netherlands

“Wow! And double wow! Congratulations on an outstanding job!

You and every single one in AWAI were just the epitome of professionalism. All throughout the Bootcamp, questions and issues were dealt with competently. On those rare instances when the staff couldn’t answer a question, they made every effort to find the answer.

Meeting and interacting with the AWAI staff are definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Friendly, eager to help and with a great sense of humor, they made me feel truly cared for (even when I lost my bag.)

For all of that, I thank you.

Looking forward to the next.”

Edith R., Houston, TX

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Bootcamp! What a HIGH! You and your staff went above and beyond, especially for newbies like myself. Thank you!”

Kris D., Oregon, OH

“My mind was reeling as I flew home on the plane after this year’s Bootcamp.

Excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation and fear are just a few of the emotions that have been racing through my mind today as I headed home to begin my brand-new life.

While on the plane, I poured through the material that I was given at Bootcamp and was actually disappointed when the pilot came on and said that we were making preparations to land! I was completely submersed in the information and the goal list I was making to get myself started.

Each speaker and presenter answered many of the questions that were flooding my mind.

You may remember that about a week before Bootcamp, I emailed asking if I might be over my head in attending based on my current experience and skill level. Your response convinced me to take the step and get my foot in the door of this exciting career.

I can’t say enough about Bootcamp and how grateful I am to you for your friendliness and willingness to answer all my questions, regardless of how silly they may have seemed to you.

You each served a powerful purpose in igniting the fire inside me to take action immediately and launch out on an exciting adventure as a copywriter.

I have never looked so forward to reading my mail as I was today. Since writing for the fundraising market is the niche I am anxious to begin with, the first thing I did after coming through the door was sift through my mail. I was looking for any fundraising pieces that I could read and study.

To my delight, there were two. What a difference in the way I read them today as compared to before I went to Bootcamp. The information I’ve brought home as well as the contacts I made is invaluable!

Thank you each AWAI staff member for the contribution you made to my life this week! I’m looking forward to 2007 and have already paid for next year!”

Judy F., Pepperell, MA

“The AWAI conference was as good an event as it gets. The speakers were very informative, my contacts were wonderful and Joe Vitale was by far the most professional presenter. He exceeded my expectations. No BS. No hype. No pressure. No upsell. Low keyed. No screaming on stage. A true pro. All the other AWAI presenters and staff speakers were also great with great info.”

Art H., Lake Wales, FL

“This is my golden opportunity to say how very much I enjoyed Bootcamp this year. This was my second year; last year I attended the copywriting sessions and this year I attended the graphics sessions. I too was treated like a queen by ‘helpful and caring staff’ – from the presenters at the sessions to the AWAI staff in the bookstore. Lori Haller and Kristen Schwarz were tireless in answering questions, and upbeat throughout.

I’ve already submitted my survey via snail mail, but I couldn’t resist a more personal touch to write back in an email. Thanks, AWAI, for an excellent program!”

Nancy P., Watertown, MN

“I had a great time at the ETR/AWAI Bootcamp last week and learned oh-so-much. The atmosphere and momentum of the trainings were exhilarating and inspiring.”

Moonstone W., Navarre, FL

“I enjoyed very much the Bootcamp last week and the opportunity to meet all of you. I believe my attendance has been just the ‘shot-in-the-arm’ that I have needed to get started with my career as a freelance copywriter. Thanks again.”

Tim E., Orange Park, FL

“I cannot recommend AWAI and all their programs highly enough! Hit their website for all their offerings, and if you ever have the opportunity to attend a conference in person, or take one of their programs through correspondence, I urge you to do so! They have tons of programs not just limited to copywriting, and those programs are designed and led by the brightest, most innovative team of people I’ve ever seen.”

Nettie H., San Marcus, TX

“I had a wonderful time at Bootcamp. What impressed me the most was how personable the AWAI staff and speakers were. Though they were busy, they would always take a moment to answer any questions posed by novice Bootcampers, like me. After dealing with my day job for the last week, I’m getting ready to jump into some of the spec assignments. I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to attend Bootcamp.”

Cassandra H., Mobile, AL

Bootcamp was awesome! Thanks for changing my life!”

Joshua B., Spanish Fork, UT

“Bootcamp has really fired up my determination to get online! I have reviewed all my notes and handouts, and now need to collect all the PowerPoint presentations from the conference site.

Although attending the ETR and AWAI conferences in succession was exhausting, the content really was relevant and flowed beautifully from technical considerations to content development needs of any business – Internet or brick and mortar. I’m a pretty knowledgeable techie, yet I came away with a whole new arsenal of tools to make business happen.

Thanks for all your hard work!”

Barbara P., Mesquite, NV

“Knowing the AWAI staff and the quality of stuff I’ve received from you, I was sure Bootcamp would be excellent.

However, I was unprepared for just how great it really was. No doubt you’ve had others praise you for the content, format, speakers, etc … But I’d like to bring the spotlight onto the financial opportunity that Bootcamp represents.

Several significant things happened to me there in Florida. First of all, I met a number of fellow AWAI members – several who I am now working with.

Second, the Job Fair was a smashing success for me. From the contacts that I made there, I was able to pick up 4 brand new clients and 5 new assignments!

Finally, I am now working with one of the speakers from Bootcamp on a project that is going to be worth enormous wealth to me in the coming years.

I just can’t tell you folks over there at AWAI ‘thank you’ enough. My life has been radically changed for the better! Thank you!”

Joshua B., Spanish Fork, UT

“I’ve been to the AWAI Bootcamp for the past two years and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Every year I learn more than the year before. I meet new contacts and greet old friends. But most of all, each year Bootcamp becomes the launching pad for new projects, new clients, and most of all, better copy. I’ll also be adding this year’s ‘Bootcamp-in-Your-Home’ recordings to my library of resources, and I’ll be dragging them out all year when I need help with projects. Thank you again for an outstanding conference with more high-quality content than I could keep up with!”

Marcella A., Cincinnati, OH

“I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you “thank you” for a great Bootcamp. It was my first time and I’m so glad I attended even though I haven’t finished the copywriting program. I thought that might handicap me, but it was just the opposite. I have so much more knowledge now, that finishing the program will be easier, and things will make more sense. I’m very jazzed and have been working on some spec assignments.

I’ve been involved in putting on large events, so I know what goes into it. I commend you on a wonderful job! I look forward to next year.”

Susan P., Scottsdale, AZ

“WOO HOO!!! Not the most professional way to begin my note, but I wanted to let you know how excited I am about the results of my first spec assignment from Bootcamp. I submitted my spec assignment to The Taipan Group on November 22nd, and it has already landed me a paying assignment from them!

As you can imagine, I’m very excited!

Thanks again for a GREAT Bootcamp – the confidence I gained just by being there and ‘rubbing elbows’ with so many experienced copywriters has boosted my career already!”

Caroline M., Wayzata, MN

“This was my first Bootcamp. The presenters were very accessible. I’m organizing all my info and will definitely respond to the spec assignments. I’m definitely signing up for next year.”

Marie C., Millville, DE

“Michael Masterson was very motivational. Every presentation had something of value. This Bootcamp was worth every penny and more. I didn’t think it was possible to get so much out of a few days! I was also impressed by the level of professionalism, the enthusiasm, and the amount of information. I would recommend Bootcamp to anyone who is serious about a copywriting career.”

Lynn R., Montgomery Village, MD

“The AWAI team worked together like clockwork to provide a welcome spirit. I was especially encouraged by the comments from beginning copywriters and the advice given. Thank you for the friendships made and the personal attention that made my 2006 Bootcamp experience so special. I have contacted several people who I met while in Delray Beach. One can never have too many friends along the way in our quest to be the best copywriters possible.”

Richard K., Haltom City, TX

“I would like to give a big thank you to those who worked so hard to ensure a successful Bootcamp in Delray Beach, Florida. While I am still sifting through loads of information, I believe I have been given some valuable tools to implement into my life and goals. I was a stay-at-home mom for 18 years and have been single for 5 years. I had no degree, no money, a few talents but little confidence or knowledge of how to survive. I am still learning. Thank you to all those who have given so generously, and thank you especially for the gift of HOPE!”

Kristi C., Lebanon, MO

“I must congratulate you on your masterful coordination of the event. The AWAI staff members were well-informed, very courteous and most helpful and accommodating. I was so impressed with Don Mahoney’s willingness to spend time with me (about half an hour) and share his knowledge and experience. I also noticed on several occasions that he was having one-on-one conversations with others at the conference. That says volumes about AWAI’s willingness to help students learn and practice their craft. I hope to be back next year.”

Chuck M., Jackson, TN

“This has been an experience that will change my life. I am on a new path, and I thank AWAI for this opportunity.”

Christina A., Essex, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve attended many conventions, conferences, symposiums, etc. for other industries … but none as top-shelf as my first AWAI Bootcamp! It’s been a superlative experience.”

Rick R., Dallas, TX

“Overall this was a great experience. I was unsure coming in, but I learned an immense amount, and more importantly got a boost in confidence that I can do this.”

Chuck D., Chicago, IL

“You weren’t lying when you said it would be four ‘packed’ days of sessions. They were! The speakers were awesome … a true reflection on the quality to expect from AWAI. This was very worthwhile. Good info, good recommendations, good training. Great job, AWAI team! Thanks! See ya next near!”

Frank E., Jacksonville, FL

“Everything was fantastic! Lots of energy and enthusiasm. There were so many great take-aways.”

Janice S., Fairfield, CT

“LOVED IT! Sign me up for every year! Not kidding! Thank you all!”

Tonimarie M., Newbern, NC

“You’ve done it again – only better!! Consistently top-notch!”

Eileen C., Annapolis, MD

“By mid-day on day 1 I had already gotten my money’s worth. The breadth of the material presented was amazing. I was (and continue to be) blown away by the openness, friendliness and complete availability that the presenters and staff constantly displayed. Where in the world did you find so many experts who are such great teachers and great people? How can I feel so overwhelmed and burnt out but feel so good about it!”

Robert A., Mechanicsville, VA

“I am an experienced national events manager for the U.S. government. I have attended and organized many small and extremely large events (Olympics, Presidential inaugurals, etc.). I’m very impressed with the efforts of the AWAI and ETR Bootcamps’ organizers and management teams. You proved once again that the best teachers are personable and have real world experience. Very high-quality presentations. Well done!”

Bill W., Harpers Ferry, WV

“Simply wonderful! Professional, friendly and timely info. This Bootcamp is excellent, and I would recommend it and be back. It has given me enormous practical info, and the inspiration and confidence to apply it all. Will keep you posted! Many thanks and continued success.”

Josie D., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“This Bootcamp was a terrific value for me as a first-time and new copywriter. Lots of content, lots of good timely topics, and lots of generosity from the speakers. Many thanks for a worthwhile 4 days.”

Bob M., Tucson, AZ

“I learned a tremendous amount and had information I had previously studied reinforced. The speakers inspired me to keep at it, and as soon as I got home I started in again on my Accelerated Six-Figure Program. I put my study materials on my desk as it is now the first order of business each day, and I don’t look at or think about anything else until the copywriting has been worked on.”

Marta T., Prescott, AZ

“Quality, quality, quality. You really delivered on your promise. I absorbed mountains of new information and met several great teaming prospects. You have launched my career into a new orbit. Thank you!”

Barbara P., Mesquite, NV

“The Bootcamps provide a wonderful source of information and contacts. Please keep doing them.”

Dawn H., Vandalia, OH

“I loved hearing from Michael Masterson. He was so much more down-to-earth than I expected. This was my first exposure to him, and I am very impressed. The Bootcamp presenters offered lots of great, practical, usable stuff. The panel of niche reps helped me refine my target market (thanks!). The fundraising session gave just the info I needed … and then some. Job Fair was very helpful … such a variety of potential clients!”

Gary M., Milan, MI

How I Found Financial Security in the Worst of Times

“100,000 jobs lost in one year, auto companies hemorrhaging money left and right” … Our entire family future was at risk because 98% of both our incomes was tied to the auto industry. Oh, and we were deeply in debt, with kids heading to college soon. It was the scariest time ever.

That’s when I pulled my AWAI copywriting program off the shelf and attended my first Bootcamp.

My big takeaway from Bootcamp was how hard copywriting was — I was overwhelmed — yet how desperately I needed to make this work.

I slaved away at Bootcamp spec assignments. Nothing. Finally, a request for a rewrite. Then again, nothing.

I felt beaten, defeated, discouraged … and ready to quit. My prospects seemed as black as night. But as they say, “It’s always darkest just before dawn.”

The very next day I got an invite to become a regular writer for one of the world’s largest natural health companies. They paid me generously for my spec. I was flying so high, I considered framing the check for posterity. But I decided to cash it instead. 😊

This put me on a nice monthly retainer — which added financial stability and launched me on my great copywriting adventure. I’d always made a hobby of marketing.

Now I had the best of all worlds — interesting work in marketing, freedom of location, no more financial reliance on one industry. Everything I could dream of, and more.

As I've gotten older some people ask when I plan to retire. “Retire? Who could retire when they’re having such a blast?” I found something so fun and engaging, I’ll never have to work another day in my life!

Carol P., Northville, MI

“To any fence-sitters out there: If you’re debating the merits of attending AWAI’s Bootcamp, sign up right now. It was, without doubt, the turning point of my graphics/writing career and worth every penny. I met my mentor there, Roger C. Parker and his wife, Betsy, two of the most extraordinary and generous people you will ever meet. And I made lifetime, quality contacts with both attendees and staff. Go for all the gusto you can get. You only go ‘round once in life! And good luck.”

Cherie R., Ft. Myers, FL

“The Job Fair is an excellent way for you to get your foot in the door with many potential clients. It’s your opportunity to put your best foot forward and break into work that may otherwise not have been accessible to you.”

Mark K., Broadview Heights, OH

“I call the Job Fair the ‘lazy copywriters’ way of landing a goldmine of projects. It’s like shooting fish in a tank. The marketers are there looking for you … you don’t have to make any cold calls, or send out hundreds of letters or postcards, or go door-to-door trying to sell small businesses on the idea that they need to market themselves. All you have to do is walk from table to table. It’s simply the easiest self-marketing you’ll ever do.”

Jim T., Hopewell Junction, NY

This isn't all. We have over 200 testimonials that you can download and read through to see how life-changing these opportunities are.

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DISCLAIMER: To be clear, some of these results are not typical. Everyone on this page took action, followed the program, put in the work, and got terrific results. In no way, shape, or form, are we guaranteeing that you can do the same. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, we’re here to help!