July 2013

Uncovering Your Strengths and Applying Them to Your Business

When it comes to succeeding as a freelance professional, understanding your strengths is critically important. Heather Robson provides the groundwork for figuring out your strengths.

Make Friends and Connections at Bootcamp This Year

AWAI’s annual Copywriting Bootcamp conference is just 3 months away. Register early to get the best price! Learn something new & make new friends and connections …

Business Journaling … The Secret to Web Writing Success?

Business Journaling is a great tool to keep your web copywriting business organized. Keep track of projects, ideas, and client info with these tips!

How Copywriters Get Attention with a Good Story

Learn how successful copywriters weave a good story into the intro of their sales letter. Stories are a great way to capture the reader’s attention.

The Human Brain: An Owner’s Manual

In this classic from Clayton’s The Total Package, Clayton Makepeace helps you become more productive. First published in 2010 … as relevant as ever today.

How to Create a Profit-Generating Online Sales Funnel For Your Clients … or Yourself!

A website sales funnel is a powerful tool for your business. Learn what it is, how to set it up, and why you should start using it today!

What Is Good Writing? Find Out & You’ll Become a “Really” Good Writer

Ever wonder what is good writing? Who decides what’s good and what isn’t? Learn how to become a better writer with Mark Ford's tips...

The 3 P’s of Successful Networking

Michele Peterson shares her own Three P’s of Successful Networking to help make getting clients more comfortable.

Please Join Me in an Exclusive Alliance

Vital parts of success develop more quickly when you’re part of a larger group – an alliance dedicated to your success. Will Newman tells you about just such a group to help your copywriting career.

YouTube for Marketers

Jen Philips April helps you utilize the amazing power of YouTube and online video.

6 Freelancing Truths I Didn’t Believe

Christina Gillick shares six things that helped her no longer feel that freelance copywriting is “too good to be true.” Instead, she now knows it really is better than she imagined.

Why Doubts Can Help You Succeed

Will Newman helps you understand how a certain measure of doubt can make you a better copywriter.