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Quick Tip: 9 Free Filter Effects

Kristin Schwarz shows you where to find nine Photoshop filters for free.

Quick Tip: Password-Protecting Your PDF Documents

Kristin Schwarz shows how to password-protect your pdf files.

Quick Tip: Extracting Images From PDF Files

Kristin Schwarz shows how to extract images from pdf files.

Quick Tip: Add Pizzazz to Your Layout With Rounded Rectangles

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to create rounded rectangles.

Quick Tip: Need to Merge Multiple Files Into One Document? Here’s the Answer …

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to merge files of different types into a single document.

A New USP for Your Success: How to Become a “Green Designer"

Kristin Schwarz shows how paying attention to trends like the green movement can boost your success as a graphic designer.

Quick Tip: How Vector Magic Can Sharpen Your Image

Kristin Schwarz shows you an easy way to fix blocky images.

Happy Birthday Helvetica!

The ever-popular typeface Helvetica just turned 50!

Quick Tip: Free Resources for QuarkXPress

Kristin Schwarz reveals some useful free resources for QuarkXPress.

Quick Tip: A Smooth Transition to QuarkXPress

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to port files into QuarkXPress from other design programs.

The Lift Note: Direct Mail’s Secret Weapon to Boost Response

Kristin Schwarz reveals the importance of a well-designed lift note.

Quick Tip: Better Scanning

Discover tips for getting better document scans.

Visually Proofing Your Designs

Kristin Schwarz reveals her strategies for proofing designs.

Quick Tip: Taming InDesign File Sizes

Kristin Schwarz with a quick InDesign file management tip.

5 Cardinal Rules of Web Page Layout and Design

Kristin Schwarz gives you five rules you should follow when designing a website.

FastStone – A Free, Fast Image Browser

Kristin Schwarz shares where you can find a fast and free image browser.

What Font Is That? Online Systems to the Rescue

Kristin Schwarz shows you how font recognition programs can help with your designs.

Don’t Let a Poorly Designed Response Device Ruin Your Sale

Kristin Schwarz shares tips on designing successful response devices.

Avoid Time-Wasting – and Expensive – File Bloopers

Kristin Schwarz shows you some of the most common errors when sending files to a printer.

Quick Tip: Make Your Clients Happy With Smaller PDF Files

Kristin Schwarz shows you how to make your pdf files smaller.

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