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AWAI Insider Success Strategy … Stop Screaming! Use Simple Design to Lead Your Reader Directly to the Sale

Learn how to create a seamless “reading path” for your reader on any web page or advertisement you create. Successful reading paths use a specific design hierarchy.

Quick Tip: Where to Find Just the Right Font for Your Project

Kammy Thurman gives advice on choosing fonts.

Easy Design Strategies That Lead Your Reader to the Sale

Kammy Thurman shares design strategies that improve readability and boost sales.

Quick Tip: Easy Bullets in QuarkXPress

Kammy Thurman gives you a quick, easy way to make bullets in QuarkXPress.

Rejuvenating the “Old Reliable” of Direct Mail

Kammy Thurman shares how to make the most of a #10 letter design.

Quick Tip: How to Format Titles

Kammy Thurman gives guidelines on proper title formatting.

Creative Ideas for Fundraising Freemiums

Kammy Thurman shares how learning to design and produce freemiums can help you become established in the non-profit industry.

7 Strategies to Boost Readability in Any Design

Kammy Thurman reveals seven ways to improve the readability of your designs.

Quick Tip: Creative Ways to Use Borders

Kammy Thurman reveals some ways to use borders to increase the impact of your designs.

The “Goldilocks Formula” for Just-Right Design

Kammy Thurman shows how all your design elements come together to create just the right effect.

Quick Tip: How to Boost Impact with a Scholar’s Margin

Kammy Thurman shows you how to use a scholar's margin.

How to Remove Type from Clip Art

Kammy Thurman shows you how to remove type from clip art.

Designing for Visual Impact

Kammy Thurman shares quick tips that can give your designs more impact.

How to Design a Super-Simple Tear-Off Flap

Kammy Thurman shows you how to design a tear-off flap.

How to Snag $10,000 in Free Advertising for Your Design Business

Kammy Thurman shows you how to use press releases to promote your graphic design business.

Using Tints to Change the Look and Feel of a Photo

Discover tips for tinting your photos.

How the Latest Postal-Rate Increase Can Boost Your Value as a Graphic Designer

Kammy Thurman shares how graphic designers can use rising postal costs to increase their value to their clients.

A Super-Simple Way to Land New Clients

Kammy Thurman shows you how to use a referral program to get more clients.

Quick Tip: How to Save Your Client’s Budget on Color Work

Kammy Thurman shows you how to get the most out of two-color designs.

Seven Ways to Create a Stylish Image

Kammy Thurman reveals seven things to consider when you are creating a design for an up-scale client.

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