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How 5 Thriving Copywriters Found Riches in Their Niches… and How You Can, Too

In these interviews with five niche copywriters, you’ll see how choosing a niche can set you on the path to earning a better freelance income.

Expand Your Services to Existing Clients for an Income Boost

When you expand your services to existing clients, you’ll land more projects with less effort… and see a big boost to your web-writing income.

Use This Client-Ready Checklist to Write Web Content Like a Boss

Whether you’re new to writing web content or you’re a well-establish web writer, this checklist can help you boost your professional game.

Take a Selfie of Your Freelance Website to Attract Web-Copywriting Clients

When potential clients look at your website what impression do they get about you? Make it a professional one to land more web-copywriting clients.

How the Role of an Online Content Writer Has Changed — Sort of…

Despite changes in how people use the Internet, the role of an online content writer is still to provide content that is easy to find and useful to read.

A Perfectly Scripted Conversation for Your Role as a Highly Paid Web Content Detective

You can follow this script from Pam Foster to land both a Site Audit project and more paid work afterward. She walks you through how it works here.

These Three Things Will Get You More Paid Copywriting Projects

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been chugging along but not making major strides in your career, one choice can help you land more projects.

3 Ways a Niche Helps You Land More Copywriter or Content-Writer Jobs

You can make a lot more money and land more paying copywriting jobs on a regular basis if you pick a niche instead of being a generalist.

Start With This “B” When Writing Winning B2B Catalog Copy

What's the key to B2B catalog copywriting? Pam Foster explains that the big "B" should be your starting point for both B2B and B2C catalog copy.

3 Ways to Be THE SOURCE for Outsourced B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing is hot and getting hotter. Pam Foster shows you three ways to capitalize on the demand for content and find all the clients you need.

Your Smartest Career Move in B2B Copywriting

Pam Foster explains just a few of the many reasons why combining a B2B focus with a specific niche for your copywriting can mean lots of clients and big bucks.

The Five People You Meet at Bootcamp

Pam Foster recounts one of her Bootcamp experiences that significantly shaped the future of her copywriting career.

All Clues Point to B2B Copywriting Being a GREAT Opportunity

Pam Foster explains why business-to-business copywriting is a profitable freelance niche.

Guide More Clients to Your Writing Business the “Beacon” Way

Pam Foster shares how freelance copywriters can attract more clients to their writing business – in five easy steps.

3 Big Bodacious Benefits of Niche Marketing Your Writing Business

Pam Foster shares how niche marketing can lead to big benefits for your writing business.

The Surprisingly Easy “New Networking” Approach for Fun and Profit

Pam Foster shares a new networking approach that will help you land more clients – without leaving home, wearing a suit, or passing out business cards!

Writing Successful Web Page Content within a Larger Site: How to Advise Your Clients and Do a Great Job

Seasoned web writer Pam Foster shares her best writing techniques to ensure your content flows seamlessly within the user experience while driving responses.

The Mad Scientist Experiment That Rocketed My Career

Pam Foster shares how a simple experiment helped launch her career to new heights.

The 5,000-Year-Old Way to Get Bodacious Clients Now

Focus on your goals and get more clients – Pam Foster explains how.

“Be All That You Can Be” with Passion; the Money will Follow

Pam Foster shows you how to get to a place where the work you do is fun and lucrative, and you’re living the writer’s life on your terms.

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