35 Hot Niche Industries for Web Content Writing Jobs in 2024

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These days, it truly pays to focus your web-copywriting services on a particular niche industry or market — for one simple reason …

Clients are looking for copywriters with a background IN THEIR INDUSTRY.

They don’t want to have to spend time training a new copywriter on their market, competitive climate, customer profiles, etc.

Instead, clients are excited about finding a professional writer who already has a working knowledge of their industry — either from your previous jobs or even as a customer.

They want an ally who gets what’s going on in their field, knows the language, and has a keen interest in the current trends and challenges within that market.

AND … you’ll stand apart from all the other web copywriters out there.

To show you what I mean about clients looking for industry writers, I did a quick search on the Indeed.com job website using the search phrase “freelance content writer.” The following three listings illustrate my point.

The first one is for a B2B marketing agency with clients in the tech niche market:

Please remember to submit a relevant portfolio example, preferably in a subject specific to the tech space: IT, enterprise technology, Internet of Things, cloud, data, VoIP, ERP, SaaS, CIO/CTO strategy, cybersecurity, or other high tech subjects.

The second one is from a company/website in the insurance industry, and lists these preferred attributes:

 … looking for an expert writer who loves to help people find the best insurance, including home, auto, life, and more. They'll research insurance providers and write reviews and "best of" lists for everyday people. They'll also write educational content on a variety of insurance products.

Here’s one more, for a website devoted to helping people make informed career and education choices:

We want writers to contribute to our library of education and career-oriented articles with original content. Our ideal writing contractor writes with an approachable voice and cares about the state of today's education and job market. Applicants should possess the following:

My point is this: if you have experience and knowledge in a particular industry … and your website, LinkedIn profile, and other promotional materials show you’re a copywriter or content writer in that market … you’ll have a much easier time attracting clients and landing web content writing jobs.

Clients in that market will see your website and profile and think, “YES! We found the right resource for us!” And, there’s a good chance they won’t even look at other writers. (Remember, they don’t have a lot of time to mess around.)

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Okay, I get that. But I haven’t chosen a niche industry yet. How do I find the right niche industry for me?”

The quick answer is — start with what you know.

Consider where you’ve been working up till now. What industry knowledge and connections do you already have? How about professional training or certifications?

Or, perhaps you have a strong history/extensive knowledge within a certain hobby niche, such as video gaming, motorcycle touring, gardening, craft beer, and so forth.

Write down everything you know … then take a look at the following list to see if there’s a match for you.

A quick note about this list. At the beginning of each year, business websites and job-related websites post their “hottest industries” lists. So to help you get started, I conducted a search to find the latest articles and reports on this subject.

Here are 35 hot niche industries I found for potential web content writing jobs in 2023 (in alphabetical order, pulled from various sources). Please note that this list reflects sweeping economic changes due to the ongoing effect of COVID-19. (For instance, travel is not on the list at this time but it’s expected to bounce back quickly when the situation improves.)

  1. Aerospace
  2. Architectural firms and services
  3. Auto: smart cars, electric cars, urban transportation
  4. Baby technology, products, and services
  5. Beverage manufacturers (Soft drinks, beer, wine)
  6. Biotechnology
  7. Cannabis/CBD
  8. Computer systems and related services (software testing, IT infrastructure)
  9. Cybersecurity
  10. Dating services
  11. E-commerce/online retail (across hundreds of niches)
  12. Elder services
  13. Finance
  14. Food (cooking, spices, organic, and more)

  15. Freight trucking
  16. Gaming
  17. Golf Green/eco-friendly products and sustainability
  18. Healthcare and Fitness
  19. Home improvement/decor and gardening/landscaping
  20. Insurance
  21. Nutrition and weight control
  22. Office products/remote work
  23. Online education, e-learning, and homeschooling
  24. Online retail
  25. Pet technology, products, services
  26. Personal protective equipment and other safety products
  27. Property management (constructions, landscaping, cleaning, pest control)
  28. Real estate agents and brokers
  29. Residential building construction
  30. Solar energy
  31. Sports betting
  32. Supplements: Nutraceuticals and Nootropics
  33. Sustainability
  34. Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
  35. Wind power

Great stuff, right? This should get you thinking about the right niche for you.

But don’t despair if you’re not seeing a match in this list. This is just a partial list to spark ideas — there are many other booming niche industries out there.

To find out if a niche has a potential pool of clients for you, try searching these phrases online to see what’s happening now:

  • “[niche] industry trends 2024”
  • “[niche] industry predictions (or forecasts) 2024”
  • “[niche] conferences 2024”
  • “[niche] trade associations”
  • “[niche] trade journals”

As you review your search findings, you may discover news items, articles, trade associations, events, advertisers, etc. — all indicating the strength of a particular niche.

Also, consider searching on LinkedIn for marketing groups in a niche of interest. For instance, I chose the random niche of baby products and just did a search on LinkedIn for “baby products.”

I found the New Baby and Children Products group with 14,852 members at the moment. And there are several other baby products groups! You can join a professional niche group like this, follow its discussions, and chime in when members are talking about marketing or perhaps even content.

Think about it.

If a niche is strong, there will be thousands of different companies that need to compete for attention through their web content and other online marketing efforts. That’s why they need YOU.

Plus, you may see there’s a wide variety of B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) companies within that niche … so you’ll never be bored or limited.

Have fun searching for — and finding — a strong niche market for your web content writing business! Check out this free Inside AWAI webinar for more information on how to choose a niche for your freelance writing business.

Keep in mind, choosing your niche is not a “permanent” decision. You can always change your mind in the future — what’s important is to get started now. This free Inside AWAI session walks you through the steps to choose a niche industry for your writing services.

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Published: January 9, 2023

1 Response to “35 Hot Niche Industries for Web Content Writing Jobs in 2024”

  1. Thanks Pam, I need to find clients in the Pulp&Paper industry. There's not much activity there. Your suggestions give me more areas to search.
    I also have a problem with finding Emails of sales managers or VPs. I spend an aweful amount of time searching.
    Your suggestions sound good.
    Thanks again.


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